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m10 u2 教学设计

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Module10 On the radio

Unit 2 It seemed that they were speaking to me in person.


1.能看图片,讨论图片。 2.能理解文章中事件的先后顺序。


任务一: 语法复习。

1. Light travels faster than sound. My teacher told me. My teacher told me _____ light _______ faster than sound. 2. Can they speak French? I want to know.

I want to know ______ _______ _______ _______ French. 3.Where did she park her car? Do you know? Do you know _____ _____ ____ her car? 4. What's his name? I asked him. I asked him what _____ _____ _____.

5. Do they want fried chicken? He asked the boys. He asked the boys _______ they ______ fried chicken.

任务二: 理解课文

一). 观看视频,完成 Activity 2.

二). 认真阅读课文,判断正误,正确(T),错误(F) 1.A radio studio manager interviews the writer.( )

2.The writer liked listening to the radio when he was nine. ( ) 3.When the writer grew older, he lost his interest in radio. ( ) 4.The writer started making radio programmes with his friends at the age of nine.( )

5.The writer began his work in radio when he was fifteen. ( )


1 The writer met ________________ in a radio station.

2 __.

3 At the age of four, the writer __________________________________, listening to his favorite programmes. 4 At the age of nine, he asked for part-time jobs in _________________. 5 .

6 This was how the writer’s 任务三 在课文中找出下列词组,翻译并造句。

1. 低头看某人 look sb


2. 亲自


3. …岁时 at the of


4. 寻求,要求 ask


5. 做调查 do on


6. 向窗外看 look the window

任务四 News report time.

以小组为单位,各组准备一个新闻播报,主要校园新闻为主,可以涉及天气,体育,校内新闻事件等,学生可以自由发挥,时间(2-4 分钟)

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