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Unit3 Topic2

Be What You Wanna Be
Doctor, actor, lawyer or a singer 医生,演员,律师或歌 唱家 Why not president, be a dreamer 为什么不是总统?做一 个有梦想的人 You can be just the one you wanna be 你可以成为任何 一个你想成为的人 Policeman, fire fighter or a postman 警察,消防员或者 邮递员 Why not something like your old man 为什么不是一些你 的老伙计? You can be just the one you wanna be 你可以成为任何 一个你想成为的人

Doctor, actor, teacher or a driver Why not an office worker You can be just the one you wanna be Student, nurse, cook or a farmer Why not something like your young man You can be just the one you wanna be

doctor actor teacher driver worker

n. 医生 n. 演员 n. 教师 n. 司机 n. 工人

nurse n. 护士 cook n. 厨师 student n. 学生 farmer n. 农民 office worker 白领, 上班族

? ? ? ? ? ?

-What do you do? -I'm a/an_______. -What does your father/mother do? -He/She is a/an_______. -What do your parents do? -They're______.

Look at the photos and complete the sentences My father works on a farm. He is a _______. farmer

He drives a Taxi. He is_______. a driver

She acts in the film(电影). an actor She is________.

He cooks every day. a cook He is _______.

She teaches English in a school. She is_________. a teacher

Her mother works in an office. She is ______________. an office worker

She works in a hospital. She isn’t a doctor. She is _______. a nurse

They study in a school. They are _________. students

Read 1a first, then act the dialogues of 1a out. Chacters: Kangkang, Maria, Michael, Jane and Kangkang's mother

Mom, I’m home. These are my classmates. Hi, kids! Glad to meet you.

Glad to meet you, too.

Welcome to my home.

Thank you.

What does your mother do?

What do your parents do?

Complete the table.
Kangkang’s mother Kangkang’s father Michael’s mother Michael’s father


a teacher a doctor an office worker

an office worker

Introduce the family members.
Person Age Look Clothes Job

I have a friend. His name is ____. He is ____ years old. He is a student. His father is a/an ____ and his mother is a/an ____. He has a happy family.

— What do you do?
— I’m a student/nurse … —What does he/she do? — He/She is a driver/teacher … — What do they do? — They are office workers...

1. What do you do? I am a student.
2. What do your parents do?

They are office workers.
3. What does he/she do?

He/She is a (an) driver/teacher/actor.

1. I am a teacher. (对画线部分提问) ______ do you ______? What do 2. His sister is a nurse. (对画线部分提问)

What ______ does his sister _____? do ______
3. 他们是医生。

They _____ ________. are doctors

1. Copy the words of Topic2, Part1.
2. Exercise book: Topic2 SectionA.

3. Oral English Exercise:Topic2 sentences16~19. 4. Preview Section B.

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