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名 词

1. I bought the magazine at ______.

A. Black’s, the bookseller’s B. Black’s, the shop the bookseller

C. The Black’s, the bookseller’s D. Black’s, the bookseller

2. I was surprised to find that I had taken ______ umbrella.

A. someone else’s B. someone else C. someone’s else D. someone’s else’s

3. This is a great success.

A. Jane’s book B. Janes’ book C. book of Jane’s D. book of Jane

4. Have you read ______ you talked to yesterday?

A. the students’ articles B. the articles of the students

C. the articles of the students’ D. the student articles

5. There seem to be ______ of solving that difficult problem.

A. no mean B. a means C. some mean D. no means

6. Two ______ years ago he lived in Hong Kong.

A. scores B. score C. score of D. scores of

7. Are ______ coming to our English evening?

A. Mrs. and Mr. Black B. Mr. Black C. the Blacks D. Blacks

8. I bought my daughter ______ pencils on her birthday.

A. two dozens of B. two dozen C. two-dozen D. two dozens

9.This dish is made from a mixture of ______.

A. four fruit B. four fruit of different kinds

C. four different fruits D. fruit of four different kinds

10. Alice and Tom have ordered some new ______.

A. furnitures B. furniture C. pieces of furniture D. piece of furniture

11. The ______ who waited on that old lady used to be an engineer before he came to this country.

A. waitress B. waiter C. salegirl D. salesgirl

12. How big is the ______ reading-room?

A. student’s B. students’ C. students D. student’

13. They live in a ______ building which is at the corner of the street.

A. six-storeys B. six storey’s C. six-storeys’ D. six-storey

14. He gave his daughter a ______ for her birthday.

A. ladies bike B. ladies’ bike C. bike of ladies D. lady’s bike

15. This is my room, and that’s ______ room.

A. Helen and her sister’s B. Helen’s and her sister’s

C. Helen and her sister D. hers and Helen’s

16. Yesterday afternoon we had ______ talk.

A. one and a half hour’s B. one and a half hour

C. an hour and a half’s D. an hour’s and a halfs

17. I have had no ______ from my girl friend since she left.

A. word B. any word C. words D. a word

18. Judging from his accent, I know he’s a man of ______

A. few education B. an education C. some educations D. some education 1

19. My daughter’s trousers are worn out, I’ll buy her ______.

A. another one B. a new one C. a new pair D. anothers

20. My husband is a very nice ______.

A. cook B. cooker C. stove D. cook person

21. They made up one-third of ______.

A. the province population B. the population’s of the province’s

C. province’s population D. the province’s population

22. Tom did this only for ______.

A. friendship’s sake B. friendship sake C. friendship’s cause D. friendship cause

23. Three ______ students acted in the play.

A. Lao Li’s B. of Lao Li C. of Lao Li’s D. Lao Li’s of

24. I like taking ______.

A. photoes B. photos C. photo D. photo’s

25. “Do you want some meat?” “No, thanks. I’d prefer have ______.”

A. little more fish B. a few more fishes C. a little more fish D. some more fishes

26. She is near-sighted. Do you mind if she change ______ with you?

A. seat B. my seat C. seats D. the seat

27. There are twenty ______ in our school now. They all speak Chinese, but only two ___ can write in Chinese.

A. Germen; men B. Germans; men C. German; men D. German; mans

28. There are three ______ in my sister’s class.

A. Henrys B. Henry’s C. Henry D. Henries

29. Three ______ were seriously injured in the car accident.

A. woman drivers B. lady drivers C. women driver D. ladies drivers

30. ______ turn green in spring.

A. Leaf B. Leafs C. Leave D. Leaves

31. There are several ______ near our middle school.

A. flower shops B. flowers shops C. flower’s shops D. flowers’ shops

32. Let’s have a few ______ rest.

A. minutes B. minute’s C. minutes’ D. minute

33. Mary gave herself ______ when she won the first prize.

A. air B. gifts C. airs D. reward

34. The journey is unpleasant, so all of us are in low ______.

A. spirit B. spirits C. feeling D. happiness

35. ______ does the farmer have?

A. How much cattle B. How many cattle

C. How many heads of cattle D. How many cattles

36. Have you got ______? I want go write a letter.

A. a paper B. any paper C. papers D. any papers

37. Have you read ______?

A. today’s paper B. a piece of paper C. today paper D. the newspapers about today

38. Yesterday afternoon I bought a length of ______ to make a suit of clothes.

A. cloths B. cloth C. clothes D. clothing

39. I don’t have any ______ with English grammar.

A. difficulties B. troubles C. difficulty D. problems


40. These two ______ are dying

A. sheeps B. cattles C. deer D. goat

41. There isn’t ______ in the bottle.

A. little ink B. a few milk C. much ink D. many flies

42. He is the man ______ grey hairs.

A. of many B. with many C. of a lot of D. with lot of 43 There ______ some _____ in the grassland.

A. is; sheep B. are; sheep C. is; sheeps D. are; sheeps

44. There are many ______ in the large box.

A leaves B. goose C. mouses D. toies

45. ______ we have today!

A. A fine weather B. What a fine weather C. What fine weather D. How fine weather

46. The book isn’t really ______.

A. of much use B. much used C. able to use D. of usefulness

47. Mr. Tail is ______.

A. a poet and novelist B. a poet and a novelist

C. poet and novelist D. the poet and novelist

48. Jack is very poor. He bought ______ yesterday.

A. some pieces of second-hand furniture B. some second-hand pieces of furniture

C. second-hand some pieces of furniture D. some piece of second-hand furniture

49. Two ______ and three ______ attended the meeting.

A. Englishmans; Germen B. Englishmen; Germans

C. Englishmen; Germen D. Englishman; German

50. All the _____ are made of ______, not plastics.

A. glass, glass B. glasses; glass C. glasses; glasses D. glass; glasses

51. _______ were sold yesterday.

A. Five clothes B. Five pieces of clothes C. Five clothing D. Five suits of clothes

52. This table takes too much _______.

A. rooms B. room C. place D. places

53. There are many ______ in this hospital.

A. woman doctors B. women doctors C. doctors women D. doctor women

54. I opened the letter and it contained _________.

A. an important information B. a piece of important information

C. an important piece of information D. a piece information of important

55. You can’t judge him by his _______. He might be a good guy.

A. look B. looks C. expression D. face

56. Who was the ________ of the meeting?

A. director B. manager C. chairman D. president

57. I spent four _______ on these books.

A. dollars B. yuans C. franc D. pounds and two penny

58. The house is in ________.

A. a beautiful surrounding B. beautiful surroundings

C. a beautiful surroundings D. beautiful surrounding

59. She found _______ on her coat.

A. two pieces of white hair B. two pieces of white hairs


C. two white hairs D. two white hair

60. All of the people at the meeting are _______.

A. mathematics teacher B. mathematics teachers

C. mathematic’s teacher D. math teachers

61. There are _______ under the table.

A. four basket of apples B. four basket apples

C. four baskets apples D. four baskets of apples

62. Which do you prefer, _______ or _______?

A. potatos; tomatos B. potatos; tomatoes C. potatoes; tomatoes D. potatoes; tomatos

63. The _______ of cottages were covered with ______.

A. roofs; leafs B. roofs; leaves C. rooves; leaves D. roof; leaf

64. Yesterday he told me ______ news.

A. a good piece of B. such a good C. a piece of good D. so good a

65. ______ will conquer nature.

A. The man B. Man C. A man D. Men

66. There are four _______ in our workshop.

A. Zhang’s B. Zhangs’ C. Zhangs D. Zhang

67. Last week Alice went to John for _______ about the higher education.

A. some informations B. some advices C. some information D. an advice

68. Julie went to a ________ to buy a pair of shoes.

A. shoes’ store B. shoe’s store C. shoe store’s D. shoe store

69. Tom has had one of his ______ taken out.

A. tooth B. teeth C. teeths D. tooths

70.Miss Smith is a friend of _______.

A. Mary’s mother’s B. Mary’s mother C. Mary mother’s D. Mary’s mothers’

71. When we saw Tom’s face, we knew ______ was bad.

A. the news B. an news C. a news D. news

72. She bought some sugar, a cake of soap and two _______.

A. teethbrushes B. teethbrushs B. toothbrushs D. toothbrushes

73. China is a large _______ with a long history.

A. county B. state C. nation D. country

74. The ______ were searching for the two _______.

A. police; thief B. policemen; thiefs C. police; thieves D. policeman; thieves

75. I found him sitting in an armchair, listening with _______ to the beautiful music.

A. pleasures B. a pleasure C. happy D. pleasure

76. I’m considering having some more furniture in the _______.

A. mens’ living room B. study room C. study D. teacher’s bedroom

77. I think it _______ to fool your own people like that.

A. shame B. a shame C. shaming D. shames

78. Please give my best ________ to your family.

A. wish B. regards C. wishing D. regard

79. Social _______ varies greatly from country to country.

A. habit B. custom C. habits D. way

80. He forgot both of the _______.

A. rooms numbers B. room number C. room’s numbers D. room numbers 4

(2005. 8. 18)



1-5 AACBD 21-25 DACBC 41-45 CBBAC 61-65 DCBCB

6-10 BCBCB 26-30 CBABD 46-50 AAABB 66-70 CCDBA

11-15 BBDBA 31-35 ACCBB 51-55 DBBBB 71-75 ADDCD

16-20 CADCA 36-40 BABCC 56-60 CABCB 76-80 CBBBD


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