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初二英语下册第七单元 section A3a

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1. What a mountain is Himalayas? It’s one of the most popular places for mountain climbing.

2. Why is it dangerous to climb Qomolangma?
Because thick clouds cover the top and snow can fall very hard. 3. When did the first Chinese reach the top of Qomolangma? In 1960.

Paragraph 1

Paragraph 2

Paragraph 3

List tour dangers for climbers. thick clouds

List three achievements

List tour comparisons

1953—Tenzing Norgay Most dangerous sport and Edmund Hillary were the first to reach the top The first Chinese team reached the top in 1960. The first woman to succeed was Junko Tabei from Japan in 1975. People can challenge themselves in the face of difficulties. Never give up trying to achieve our dream. Humans can be stronger than the forces of nature.

snow can fall very hard freezing weather conditions heavy storms

1. Where are the Himalayas? In the southwestern part of China. 2. How high is Qomolangma? 8,844.43 meters high. 3. Why do so many people try to climb this mountain even though it is dangerous? Because people want to challenge themselves in the face of difficulties. 4. What does the spirit of the climbers tell us? We should never give up trying to achieve our dreams.

1.最危险的山峰 2.世界上最危险的运动之一 3.登山(名词短语)/(动词短语) 4.来自世界各地的登山者 5.横亘于中国的西南边界 6.在所有的山峰中 7.厚厚的云层 8.更为严重的困难 9.寒冷的天气状况和强劲的暴风雪


1. the most dangerous mountain
2. one of the world’s most dangerous sports

3. mountain climbing/climb mountains
4. the climbers from all over the world

5. run along the southwestern part of China
6. of all the mountains

7. thick clouds
8. more serious difficulties

9. freezing weather conditions and heavy storms
10. the first people to reach the top of Qomolangma

dangerous sports in the world is One of the most ___________ climbing popular mountain _________, and one of the most _________ places to go for this is the Himalayas. These extremely high _______ attract _________ from all over the world. Many risk climbers people say this is one of the most ________ famous parts of the runs world. The Himalayas _______ along the ____________ southwestern border of china. Of all the peaks (tops), Qomolangma is the _________ and most _________. It’s _____________ to highest famous the hardest climb Qomolangma because thick clouds _______ the top of cover the mountain. Even more serious ___________ difficulties include the freezing ___________ conditions and the _______ weather heavy storms. The first _________ to reach the top of Qomolangma – people Tenzing Norgay and Edmund Hillary – did it in 1953. The first Chinese climber __________ the top in 1960, and in 1975, reached the first __________ did it too. woman

One of the world’s most dangerous sports is mountain climbing, … “one of + the + 形容词的最高级 + 复数名词”,

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