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unit 9 food you like

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Unit 9

Food you like!
By Alice June 4th

Chinese cabbage

red pepper

cucumber pea pods radish

celery carrot




barbecue 烧烤(BBQ)

well done 全熟 medium well 七分熟 medium 五分熟 medium rare 四分熟

rare 三分熟/全生


Mapo Tofu

hot pot 火锅

Food and drink
p b o a k A apple juice q pizza tea m pasta coffee i cheese milk l fish soda f chocolate
count nouns 可数名词

j e h d g

B apples n peas oranges j tomatoes bananas s hamburgers strawberries c French fries carrots r cookies

noncount nouns 不可数名词

Some nouns are countable ? apple ? tomato ? strawberry ? apples ? tomatoes ? strawberries

Some nouns are uncountable

300 rices

Some nouns are both coffee Three coffees, please.

Would you like some tea? Would you like some cookies?

Yes, please. No, thanks. I’d like...

some + uncount nouns/plural nouns (可数名词的复数)

Let’s play a word game!
T: vegetable S1: some vegetables, some rice S2: some rice, some noodles S3: some noodles, some meat ...

Ordering food at a restaurant
key sentences: 我能看看菜单吗? 我可以点餐了吗? Could I see the menu, please? May I order, please?

你的牛排要如何烹调? How do you like your steak?


I’d like to have French red wine.

Ordering food at a restaurant
Waiter/waitress: Welcome to ... Guest 1: Excuse me, could I see the menu, please? Waiter/waitress: Yes, please. Are you ready to order? Guest 2: I’d like to have... ...

3. Who says these things? Write Dor T.

D I don’t like coffee at all. _____ T _____ I like orange juice, but I don’t like oranges. _____ I don’t like fruit very much at all. T _____ I really like bananas. T _____ D I like all fruit. _____ D I like vegetables, especially carrots and peas.

1.CD3.3.Read and listen the conversation.

2.Practice in pairs in exercise 1. then talk about other food and drink.

? ---- would you like some tea? ? ----No, thanks. I don’t like tea very much.

? Do you like tea? Would you like some tea? ? I like cookies. I’d like a cookie.(I’d=I would) do you want/I want = Would you like/I’d like

? I’d like some bananas. ? I’d like some mineral water.

Some, all, enough, a lot of, lots of, plenty of
? Would you like some peas? ? Can I have some coffee? Are there any peas? Is there any coffee?

Use some

questions ask or offer things

Do you want some potatoes? Yes, please. We need some honey, too.

Use some

affirmative sentences noncount nouns/plural nouns

There is some bread on the table. There are some potatoes, too.


Use any

questions & negative sentences noncount nouns/plural nouns

Do you want any tea? Yes. We don’t have any tea.


Fill-in the blanks

some any
1. Do we have ____ any ice cream? any chocolate. 2. We don’t have ____ some vanilla. 3. We have _____ some vanilla? 4. Would you like ______ 5. No thank you, I

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