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概念:组成句子的各个部分, 即主语、谓语、宾语、表语、 宾语补足语、定语和状语, 主语和谓语是句子的主体部分。

主语 主语是谓语讲述的对象,表示所说的“是什么”或“是谁 一般由名词、代词、不定代词或相当于名词的单词或 短语来充当,也有从句充当的现象。 大多数主语都在句首。

主语(subject): 句子叙述的主体,一般位于句首
? The sun rises in the east. (名词) ? He likes dancing. (代词) ? Twenty years is a short time in history. (数词) ? Seeing is believing. (动名词)

讲述“谁” We work in a big factory. 讲述“什么” The classroom is very big. 数词作主语 Three are enough. 三个人就够了 不定式作主语 To operate on the blind is one of the ORBIS Doctor’s job. 从句作主语 What we need is food. 我们最需要的是食物. 在“There be …”句型中,主语的位置在中间。 如: There are some bottles of milk in the box.


如: It is very interesting to play the game called “treat or trick”. It took two workers about three months to build the house.

? To see is to believe. (不定式) ? What he needs is a book. (主语从句) 形式主语 ? It is very clear that the elephant is round and tall like a tree.
It =that the elephant is round and tall like a tree


? The rich should help the poor.


? 1.Do exercise is good for your health. ? 2.Eat too much meat is bad for your health.

① The teacher with two of his students

is walking into the classroom.

介词不能作主语 ?There apple on the table. ② There is is anan old man coming here. ?An apple is there on the table.

? ③ The useful dictionary was given by my mother last year. ④ To do today's homework without

the teacher's help is very difficult.

? 找出下面句子的主语

? 1. Our school is not far from my home. ? 2. It is a great pleasure to talk with you. ? 3.Cleaning the house needs a lot of time.


1.Mary with her two daughters _____ going to Shanghai for Explo 2010 next month. A. are B. was C. is D. were 2.____ more exercise does good to your health. A. Do B. Does C. Did D. Doing 3.____ is impossible to finish this job before Wednesday. A. That B. This C. It D. They

谓语:说明主语是什么,做什么或怎么样。 由动词充当,主语和谓语在人称和数上必须 保持一致。 谓语动词存在多种时态,它是句子的核心。

He is very generous. She looks very smart and cool We have finished the job. He can speak German.

谓语(predicate):是对主语加以陈述,表示 主语的行为或状态,常用动词或者动词词组 担任,放在主语的后面。

? I love

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