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I. 在下列句子的空格中填上适当的冠词,不需要的地方用“/”表示:

1. This is ______ old map. It is ______ useful map.

2. We have no classes in ______ afternoon on _______ Saturday.

3. ______ spaceship flies at about eleven kilometers _______second.

4. Beijing is ______ capital of ______ China. It is _______ beautiful city.

5. Roman was not built in ______ day.

6. Chinese is quite ______ difficult language for Mike.

7. Many ______ students will take ______ active part in sports meet.

8. There is ______ interesting picture on ______ wall.

9. Jenny found ______ wallet lying on ______ground. ______ wallet was Mr. Black’s.

10. Which is ______ biggest, ______ sun, ______ moon, or ______ earth?

11. --- Which picture is more beautiful? --- ______one on ______ left, I think.

12. --- Which is _____ way to ______ hospital?

--- Go down this road and turn left on ______ second crossing.

13. _______ more, _______ better.

14. _______ Turners are sitting at breakfast table.

15. Joe Hill was _______ fighter for ______ working class.

16. When was ______ People’s Republic of China founded?

17. In China ______ first English textbooks were published in _____late nineteenth century.

18. After ______ breakfast he went to ______ school on ______ foot.

19. ______ Huanghe River lies in ______ north of China.

20. He likes playing ______ football. His sister likes playing ______ piano.

II. 单项选择:

1. 上学 A. go to school B. go to the school C. go to a school

2. 住院 A, in the hospital B. in a hospital C. in hospital

3. 此刻 A. at the moment B. at a moment C. at moment

4. 在课堂上 A. in class B. in a class C. in the class

5. 在地球上 A. on earth B. on an earth C. on the earth

6. 步行 A. on foot B. on the foot C. on feet

7. 吃饭 A. at a table B. at the table C. at table

8. 乘公共汽车A. take bus B. by bus C. by the bus

9. 在家 A. at the home B. at a home C. at home

10. 在工作 A. at work B. at the work C. at works

11. 跳高 A. jump high B. high jump C. the high jump

12. 坐飞机 A. by air B. by the air C. on air13. 乘火车 A. by the train B. by train C. on train

14. 在校学习 A. in the school B. in school C. in schools

15. 睡觉 A. go to bed B. go to the bed C. go to a bed

16. 感冒 A. have a cold B. have the cold C. have cold

17. 乘船 A. by ship B. on ship C. by a ship

18. 玩得痛快A. have good times B. have a good time C. have good times 2

19. 事实上 A. in the fact B. in facts C. in fact

21. 从早到晚A. from morning to the evening

B. from morning to evening

C. from a morning to an evening


I. 选择填空:

1. There is ______ old woman in the car.

A. / B. the C. a D. an

2. Shanghai is in _______ east of China.

A. / B. an C. the D. a

3. Bill is ______ English teacher. He likes playing ______ football.

A. a, the B. an, the C. a, / D. /, /

4. The museum is quite far. It will take you half _____ hour to go there by ______ bus.

A. an, / B. an, a C. a, / D. /, /

5. The story is ______ interesting. That means it is ______ interesting story.

A. an, the B. the, a. C. /, an D. /, a

6. Let’s go for ______ walk, shall we?

A. a B. an C. the D. /

7. This is ______ interesting story-book and it is also ______ useful one.

A. a, a B. an, an C. an, a D. a, an

8. _______ woman over there is ______ popular teacher in our school.

A. A, an B. The, a C. The , the D. A, the

9. They passed our school ______ day before yesterday.

A. an B. one C. a D. the

10. Australia is ______ English-speaking country.

A. a B. an C. the D. /

11. Don’t play ______ basketball here. It’s dangerous.

A. a B. an C. / D. the

12. This is ______ apple. It’s _______ big apple.

A. an, a B. a, the C. a, an D. an, the

13. --- Have you seen ______ bag? I left it here just now.

--- Is it ______ one on the chair near the door?

A. a, a B. the, the C. a, the D. the, a

14. I have ______ blue coat.

A. a B. an C. the D. some

15. This is _____ orange. _______ orange is on the table.

A. a, The B. an, The C. an, An D. the, An

16. Have you had ______ breakfast?

A. a B. an C. the D. /

17. He wondered when the doctor could finish _____ operation. A. a B. an 3

C. the D. any

18. After ______ supper, he stayed at home and played ______ violin.

A. the, the B. /, the C. /, a D. /, /

19. There is ______ apple on the plate.

A. a B. an C. the D. /

20. He said that he got ______ “ C” in the test.

A. a B. an C. the D. /

21. ______ new bridge has been built over ______ Huangpu River.

A. The, a B. A, / C. A, the D. An, an

22. English is _______ useful language in ______ world.

A. an, the B. a, the C. the, the D. an, an

23. In the word “ cariage” _______ “ r” is lost.

A. the B. an C. a D. /

24. With the help of his teacher he studied hard and got ______ “ A” in the test.

A. a B. an C. the D. one

25. I have two dogs. ______ black one is two years old and ______ yellow one is three years


A. A, a B. The, a C. The, the D. A. the

26. Li Dan can play ______ piano very well.

A. / B. a C. an D. the

27. What ______ interesting film it is! I like ______ film very much.

A. a, the B. a, a C. an, the D. The, /

28. ______ tall man over there is our ______ English teacher.

A. A, the B. The, a C. A, an D. The, /


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