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look forward to, practise, have fun, be busy, like, love, enjoy, dislike, start, begin, be good/ strong at, be weak at, have a good time,

spend sometime doing sth.,

go doing go swimming/running/skiing/boating (进行某种室外活动)

a swimming pool/Reading Club/ dancing lessons (动名词做定语) Reading is fun. (动名词作主语) 读书是快乐的。


How about/ What about doing sth. 做某事是好的

do well in doing 擅长做某事 be good at doing 擅长做某事

thanks for doing 感谢某人做了某事

thank sb. for doing sth.

Before, for, with, without


(1) 情态动词后使用动词原形

can,could, must, will, would, shall, should, may, might ,had better…+do

(2) let sb do sth

(3) make sb do sth

(4) have sb to do

(5) help sb do sth

(6) don’t do sth

(7) Would you please do sth?

(8) need do sth

三、to do like/ love to do, tell/ ask/ order sb to do, learn to do, start to do, begin to do,

be glad to do sth.. 做某事很愉快

like/ love to do 喜爱做某事

hope to do 希望做某事

need to do 需要做某事

want to do 想要做某事

plan to do 计划做某事

would like to do 想要做某事

have much time to do 有足够的时间做某事

don’t know how to do 不知道如何做某事

It’s time (for sb.) to do sth. 是做…的时间了

It takes sb some time to do sth. 做某事花费某人…时间

What do you do to celebrate the Chinese New Year ? (作目的状语)

help sb. (to) do sth. 帮助某人做某事

疑问词+ to do

It’s one’s turn to do sth.

It is + adj. + for sb.(宾格) to do sth.

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