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2012年七年级第二学期期末试卷第二部分:笔试 (95分)


( ) 26. Jay Chou likes playing _____ piano and he also likes playing _____ basketball.

A. the; the B. /; / C. /; the D. the; /

( ) 27. May is the _____ month of a year.

A. fifty B. fifteen C. fifth D. five

( )28. —How do you go to work?

—I usually go to work _____.

A. by a car B. in a car C. on a car D. by cars

( )29. —Must I finish my homework now?

—No, you _____.

A. may not B. mustn’t C. can’t D. needn’t

( )30. It is a good time _____.

A. sing B. to sing C. singing D. sang

( )31. Find the answer _____ the question, please.

A. of B. with C. to D. for

( )32. — _____ do you go for a picnic?

— Once a month.

A. How long B. How many times C. How often D. How many time

( )33. She’s good at _____.

A. read B. reading C. to read D. reads

( )34. —Mum, I’ m going to Ann’ s party this evening.


A. Why not B. Have a good time

C. Come back early D. Good idea

( )35 —Would you like to go for a picnic with us?

—_____, but I’m too busy.

A. No, I can’t B. I’d like

C. Yes, I’d love to D. Why not

( ) 36. —Who wrote the lyric(歌词) of Qinghuaci?

—Fang Wenshan _____ .

A. does B. did C. was D. do

( ) 37.Winter fall.

A.come after B.comes before C.comes after D.come over

( ) 38. My daughter was born _____ Beijing_____ May 3rd, 1989.

A. in; in B. in; on C. on; in D. on; on

( ) 39.Most of the old people enjoy chess.

A.to sing B.sang C.singing D.sings

( ) 40. — _____ Alice perform ballet two years ago?

—No, she _____ .

A. Can; can’t B. Could; can

C. Could; couldn’t D. Could; can’t


Do you know the FIFA(世界杯)? Yes, it is about 41 . Many people in the world 42 it very much. They are happy or 43 for it. Even they are mad (疯狂)for it. Soccer is also a very popular game in China. There are 44 players in a soccer team. Yao Xiucheng is good 45

playing soccer. After class, he 46 forget to play football with his friends on the playground. Last week, his class 47 against Class Seven. At last Yao’s team 48 the game. His classmates and teachers were all very happy.

I think playing football is good 49 . It can keep our body 50 . So, let’s play soccer, shall we?

( ) 41. A. basketball B. ping-pong C. soccer D. volleyball


( ) 42. A. love B. hate C. think D. know

( ) 43. A. pleased B. friendly C. kind D. sad

( ) 44. A. 10 B. 11 C. 12 D. 13

( ) 45. A. at B. about C. to D. in

( ) 46. A. never B. always C. usually D.sometimes

( ) 47. A. play B. plays C. played D. is playing

( ) 48. A. win B. won C. lose D. lost

( ) 49. A. exercise B. housework C. homework

D. pleasure

( ) 50. A. health

B. poor C. healthy D. strongly



One day, Mr. Smith went to a dinner party. He was wearing very old clothes. He came into the

room. But people in the room didn’t look at him. They didn’t ask him to sit at the table. He wasn’t

Mr. Smith went home quickly and put on (穿上)

his best clothes. He went back to the party.

Mr. Smith took off his coat,

surprised and asked, “What are you doing? Why do you do that?”Mr. Smith answered, “I am asking my coat to eat food. When I wore old clothes, you didn’t look at me. You didn’t ask me to sit down. Now I am wearing these nice clothes. And you give me good food. Now I see, you give

( )

A. a birthday party B. a dinner party

C. an English party

D. a movie

( )2.



C. D.

( )





( )4. What’s the meaning of “surprised” in





C.感到奇怪的 D.生气的

( )

C. We can’t judge(判断

D. Mr. Smith is stupid(愚蠢的).


One day a Chinese student went to study English in England. His family name is Sun. It is the same as the word “sun”. England is a country with bad weather. It is often cloudy or misty, and it rains now and again. So the people there don’t get much sunshine in the whole year. When the Chinese student went to London, a tall English policeman with a large face opened his passport to examine(检查) it. The policeman was interested to find the Chinese name “sun” in the passport. He thought it was pronounced just like the English word “sun”,so he said to the Chinese student,

The Chinese student was greatly surprised. But after a moment the policeman began to smile, “Mr. Sun, you’ve brought sunshin



( )1.The Chinese student’s family name is pronounced just like the English word “sun”. ( )2.London, the capital of England, is called “The misty city”.

( )3.In London, a tall Englishman with large eyes examined the Chinese student’s passport. ( )4.The policeman in London was interested in the Chinese name “sun”.

( )5.Mr. Sun was really to bring sunshine to England.


Mr. Gao lives in a town. When he was twenty-five, his son was born . He called him Gao Ling. The little boy is very clever and his parents love him very much.

It's September 1st today. His son was in Grade one.Gao Ling is happy and wears his most beautiful clothes. He's going to school with his new bag.

"Let me take you to school today, dear,” says Mrs. Gao.

"Thank you, Mum." says the boy. "The school is not far from here. I can walk there myself." At school a teacher meets the little boy and asks, "What's your name, my little friend?" "Gao Ling, sir." answers the boy.

"How old are you?"

"Six, sir."

"What's your father's name?"

"GAO Dalin, sir."

"How old is he?"

"He's six too, sir."

"Oh," he says in surprise. "Is he as old as (一样大) you?

"Yes, sir, "says the boy." He became(成为) a father at the time when I was born."


( ) 1. Mr. Gao is ________ now.

A. six B. twenty-six C. thirty-one

( ) 2. Mr. and Mrs. Gao love their son because ________.

A. he is clever B. he likes to go to school

C. he can go to school himself

( ) 3. Gao Ling is in Grade ________ now.

A. One B. Two C. Five

( ) 4. Gao Ling goes to school ____.

A. by car B. on foot C. by train

( ) 5. Gao Ling thinks ________.

A. his father and he were born on the same day

B. his father forgets to tell him about his age

C. he became a father six years ago



66. It often (snow) here in winter.

67. Today is a (wind) day, Let’s go out to fly kites.

68. What about (play) basketball?

69. It is 6.5 (centimeter) wide.

70. —What do you think of the movie Panda?

—I think it’s very funny and ____ (interest).

71.The boy (buy) a lot of toys last night.

72. —What day is it today?

—It’s W__________.

73. —How often do you play soccer?

—T____ a week.

74.--Would you like s to eat.

----Cakes, please

75. D is the twelfth month of a year.

五. 句型转换。(10分)


1. There is some rice in the bag. (改为否定句)

There _____ _____ _____ in the bag.

2. Children often have a good time on Children’s Day. (改为同义句)

Children often _____ _____ on Children’s Day.

3. It starts in May. (改为一般疑问句)

It inMay?

4. She writes to her mother twice a month. (对划线部分提问)

_____ _____ does she write to her mother?

5. You’d better go to Fuzhou by train. (改为否定句)

You _____ _____ _____ _____ to Fuzhou by train.

6. I like apples. I like bananas, too. (合并句子)

I like apples _____ _____ _____ bananas.

十一. 综合填空。(10分)

There are four seasons in a year: spring, summer, fall and winter. In spring, the weather is warm. It

is a good season for 1 (hike). This is a 2 (hope)season. Summer 3 (come) after

spring. It is very hot. The children like to go 4 (swim). It often rains and sometimes it rains

5 (heavy). In fall it

is cool. It’s a good time 6 (go)hiking. The farmers are busy 7

(harvest). The 8 (leaf)fall from the trees. Winter is a very cold season in the year. The wind

1. ________2. ________3. ________4. ________5. ________6. ________7. ________

8. ________9. ________10. ________

六 。书面表达(10分)




Name : Tina Jane Mike Anna

She / He can do:

recite a Chinese poem , dance to disco ,play magic tricks,play the piano




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