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I. 选择题 (每小题2分, 共20分)

1. Tom and Mike ____ very excited, they will take a trip. A. is B. are C. am

2. Jenny____ English every evening.

A has study B studies C study D studied

3. One of the boys_____ a black hat.

A have B there is C there are D has

4. Wang Mei ____ music and often ____ to music.

A like; listen B likes; listens

C like; are listening D liking ; listen

5. The picture _____nice.

A. looks B. is looked C. look D. is looking

6. There _____ an English book and some story books on the desk.

A. is B. are C. am

7. You’d better ______ at home and ____ your homework.

A. to stay, do B. stay, do C. to stay, to do D. stay, to do

8. They _____ their homework in the evening.

A. don’t do B. don’t C. no do D. not do

9. Linda _____ kites with her parents on the weekends.

A. flied B. flies C. fly D. flew

10. Alice _____ to the zoo with her parents on Sundays.

A. like B. liked C. likes

II.用动词所给适当形式填空 (每空2分, 共30分)

1. We often______ (play) in the playground.

2. _____you ______ (brush) your teeth every morning?.

3. Mike sometimes ________ (go) to the park with his sister.

4. Danny _____ (study) English, Chinese, Maths, Science and Art an school.

5. At eight at night, she ______(watch) TV with his parents.

6. His father often ______ (read) books in the library on Saturday.

7. Tom and his sister ______ (do) their homework after school every day.

8. My cousin sometimes ______ (play) cards with me.

9. I ______ (go) to school at seven in the morning.

10. How many lessons_________ your classmate________ (have) on Monday?

11. Time and tide ______ for no man.(wait)

12. He never _____ a hat in winter.(wear)


I. 选择题

1. B. Tom and Mike, 为两个人,所以用be动词are

2. B. every evening为每天晚上用一般现在时,Jenny为一个人,所以动词用单三,study变

y为i 加es.

3. D. one of +n. 复数为…之一,动词要用单三,又因某人有用has而不是某处有某物

4. B. often出现并且根据句意用一般现在时,Wang Mei为一个人,所以两个表示并列的动


5. B. 描述现在的特征,用一般现在时,主语为单数,所以动词用单三looks.

6. A. there be表示某处有某物,但出现两个或两个以上的人或物时,采用就近原则,an

English book 先出现所以用is

7. B. had better do sth. and 连接两个谓语并列所以都用V.原形

8. A. in the evening及根据提议,他们不在晚上做,含有实意动词的否定句借助don’t + V.


9. B. on the weekends体现出用一般现在时,Linda为一个人,动词用单三,fly变y为i +es

10. C. 见9, with是和的意思是伴随状语,所以主语仍按一个人对待

II. 用动词所给适当形式填空

1. play (often出现,并且主语是we复数,所以动词用原形play)

2. do, brush (含实意动词一般疑问句,借助do, 动词还原)

3. goes (sometimes出现用一般现在时,Mike 为一个人,动词用单三,goes)

4. studies (Denny为一个人,动词用单三,study单三为studies)

5. watches (时间状语体现出用一般现在时,she是一个人,动词变单三, watches)

6. reads (主语his father是一个人,动词read 用reads)

7. do (every day,每天用一般现在时,主语为两个人所以直接用do)

8. plays (my counsin, 一个人,play变单三加s,)

9. go (根据句意知用一般现在时,I是主语,所以谓语用原形)

10. does; have (见2, 但此题主语your classmate为一个人,用does)

11. wait (习语时不待人,主语出现了两个事物,time, and tide所以谓语原形)

12. wears (never体现出时态,主语为一个人,所以用wears)


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