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7A Unit 7
Reading 1
Going shopping

丹徒区石马中学 王霞

Christmas is coming!


a shoe shop

a gift shop

a a bookshop supermarket

I want to buy_____ for _____ in____.
a clothes a flower shop shop a sports shop a toy shop


Let's go shopping!

Shopping Mall 购物中心

What else can we buy in this shopping mall ?

Can I help you ? shopkeeper [ '?Dpki:p?(r) ] What can I do for you ?

Just a minute =wait for a short time 稍等片刻

hair clips
Are they beautiful? pretty /i/ pink /i/

A:How much are they? B:They are 26 yuan. [D ] A:How much do they cost? B:They cost 26 yuan .




not cheap

I have enough money to buy them. /i'n?f /

hair clip match = go well with 与… …相配

/? / It matches her pink blouse very well.

Task1: Match the words with their meanings on P83 B1.

e a costing not very 1.just a minute______ much money f 2.take a look ______ b beautiful a c present 3.cheap ______ c 4.gift ______ d go well with d 5.match ______ e wait for a short time b 6.pretty ______ f have a look

Task2: Listen and answer
Amy is shopping at Sunshine Shopping Mall. She is looking for Christmas presents for Simon and Sandy.

1) What does Amy buy for Simon? New football cards. 2) What does Amy buy for Sandy?

Hair clips.

Task3: Fast reading
Read the first part and answer:

1) How much do the new cards cost? Two Yuan each. 2) How much do the last year's cards cost?
One Yuan each.

Task3: Fast reading
Read the second part and answer:

1) How much money does Amy have?
Fifteen yuan. 2) How much are the hair clips? Nine yuan.

Task4:Careful reading(P83 B2)
1.Amy wants to buy some basketball football cards for Simon. F 2.This year’s cards cost two yuan each. T 3.Amy buysthis last year’s cards. F 4.Amy wants to buy hair clips for Sandy. T pink coat 5. The hair clips match Sandy’s skirt. 6. Amy has enough money for the hair clip.


Task5: Mutiple choice
1. Amy wants to buy Simon c ___.

c Sandy’s 3. Amy takes ____as present .
a. b. c.




2. This year’s football cards cost ___ b each.

b 4. Sandy’s present costs ___.
a. b. c.




Play a game

每组组员直接站起抢答, 先选择不同的数字,每个数字后 有不同分数(10分、20分、30 分)的题目,组员有30秒的思 考时间,本组组员若在限定时间 内答不上来,其他组可以继续抢 答,答对则得分。

Play a game
1 3
5 2 4 6

Well done! Congratulations!


模 拟 商 场
A: Can I help you?/ What can I do for you ? B: I’m looking for …

A: Just a minute .
B: How much…? A: It …/ They … … B: Fine, I’ll take / buy … A: Ok. Here is your change.

? 1.Preview Reading 2, and underline the important phrases and sentences. ? 2.Recite the two dialogues.

稍等片刻 有足够的钱 just a minute have enough money

我能为你做点什么?(2) Can I help you? What can I do for you? 我

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