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?2013年新人教版七年级英语下 册Unit1------Unit12总复习课件

Unit 1 Can you play the guitar?
重点词汇 1.Play the guitar弹吉他 2.be good at = do well in 擅长于 3.Help sb. With sth.帮助某人做某事 4. Make friends 交朋友 5.city (单) cities (复) 6.speak + 语言 (说某种语言)

7.same (相同的) 8.different (不同的) 9.too (也)(位于肯定句句末,= also 靠近动词) 10.too (太) 11. Talk to / talk with sb.和某人交谈 区别: talk about sth. 谈论某事 12. Play Kong fu 表演(中国)功夫 13. Play chess下国际象棋

1. ----Can you swim? ----Yes, I can. ----No, I cant. 2. ----What can you do? ----I can dance. 3.----What club do you want to join? ----I want to join a sports club.

4.----Where is your pen pal from? ----He (She) is from … 5. ----Where does he live? ----He lives in …

6. ----What language does he (she )speak? ----He (She) speaks …


live in


a pen pal in China
14 years old

5.喜欢看电影 6.喜欢做运动 7.写信给某人 8.来自于 9.在周末 11.在学校

speak English and a little French
like going to the movies like playing sports write to sb = write a letter to sb be from on weekends at/in school

10. 告诉我关于你自己的情况 tell me about yourself

name is Tom King. I’m 14 ______ years old My ______ Australia I speak English and I’m from ________. _______. I have sister Lisa. I play _____ soccer a brother, Sam, and a ______, music on weekends. It’s my favorite sport. I like _____ movie is The at school. It’s fun! My favorite _______ Long Weekend. Do you know it? It’s an action movie. Please write and tell me about yourself.

Ask questions.


1. My pen pal is from Korea. Where is your pen pal from? 2. Her pen pal lives in Sydney. Where does her pen pal live? 3. I am from China. Where are you from? 4. I live in Beijing. Where do you live?

句型转换: 1 My pen pal is from Canada. (划线提问) Where ______ is your pen pal ______? from ______ 2 John lives in New York. (同上) Where ______ does John _____? live ______ 3 Mary lives in the United States.( 一般疑问句) Does Mary _____ live in the United States ? ______ 4 Her pen pal is from Australia.(变为否定句) isn’t _____ from Australia. Her pen pal _____

Make your own information card
Emily ? name:_________ I’m 30 years old. 30 ? Age:_________ Changxing ? City: ________ I live in…, … China ? Country:__________ My birthday is … October 6th ? Birthday:__________ I speak …, and I can speak a little… ? Language:_____________ My favorite ____ is … ? Favorite________ : ______________ I have… ? Family: _______________________ ? Likes and dislikes:________________
I like…, butI don’t like/ dislike…

Unit2 What time do you go to school?





post office



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