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Unit 7-8前任学生复习总结样例

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Unit 7-8重点句型:

1. It is +adj. +for sb. to do sth.

2. have sth. to do

3. would like sth. / to do sth./ sb. to do sth.

4. Why not do sth?=Why don’t you do sth.?

5. enjoy/finish/practise/doing sth.

6. like doing/to do sth.

7. see./ hear./notice/watch/feel +do/doing sht.

8. be(was/were) born on +date/date, month in +month/month, year

9. have been to /have gone to/have been in

10. be situated/set/located +in/on/near…

11. much too+adj.

too much+Un. too many+n.pl.

12. leave…for…

13. one…the other(+n.singl.)

one…the other(+n.pl.)/the others

14. Thank you for doing sth.

15. be to do sth.

16. ask /tell sb. to do sth./not to do sth.

17. (sb.) pay +money+for sth.

(sb.) spend +money/time+on sth./(in) doing sth. (sth.) cost sb.+money

It takes sb.+time to do sth.

18. prepare sth./prepare for sth.

19. so+adj.adv. that+clause

20. Sb./sth +be /v.+adj./adv.+ enough+to do

Sb./sth +be/v+too+adj.adv.+to do

21. be used for sth.+doing sth.

used to do sth.

be/get used to sth./doing sth.

22. sound/feel/taste/smell/+adj.

23. keep/find/make+sth+adj.

24. remain/stay+adj.

25. be friendly to sb./sth.

26. be crowed with

27. be different from


28. be made of/from

be made in 29. not…until

30. have something+adj. to do Unit 7

Unit 8


Unit 7


Unit 8


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