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Unit 6 Outdoor fun Revision

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7B Unit 6

Outdoor fun Revision


Free Talk


What did he do?

He jogged.


The man became strong because he jogged. So I decided to jog like him.

What did she do? She rode a horse.


I’m old enough to ride a horse. But you are too young to ride a horse.

What did the boy do?


The boy climbed the mountain. 到达,够到 He wanted to reach the top,but he failed.

What did she eat? She ate icecream.



It tastes sweet. I like it a little.

What did she forget?
忘了吃早餐 忘记吃过了早餐

进入 She forgot the key to the door. walk/go So she couldn’t enter the room. into

A: ...,Do you know anything amazing? B: Yes, I know ... . A: That's ... .Do you also know ... ? C: Really? How ... ! B: We live in a world with amazing things. That' interesting.

? Group A PK Group B

hurry up 1.赶快 2.太重、那么重 too/that heavy carry it for me 3.给我拿着 complain too much 4.抱怨太多 5.去骑马 go horse riding 6.坐在河边 sit by a river 7.朝上看 look up 8.看见一只穿外套的小白兔经过see a ... in ... passing by 9.从口袋拿出手表 take a watch out of its pocket look at the time 10.看时间

11.多令人惊奇呀! How amazing! run across the field 12.跑过田野 let the rabbit get away 13.让兔子逃脱 fall for a long time 14.掉了很久 15.发现他自己一个人find herself alone all locked 16.全锁了 fit any of the door 17.适合任何门 try to go through the door 18.尽力穿过门 19.用钥匙开门(2) use the key to open the door open the door with a key

practise playing volleyball 20.练习打排球 last month 21.上个月 22.在湖上划船 row a boat on the lake 23.整晚呆在外面 stay outside all night 24.用纸做风筝 make kites out of paper use paper to make kites 25.在历史上 in history 26.因为做风筝而著名 become famous for making kites from then on 27.从那之后 remember to take a mobile phone 28.记得带手机 everything is ready 29.万事俱备 drink a little 30.喝了一点

? ? ? ? ? ? ?

31.变得越来越小 become smaller and smaller 32.足够小可以够到钥匙 small enough to reach the key 33.决定进入花园 decide to enter the garden forget about the key 34.忘了钥匙 35.太小而够不到钥匙 too small to reach the key a piece of bread 36.一片面包 37.往上爬失败了 faild to climb up

动词一般过去时,表示过去发生事; be用was或者were, do,does成did; 谓语动词过去式,过去时间作标志; 一般动词加-ed,若是特殊得硬记。 否定句很简单,主语之后didn’t添; 疑问句也不难,did放在主语前; 如果谓语之前有did,谓语动词需还原; 动词若是was,were,否定就把not添。

Ready? Go!



? ? ? ? ? ? ?
动词过去式 其它+过去的时间

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