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(SAR): Special administrative regions was established specially designed for solving Hong Kong and Macao issues based on the concept of “one country , two systems ”. SAR has more autonomous power regulated clearly by laws, including executive , legislative and independent judicial power. 木鱼 :a percussion instrument made of a hollow wooden block, originally used by Buddhist monks to beat rhythm when chanting scriptures.) 古筝A plucked string instrument. It is built with a special wooden sound body with strings arched across movable bridges along the length of the instrument for the purpose of turning. The present-day zither usually has 21-25 strings. Lunar calendar :tradition Chinese calendar, according to which a common year has 354 or355 days in total, 12months of 30 days or29,and a lunar leap year has 383or384days in 13month. According to changes in the position of the sun, a solar year is divided into 24 seasonal division points to farming 牌坊:Also called pailou, is an archway usually made from fine wood or stone, and painted or decorated with glazed tiles. Calligraphers are usually requested to write moral inscription to be carved into the middle beam. These structures usually stand in downtown areas , or at the entrances of mausoleums, temples, bridges and parks.

无为Let things take their own course and do nothing. It’s the basic concept of Taoism, an attitude towards the world and political ideology held by ancient Taoism.儒家:Confucianism is a school of thought represented by Confucius and Mencius. The school takes the teachings of Confucius as its core of thought and regards the words and deeds of Confucius as its highest code of behaviour..benecolence and justice, allegiance and forbearance.墨家:Moism:based on the teachings of Mozi, cherishes universal love which states that if all the people in the world loved one another, there wold be no hatred,calamities, and hostilities. In politics and ethics Mohism advocates honoring virtuous people, opposing fatalism and aggressive wars, and upholding thriftiness and simple funerals 法家:Legalism ,begun by Han Feizi, espouses laying down laws to unify the thought of people, promoting agriculture to achieve affluence ,waging wars to gain strength and power ,and establishing a system of bureaucracy .

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