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Unit 4 Finding your way Revision

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Unit 4 Finding your way







south Go to the ______ on foot/ by _____.


Know the signs

turn left

Don’t turn left.

turn right

Don’t turn right

go straight on

Don’t go

straight on

You can park here.
You can’t park here.



across prep.

cross _____the bridge and turn________ left
=walk/go across the bridge and turn left

Cross the bridge and turn right.

Turn ____ left ___ at the first turning

first Take the_____turning on the______ left

Turn right at the second turning. Take the second turning on the right.

?cross the road ?walk/ go across the road

Cross the road at the traffic lights.

at the zebra crossing Cross the road___________________.

past the police station walk ________ pass

to the police station walk _____

Asking the Way Excuse me.
Is there a … near here? Where is the nearest …? Can you tell me how I can get to the …? Can you tell me how to get to the …? Could you tell me the way to the …, please? Which is the way to …? Do you know the way to …?

Showing the Way
Go down this street. / Walk along this road. It’s on your right/left. / It’s next to … Walk straight on, and you’ll see the traffic lights. Just cross the road. Walk past the … and turn left at the first crossing. … at the corner of the street.

Reading: Fill in the blanks

Hi, everybody. We are in front of the straight on, and you’ll South Gate. Go ______ find the Panda House. They like to eat bamboo __________and lie down ___________. Walk _____ all day long along the road. To the north __________of the Panda House, it is dangerous the Lions’ Area. They are ________, go near them To the west never __________.__________of it, you’ll find the World of Birds. They make beautiful sounds __________________ when they sing.

To the north of the World of Birds is Monkeys' forest They the ____________. make people ___________ and _____ jump around laugh east of the Monkeys' ______. To the _____ Forest, you'll see the _______. They giraffes have __________.__________of the long necks North-east Cross giraffes there's a bridge. _______the bridge, and you'll see the elephants _______. Their large ears are like ________. open fans Here you can see all kinds of animals. Have a nice trip!

Grammar A Using a, an and the 冠词

定冠词 ( the )



用法: 1、我们在第一次提到某人或某物时, 如果是可数名词单数,常在前面加 不定冠词a/an。 2、当我们再次提到某人或某物,或特 指某人或某物时,常在前面加定冠 词the。 3、a用于辅音音素开头的词前, an用于元音音素开头的词前。

___ ___orange a lion ___bird a an ___ ___ an “L” ___giraffe a an old man a “u” ___umbrella an ___ an hour an interesting book ___ ___

注意:an是放于元音音素前,而不是元音 字母前

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