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新牛津英语7B Unit8

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Unit 8 Pets
Welcome to the unit
By Xu Wanchun

Do you like animals? What animals do you know? If you like an animal very much, you can keep it as a pet in your flat. What animals do you want to keep as a pet?

/? /


/? /

/ i/

A:What is it? B:It is a rabbit. A:Do you like it? . B:Yes, I like it very much . A:Why do you like it?

B: Because it is lovely. It has two long ears and a short tail. It often jumps and runs here and there(到处). I can feed(喂) it carrots when it is hungry. That will be interesting

A: What are they ? B: They are parrots. A: Why do you like them? B: They can speak and sing like a person. We can teach them to speak. We feel happy when they are with me.

small and soft

hold it in one’s hand

a goldfish
What do you think of goldfish?

two goldfish

I like watching it swim around. watch sb do sth

play with sleep in the daytime on one’s lap
They are good at climbing up trees


Who am I

I have long nose. I am the biggest animal on land.

I am black and white, I like eating

I am colorful, but I can’t live without water.


I am good at English, I always shout ?One! One! One!?

I am a bird but I can speak.

I am afraid of cats. Cats like eating me.


Simple conversation
Millie : What is your favourite pet? Amy : I really like cats. Millie : Why? Amy : Because they are very friendly. Millie : What about dogs? Amy : I like dogs too, but I don’t like fish. Millie : Why not? Amy : They all look the same.

Group work
If you can own a pet,What will you choose? Why? Please discuss this in groups,then report to class. (TIPS:lovely,pretty,helpful,big,small,strong,fat…) e.g. I:My favourite pet is a dog,because it is very friendly.It looks big and strong. ________________________________________________ ________________________________________________ ________________________________________________ ________________________________________________ _____________________________________________

Listen and answer

1. What does Eddie want? He wants his lunch. 2.What does Hobo tell him? He tells Eddie to be more polit. 3.Is Hobo a good pet?

Pets need people’s

care & Love

1. bring me my lunch. bring sb. Sth. =bing sth. to sb 2 teach sb. to do sth. 教导…去做某事

3. swim around 到处游
4.feed sb. sth. 喂某人某物。

5.sit on one’s lap 坐在某人腰膝间

6.be more polite 更有礼貌
7.watch sb. do sth. 观看某人做某事

? 2.

You should be more polite.

我喜欢金鱼是因为我喜欢看着它四处 游动. ? I like my goldfish because I like watching it swims around. ? 3. 我应当把我的小狗带来. ? I should bring my dog here. ? 4. 教鹦鹉说“你好”并不困难。 ? It?s not different to teach the parrot to say “Hello”?

1.learn more about animals 2. To prepare for reading

Thank you! Bye-bye!

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