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1.重点单词:up dress brush tooth shower usually forty never early fifty job work station o’clock night funny exercise best group half past quarter homework run clean walk quickly either lot sometimes taste life

2.重点词组:get up get dressed take a shower radio station on weekends do(one’s) homework take a walk either...or.. lots of

3.重点单词:train bus subway ride bike sixty seventy eighty ninety hundred minute far kilometer new every by drive car live stop cross river many village between bridge boat year afraid like village leave dream true

4.重点词组:take the subway ride a bike every day by bike think of between...and come true

5.What time do you usually go to school? What time特殊疑问词+一般疑问句式 always, usually, never, sometimes等频率副词。

6.—What time do you usually get up?—I usually get up at six thirty.

—What time do they get dressed?—They always get dressed at seven twenty.

7.go to bed early. early既是形容词又是副词,在这里是副词。

eat quickly.

8.I either watch TV or play computer games.

either...or...要么??要么?? 或者??或者??

9.She knows it’s not good for her health, but it tastes good!

be good for sth 对某某有益 taste, sound,look,smell, feel等属于感觉得系动词+形容词。 e.g. That sounds fun. It looks nice. This fish smells bad.

10.It takes him about five minutes to walk to the subway station from his home. It takes sb sometime to do sth. 花费某人多长时间做某事。

e.g. It usually takes me five to ten minutes to get there by bus.

“by +交通工具” 属于固介词短语,表示“乘坐,使用某种交通工具”

e.g. By bus,by train, by bike

11.There is no bridge and the river runs too quickly for boats.

“there be” 表示“有” be 动词的形式依据后面所接的名词单复。

四、习题精练: ( )1.How do you _____ school?

A. get B. get to C. gets D. gets to

( )2._____ is it from your home to school? Five kilometers.

A. How long B, How far C. How much D.How many

( )3._____ does it take you to get to school ? Half an hour

A. How long B, How far C. How much D.How many

( )4.It’s _____ exercise.

A. a good B. good C. a well D. well

( )5.Does Jane walk _____ school?

A. on B. in C. to D. for

( )6.It’s easy for us _____this question.

A. answer B. to answer C. answering D. answers

( )7.He’s ____ a father to me .

A. likes B. liking C.like D.liked

( )8.It is our dream _____a bridge.

A. to have B. has C. having D. had

( )9.Can you ______ a picture?

A. draws B. drawing C. draw D. to draw

( )10.You want ____ how I get to school.

A. know B. to know C. knows D. knowing

( )11.Thank you for _____me with my English.

A. help B. to help C. helping D. Helps


1.How does Mary get to School? She ______(take) the subway.

2.How about ______(ride) to school?

3.How long ____ it _____(take) you to get to school every day ?

4.The bus ride _____(take) about 20 minutes.

5.How long does it take you ______(get) to school?

6.It’s about five _____(kilometer) from school.

7.He needs about an hour _____(get) to school.

8.For many students, it is easy ______(get) to school.

9.These students _____(go) on a ropeway ____(cross) the river to school.

10.One 11—year—old boy, Liangliang ,_____(cross) the river every school day.

11.I love _____(play) with my classmates.

12.It is their dream _____(have ) a bridge.

13.Can their dream _____(come) true?

14.The students and the villagers want _____(have) a bridge.

15.It _____(take) about 40 minutes ____(get) there by bus.

16.Thanks for ______(write) to me.

17.He _____(get) to school every day.

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