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Tell something about the Monkey King.
The Monkey King is the main character in Journey to the West.

His name’s Sun Wukong. He is not just any normal monkey. In fact, he sometimes does not even look like a monkey!

Yeah. This is because he can make 72 changes to his shape and size, turning himself into different animals and objects.

But unless he can hide his tail, he can’t turn himself into a person.

To fight bad people, he uses a magic stick. Sometimes he can make the stick so small that he can keep it in his ear. At other times, he is able to make it big and long.

Look at the picture. Do you know this story? What’s the name of this story?

The Emperor’s New Clothes.
Can you tell the story briefly?

Once upon a time, an emperor loved new clothes very much. Two brothers came to the city and made a special clothes for the emperor. They asked for much gold and silk, but they kept them for themselves. They pretended to work for a long time every day. Then at last, the special clothes was OK. But nobody could see it. But no one said it until one young boy shouted that the emperor wore nothing.

silk n. 丝绸

emperor n. 国王

underwear n. 内衣

gold n. 黄金;adj. 金色的 e.g. He won two gold metals in the game. 他在比赛中获得两枚金牌。 stupid adj. 愚蠢的 e.g. They were stupid not to follow your advice. 他们不听从你的建议真是愚蠢。 cheat v. 欺骗;蒙骗 e.g. It’s wrong to cheat in examinations. 考试作弊是错误的。

1a Match the words with the letters in the pictures in 1c.

_____ b gold _____ c silk

____ d emperor ____ a underwear

1b Listen and number the pictures [1-5] in 1c.
3 2

4 5


1c Listen again and fill in the blanks.

This story is about an emperor who loved _______. clothes
Two _________ brothers came to the city to make special clothes for the emperor.

The emperor had to ______ give them silk and gold, but they _____ kept everything for themselves. They were trying to cheat the emperor.

When the emperor ________ looked at himself, he only ______ saw his underwear. Nobody wanted to sound stupid. But suddenly, a young boy _______, shouted “Look! The emperor isn’t _______ wearing any clothes. ”

Listen and answer the questions. 1. What’s the name of the story? The Emperor’s New Clothes. 2. Is it a traditional Chinese story?

No, it isn’t. It’s from Europe. 3. What was the emperor’s hobby?
He liked new clothes. He loved buying and looking at his new clothes.

4. Why were the new clothes special? Because people couldn’t see the new clothes unless they were clever. 5. How do we know that the two brothers were really trying to cheat the emperor?

Because they kept all the gold and silk for themselves.

6. Why didn’t everyone say that the new clothes were really nice?
Because they didn’t want other people to know that they were stupid. 7. Who said that the emperor wasn’t wearing any clothes? A young boy.

1d Use the pictures in 1c to tell

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