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七年级下英语Unit 3 School Life

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七年级下英语Unit 3


1.忙于做_______________ 2.玩的开心______________ 3.完成某事_____________

4.尽某人最大努力做___________________ 5.对….感兴趣_______________ 6.擅长于_______________

7.对….好_______________ 8.对….有好处_____________ 9.单独,独自__________

10.放弃做_______________ 11.教某人做…_________________


1. I see a film_______(two) a month. 18. The book is worth ________(read).

2. She is busy ______ (look)after her baby. 19. What _______you________(do)tomorrow?

3. How many _______(visit)are there in the 20. Camel is a _________(help)animal in the desert.

museum? 21. I hope ________(go)to Beijing someday.

4. I will finish_________(write)the letter in ten 22. Silk worms are _______(amaze).

minutes. 23. Can you teach me ______________(打篮球)

5. Mum is starting _______(clean)the room 24. He is always ready _________(帮助别人).

6. --________ do you visit your grandparents? 25. Last week, I made a bird house all by_______(I).

--Once a week. 26. She does not want anyone__________(drop) out

7. We are happy _____(have)a new classmate. of school.

8. Can you find the ______ (different)between the 27. Last year, I wanted____________(stay) home

twins? and_____(help) my family.

9. On weekends, she always _____(watch)TV. 28. When you leave classroom, Don’t

10. I’ll try my best ________(help)you. forget__________(close) the door.

11. The people there are very _______(friend). 29. It’s important________(help) others.

12. We are very ____(interest) in music. 30. She usually_________(do) his homework in the

13. My first class ________(finish)at 8:45 every day. evening.

14. I am good at _________(dance) 31. I am interested in_________(sing) English songs.

15. Sometimes we play on ________(we)own. 32. Mao Zedong did some great things

16. Wang Mei always ____ (do)her homework. and__________(make) a difference in the world.

17. Jane _______(visit)the Great Wall last month.


1.---How often were you late for school last term?

---______.I got to school early every day. A. Always B. Usually C. SometimesD. Never

2. The fruit tastes ______, I like to eat it. A. good B. terrible C. terribly D. well

3. _____ a good education, you can make a difference. A. For B.With C.Having D. Of

4. Sometimes we play songs on_____own. A. I B. our C. us D. ourselves

5. How is your school life going? -----_______, I am a little busy this term.

A. Terrible B. Very bad C. Just so so D. well

6. Father is busy _______ a book now。 A. reading B. to read C. looking D. to look

7. Can you finish ______English in two days ?

A. practiced B. to practice C. practicing D. will practice

8. ---Are you ready ______the exam ? ---Yes, I am.

A. to take B. take C. took D. taking

9. Anny is good at _____and she _____at the class party this evening.

A. sing ; will sing B. singing ; is going to sing

C. singing ; sings D. sings ; will sing

10.I______walk to the train station. I live too far from it.

A. never B. sometimes C. now D. then



1. Always/usually/often/sometimes/seldom/never等词在英文中被称为“频度副词”,是用来表示动作频率的,但程度上有别。它们按频率大小排列如下:


2. 频度副词在句子中位于be动词、助动词或情态动词之后,实意动词之前。

3. 对频度副词提问,用How often. 对划线部分提问)

_____ ______is he late for school?


_____ _____ _____ you have a big sports meet?

3. Does he play football after school?(用usually改写句子)


4. LiMing always goes to school by bus.(否定句)

LiMing________ goes to school by bus.

5. She is watching TV now.(用sometimes改写句子). Sometimes she____TV.

6. Stand up, please! (改为否定句) ____Stand up, please!

7. They usually start school at 8:00.(就换线部分提问)

____ ____they usually start school?

8. My sister learn to play the piano by herself.(同义句)

My sister _______ _______to play the guitar. 就划线部分提问) ________ happened?


Every school has its own rules. How many are there in your school? At some schools, the students to wear uniforms on school days. But many students don’t like to wear uniforms. They think the uniforms are the ugliest in the world. But the school don’t allow students to wear Last term she first place at the sports own clothes at school. So some students draw cartoons or some famous singers on their . They think it is very that everyone wears the same. It is very unfair(不公平的) that teachers and students are wearing . But most of the students the rules. What do you think it? Do you your school uniforms?

( )1. A. students B. rules C. uniforms D. rulers

( )2. A. has B. must C. should D. have

( )3. A. clothes B. shirts C. skirts D. cloth

( )4. A. their B. they C. them D. themselves

( )5. A. school bags B. books C. uniforms D. desks

( )6. A. bored B. boring C. interesting D. interested

( )7. A. same B. differently C. different D. the same

( )8. A. obey B. agree C. listen D. listen to

( )9. A. of B. about C. by D. for

( )10. A. like B. make C. wash D. put on

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