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八年级上(Go for it)单元复习题Unit 2 How often do you exercise ?(s)

Section A


1. Mum asked children to eat it_(two) a week.

2. Do you do eye_(exercise) every day?

3. I want to go____ (shop).

4. How often do you_(shop)?

5. The doctor asked her_ (eat) more fruit.

6. Here_____ (be) a letter for you.

7. No_(student) do homework once or twice a week.

8. I read English books about_ (one) a week.

9. Few students_(exercise) three times a week.

10. Hard work ___ ( result) in success


1. Mom does housework after supper.(改为否定句)

Mom_____ _____ housework after supper.

2. Lucy reads English every morning.(改为一般疑句)

____Lucy _____ English every morning? (对画线部分提问)

____ _____ do you read storybooks?

4. Why don't you come to see me?(改为同义句

_____ _____ come to see me? (对画线部分提问) ____ ____ _____ Li Lei sleep every day? (对画线部分提问) ____ ____ _____ they eat beef?

7. Children like Animal World best:(对画线部分提问)

_____ ____ _____ children like best?

8. He didn't go to the park, I think.(改为同义句)

I____ _____ he_____ to the park.

9. I sometimes watch TV on weekends.(改为同义句)

I watch TV _____ _____ .

10. They keep a diary in English every two-days.(改为同义句) They keep a diary in English____ ____ _____


A: Hello, Bill. What do you usually 1 ______ on weekends? B:I usually exercise. How about you, Heury?

A: I always go 2______. I like shopping.

B: I 3 _____ stand shopping.. It's a 4______ of time.

A: Some people think 5 ______is 6_____ girls . But I really like it. 7 ____ 8 _____ do you exercise?

B:I exercise four times a week at school. 9 _____ you often shop? - 1 -

A: 10 _____ often. I have a lot of homework to do. About once two weeks.

Section B


1. Is her lifestyle the same as yours or—-- ?

What are the_ ?(different)

2. Eating fruit can help you____ (get) more vitamins.

3. My dad wants me____ (be) a lawyer .

4. The boy is doing____ (exercise) on the. paper.

5. The girl is taking___ (exercise) to keep healthy.

6. The little boy is _____(exercise).

7. She____ (say) it's good for you.

8. Eating vegetables every day is a____ (health) lifestyle.

9. The old man doesn't have ___ (many) money.

10. 1 don't know if Bill is ____ ( health).

II. 同义句转换

1. He is as old as I.

He is ____ ____ _____ as I.

2. Tom., is, old enough to, look after himself.

Tom is old enough to ___ ____ _____ himself

3. She has a healthy eating habit.

Her ____ ____ _____ healthy.

4. Lucy often helps me do my lessons.

Lucy often helps me_____ my lessons.

5. Do you want to go to a movie?

____ ____ ____ to go to a movie?

6. Child though he is, Tim knows a lot.

____ ____ ____ a child,'Tim knows a lot.

7. These shoes are a little too big for me.

These shoes are ____ _____ too big for me.

8. Good food and exercise help you to keep. healthy.

Good food and exercise help you to keep____ ____ ____ ·

9. There are a lot of people in the room.

There are_____ ____ people in the room.


A: Thanks` for-coming in 1______the interview, Bob

B : That's OK. I'm glad to be here.

A: Well, what sports do you play?

B: I play tennis. I like it.

A: 2____ 3_____ do you play it ?

B: Three times a week.

A: 4_____ you watch TV?

B: No, 5_____ I can't stand it.

- 2 -

A: How often do you 6_____ fruit and vegetables?

B : I eat them every day. They're good 7____ my health.

A: All right. So 8____ 9____ hours do you sleep every night?

B : Nine. I need 10_____ sleep.

A: Thank you very much.

B : You're welcome.

Self Check


1. Wei Hua always helps others_they are in need.

A. though B. if C. because D. but

2.-______do you have a sports meeting?

-Twice a year.

A. How soon B. How often C. How long D. How far

3.-How often are the Olympic Games held?

-_____four years.

A. Every B. Each C. In D. For

4. The film is interesting. I think______people like it.

A. a few B. few C. many D. some

5. People start the day_____getting up.

A. from B. with C. before D. at

6. They are______teachers. How serious they are!

A. women B. woman C. man D. mans

7. There is______water in the room.

A. much too B. many C. too much D. a few

8. Is this new bike the same as______

A. her B. she C. hers D. she's

9. _ _____ do they play football?

-Every day.

A. How soon B. How much C. How many D. How often

10. His mother wants him______at home today

A. stays B. stayed C. to stay D. staving

11. Here _____the results ______the student activity survey.

A. is; with B. are;of C. is , of D. are, with

12. _______ homewolk, we do their homework on Sunday.

A. As for B. As to C. As of, D. As from

13. These days Mrs Li looks_______ healthy.

A. nice B. pretty C. heavy D. cool

14. Although he is very old,_______ he works very hard.

A. and B. but C./ D. so

15. The old man is well because he often_____ .

A. exercises B. drinks C. sleeps D. plays

16. I try to eat junk food' only once a month _____ I love it.

A. through B. but C. and D. although

17. You should go to see the doctor_____ you feel sick

- 3 -

A. if B. although C. but D. because of

18. He_____ late for school.

A. is often B: often is C.does often D. often does

19. -Would you like to come to,dinner tonight?

-I'd love to, _______I'm too busy.

A. and B.if C. so D.but

20. She says that her brother is good_______ swimming.

A. for B. at C. to D. of

21. -What sports do you like to do? - _______

A. Do some cooking B. Do some;shopping

C. Do some running D. Do some reading

22. -Does Liu Hua ever guess the meaning of English .words?,

-He ______ guesses the, meaning, of new words. He uses his dictionary all the time.

A. usually B. always C. never D. sometimes

23. -How long does it take her to do her homework every day? - ______

A. Every day B. Never C. About one hour, D. Sometimes,

24. -How do you go to school every day? - ______

A. Sometimes B. On foot C. Usually D. Never

25. -Do you like______

-Yes, I do.

A. playing basketball B. playing the basketball

C. play a basketball D. play basketball


It's September 1st, and we're all back to school. It's good to 1 all my teachers and friends again. They all 2_____ fine.

We're in Grade Eight this year. We have 3_____new subjects. I'm not very

4______at Chinese, but Han Mei says she can 5 me. I think I can 6_____ it better.I like. English very much. Zhang Hong likes English, 7 . But she needs help. I 8____ I can help her. Mr Hu is our new English teacher.

He 9____ know all of us, so he has our names on a piece of paper: and 10_____ our names before he begins his lesson.

1. A. see B. watch C. find D. look

2. A. do B. see C. look D. sound

3. A. a lot B. some C. lot D. much

4. A. well B. good C. bad D. nice

5. A. learn B. give C. help D. need

6. A. do B. play C. look D. feel

7. A. either B. very C. much D. too

8. A. am afraid B. think C. am sorry D. want

9. A. doesn't B. don't C. does D. do

10. A. gives B. calls C. asks D. tells


- 4 -

A good way to pass an exam is to work hard every day in a year. You may fail in an exam if you are lazy for most of the year and then work hard only a few days before the exam. If you want to be good at English, you have to read stories in English, and speak English as much as possible. A few days before the exam you should go to bed early. Do not go to bed late at night. Before you start the exam, read carefully over the question paper, and try to understand the exact meaning of each question. When you have at last finished your exam, read over your answers. Correct the mistakes if there are any and be sure that you have not missed anything out.

1. If people want to do well in an exam, they have to work hard_____

A. every day in a year B. for most of the month

C. for only a few days D. late at night

2. If people want to learn English well, they_____

A. only need to learn grammar B. must often practice English

C. have to go to England D. should go to bed early

3. It's important to______ a few days before the exam.

A. play too much B. have a good sleep

C. read the question papers D. have a good drink

4. When people have finished the exam, they should______

A. stand up and leave at once

B. answer.a few more questions

C. make sure that they have not missed anything out

D. leave some mistakes on the question paper

5. The best title for this passage is______

A. An Important Exam B. An Easy Exam

C. Get Ready for an Exam D. How to Pass an Exam


1. The woman shops _______ (two) a week.

2. They exeiiciselthree ______ (time) a week.

3. Don't worry. She's very_____(health).

4. -How are your ______(eat) habits? -Very good.

5. Can you find the ______('different) in the two pictures?

6. He is sick . He's ______( healthy) now

7. Li Ping sometimes _____(watch) TV at home.

8. Jack often ______( do) his homework.

9. Can you find the _____(different) between this box and that box?

10. I______ (hard) ever see him now.


1. My sister is ill. I must take care of her at home.(改为同义句)

My sister is ill. I must____ ______ her at home. 对画线部分提问

____ ______ does Lin Tao help you with your Chinese?

- 5 -

3. Tom goes to bed at ten in the evening.(改为否定句)

Tom ____ _____ to bed at ten in the evening.

4. They always see a film on Saturdays.(改为同义句)

They always ____ ____ ____ ______ on Saturdays. (对画线部分提)

____ ____ ______ do you sleep every night?

6. -Could you help me? -Certainly.(改为同义句)

-Could you help me?- _____ _____

7. The red book is different from the green one.(改为同义句)

The red book is not _____ ____ _____ the green one.

8. "Don't smoke.” the teacher said to him.(改为同义句)

The teacher asked him_____ _____ _____

9. Lara helped her sister to do the homework..(改为同义句)

Lara helped her sister _____ the homework.

10. A lot of vegetables help you to keep in good health.(改为同义句)

A lot of vegetables help you to_____ _____ .

VI. 根据首字母提示补全对话,每空一词

A : Hi, Mary. You look so h______ 1.

B:Thank you. I often drink m_____ 2 .

A:How o____ 3 do you drink milk?

B:I drink milk almost every d_____ 4

A:Do you 1_____ 5 it?

B:Yes,I like it very m______ 6

A:W_____ 7 do you like it so much?

B:My mother says it's g_____ 8 for my health. And I also t_____ 9 so.

A : Thank you for t_____ 10 me.

B:You are welcome.


根据要求及提示,以“My Sunday”为题写一篇短文。





5.喜欢阅读,晚上看(西行漫记》(Red Star Over China)




My Sunday

___________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ - 6 -


2006八年级上(Go for it)单元复习题Unit 1 How often do you exercise ?(s) Answers

Section A


1. twice 2. exercises 3.shopping 4. shop 5. to eat

6.is 7. students 8. once 9. exercise 10. results


1. doesn't do 2. Does; read 3. How often 4. Why not 5. How many

hours does 6. How often do 7. What program do

8. don't think; went 9. at times 10. every other day


1. do 2. shopping 3. can't 4. waste 5. shopping

6. for 7. How 8.often 9. Do 10. Not

Section B


1. different; difference 2. get/to get 3. to be 4. exercises 5. exercise

6. exercising 7. says 8. healthy 9. much 10. healthy

II. 同义句转换

1. the same age 2. take care of 3.eating habit is 4. with 5. Would you like

6. Although he is 7. kind of 8. in good health 9. lots of


1. for 2. How 3. often 4. Do 5. never

6. eat 7. for 8. how 9. many 10. much

Self Check


1-5. B B A C B 6-10. A C C D C 11-15. B A B C A

16-20.D A A D B 21-25.C C C B A


1-5.A C B BC 6-10.A D B A B


1-5.A BBC D


1. twice 2. times 3, healthy 4. eating 5.differences

6. unhealthy 7.' watches 8. does 9. differences 10. hardly


1. look after 2. How often 3. doesn't go 4. go to the movies 5.How many hours

6. Of course 7. the same as 8. not to smoke 9. with 10. keep healthy

VI. 根据首字母提示补全对话,每空一词

- 7 -

1. healthy 2. milk 3. often 4. day 5. like

6. much 7. Why 9. think 10, telling


My Sunday

Today is Sunday. I get up at half past seven. At noon I go to the zoo with my mother. After a short rest, we go shopping in the market. I'm good at playing football. In the afternoon, I go to the playground to play football with my friends. We have a good time there. After supper, I stay at home to do some reading. I like reading books. This evening I read a interesting book. Its name is Red Star Over China.

- 8 -

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