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Unit 8 Period 2

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Oxford English


Module 4

Colourful life


From hobby to career

Period 2 Reading (2)


What’s your hobby?
Example: My hobby is playing football. What’s your hobby, Peter? My hobby is watching films. What’s your hobby, Mary?



knowledge Anybody

got a book about stars

was great fun for me

studying the stars

achieve their dreams You just have to enjoy what you do!

Statements & facts

It looked like black velvet with a million diamonds on it.

Sometimes we saw stars shooting brightly across the sky. How beautiful they were!

I am proud of my TV programme — it has lasted for more than 50 years!

Intensive reading

Supporting facts
Fill in the form, and support the statements with facts from the text.

Retell the text with the help of the questions.

(1) the beginning of the hobby

? What did he do? ? What did he think of the stars? ? Can you find the sentences supporting “How beautiful the stars were!”?

(2) keep studying the stars

? Why did he keep studying the stars? ? Can you find the sentences supporting “Studying stars was great fun for me”?

Using questions
(3) hobby becomes career

? What does he think of his career? ? Can you find the sentences supporting “I am proud of my TV programme”?

1. 抄写单词和短语:achieve,knowledge, last,lively,shoot;go outside,look like,more and more等。

2. 复述课文。
3. 完成《英语(七年级 下册)B 》第

127页Vocabulary和第135页Reading B1,

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