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teaching plan6

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Teaching plan 6

Background information

Students : grade 7/ junior high school stuents Teaching material : PEP grade 7/ unit 4 section a Time: 40 minutes

Teaching type: speaking

Teaching aids: ppt/ type/ whiteboard

Teaching methods: task-based teaching method Teaching objectives

1. learn the usage of imperatives

2. talk about rules

3. learn some new words : rule/ dish/ night…

4. develop their speaking skills

Teaching procedure

Step 1. Lead-in

Hello! What time do you usually have the first class? -- At 8:00 in the morning.

Can I get class at 8:30 in the morning?

-- No, I can't. Why?

-- Because, I can't be late for class.

So, "Don't arrive late for class." or "Don't be late for school."

"What are the rules at your school? "

Guess: You can speak in Chinese. You're clever.

1. Don't fight. [Can you fight?]

2. Don't listen to music in the classroom. [Can you listen to music in the classroom?]

3. Don't run in the hallways. [Can you run …]

4. Don't eat in the classroom. [Can you eat …]

5. Don't wear a hat in school. [Can you wear a hat …]

6. Don't talk in class.

Don't talk with each other in class.

Stop talking.

7. Please keep quiet in the library.

Don't speak loudly in the library.

Step2 Brain Storming

What else do you have to do?

arrive late for class.


listen to music in the classroom run in the hallways

eat in the classroom

Don't + wear a hat in school

talk in class

talk with each other in class

speak loudly in the library ->(can)Keep quiet in the library

What else do you have to do ?

1. Don't forget to turn off the light when you leave.

2. Don't draw on the wall.

3. Don't watch TV after school.

4. Don't play football in the street.

Step 3. practice

Task1. Pair-work. What are the rules. [one asks, and the other answers.]

A: What are the rules?

B: Well, we can't arrive late for class.

Task 2. do some exercise

Step 4. production

Task 1. Group-work. Talk about the rules in your family.

Do Don't

do some housework get up late

go to bed early eat breakfast late … ...

Task 2. Write some class rules in English

Step 5. summary

Lead the students review what learned in this class. Whiteboard design

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