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Unit 8 Period 4

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Oxford English


Module 4

Colourful life


From hobby to career

Period 4 Writing

My favourite hobby

Different hobbies
Read the following words about hobbies. I like making model trains. Maybe I could become an engineer on a train. I enjoy making model trains. My hobby is making model trains. I often make model trains in my free time.

When I …, … That was the beginning of my hobby. I/My parents and I used to …

Before you write

Writing about hobby

Reviewing each other’s work

Reviewing each other’s work
Read each other’s work about hobbies and careers and give suggestions on improving the writing.


Choose the best work from your group and present it to the class.

1. 整理交流文章中的好词好句。

2. 修改文章。
3. 完成《英语(七年级 下册)B 》第137页 Writing的练习。

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