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七年级英语牛津版7A Unit 2 My day Grammar 课件

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Unit 2 My day

New words

better both together Thursday Monday talk busy



New wordsgood-better-best

pardon better The more English you read, every you will both the better Tuesday be. together on the volleyball court Thursday say hello to--be Monday both My parents are both teachers. know a lot about Wednesday My parents both talk both +V like Watching TV. busy

校足球队 the school football team 一直,总是 all the time meet up with 碰到 在星期一 on Mondays 舞蹈课 dancing lesson 与某人交谈 talk with sb. 许多 a lot of 谈论 talk about

1.她每天都遛他(都带他遛弯)。 She walks him every day. 2. Peter和我都爱足球。 Peter and I both like football.

3. 她没有许多时间和她的朋友交谈。 She does not have much time to talk with her friends.

Personal Pronouns
Singular Plural

Subject form

sh e Object form me you him her


you he


we you they
us you them

人称代词用来代替表示人 或事物的名词,以便不再重 复使用名词。人称代词主格 用来代替作主语的名词。人 称代词宾格用来代替做宾语 的名词,宾格通常放在介词 或动词的后面做宾语。

Practice A1. Simon and Daniel are talking about their classmates. In the blanks, write the correct pronouns to replace the nouns.

Simon: Hello, Daniel. _____ ( Simon) have some news. I Daniel: Oh, what is the news? Is _____ (the news)good? it Simon: Peter is now in the school football team. He _____(Peter) is really good. Daniel: I think _____ (Simon) are better! you you Simon: Thank ________ (Daniel). Peter and I both love football. _______ ( Peter and Simon) play together We

all the time.
Daniel: Does Millie know about the news? She Simon: Yes. _____ (Millie) is really happy.

My name is Millie. I ____ am 12 years old.

Hello,Simon. How you are ____?

They are Sandy and Amy.___ are playing They tennis.

Here are my friends We and I.____are in Grade 7.

There is Mr Wu. ____ He is our teacher.

Simon and Daniel, areyou ___reading comic books?


Amy is writing an article about her friends for the E-friendship Club. Help her complete the article. Fill in the blanks with the correct pronouns.

Sandy plays volleyball every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

She (1)_____ is on the volleyball court from 4.00 p.m. to 5.00 p.m. Then
(2)______meets up with Simon and (3)______do their homework She they together. On Mondays and Wednesdays, Simon plays football. He (4)_____is a member of the school football team. The students at Beijing Sunshine Secondary School meet every

lunchtime. Millie and I go to the playground.(5)______sit and talk We
under the big trees there. Daniel goes to the Computer Club every Tuesday and Thursday He afternoon. (6)_______knows a lot about computers. Kitty goes to her dancing lesson every day. (7)_______is very busy and does not She

have much time to chat with her friends.

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?


1.When does Sandy play badminton? She plays it every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. 2.What do Sandy and Simon do together? They do their homework together. 3.What team is Simon in? He is in the school Football Team. 4.What do Millie and Amy do under the big trees? They sit and talk there. 5.How often does Kitty go to her dancing lesson? She goes to her dancing lesson every day.


him it

her you

根据句意用适当的人称代词填空。 She 1). Amy is a nice girl. ________ and I are good friends. It 2). There is a book on that desk.. ________ is my book. 3). Li Ming and Zhang Dong are in the same class. ________are classmates. They We 4). Mr Wu and I often meet each other. _______have the same hobby. you 5). Thank you for calling me. Where are ________ now ? 6). I want to play with your brother. Is _______ at home ? he 7). These are my new friends. Do you want to know ___________ ( they ) ? them you 8). Does Mr Zhang teach _______ ( you ) English ? it 9). My little sister has a toy cat. She plays with _______( it ) every day.

10). Is Grammar at home now ? I want to say hello to her _________(she )? 11). We want to make friends with you. Do you want to us make friends with _______( we ) ? you 12). Tom, is Nancy with _______( you )? I want to speak to her. them 13). Mr Li is their teacher. He teaches __________ ( they ) PE.

2. 根据所给汉语完成句子。 1). 你每天带你的狗散步吗? take walk Do you _______ your dog for a ________ every day ? 2). 你和你的同学经常谈论你们的新学校吗? talk about Do you and your classmates often ________ ________ your new school ? 3). 让我们去向他问好。 say hello Let’s go and ________ _________ to him. 4). 瞧!那边有许多花儿。 lot of Look! There are a ______ ______ flowers over there. 5). 学生们总是在每次午餐时见面。 The students always ________ every ___________. meet lunchtime 6). 她现在怎么样?我想知道她的一切情况。 she How is ________ ? I want to know everything about her ____.

7). 王光明的姑父和姑妈都住在北京。 Wang Guangming’s uncle and aunt ________ ________in Beijing. her both live 8). 他在学习方面做得很好,但他的父母要他做得更好。 well He does very ________ in his studies, but his parents better want him to do _________. sit together 9). 让我们一起坐在这里吧。Let’s ____here __________. 10). 有什么好消息告诉我吗? / to tell news for Is there any good ________ ______ me ? eighteen comic 11). 她有十八本连环漫画书。She has _______ _______ books. 12). 你现在忙吗?我想跟你说话。 Are you ________ now ? I want to ________to you. busy talk 13). 每周一下午我都会遇见他。 I can _________ him every _________ afternoon. meet Monday 14). 基蒂每周四都去上舞蹈课。 dancing Kitty goes to ____________ lessons every ___________. Thursday

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