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Module 3 Sports Unit 2 This year we are trainning more carefully2013年八年级英语上册

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train v.(体育)训练,操练

beat v. 打败;战胜

train作动词,表示“训练,操练”; 作名词,表示“火车”。 e.g. We’re training harder than usual because the other school beat us last year. 我们比平时更努力训练,因为去年别 的学校打败了我们。 His father goes to Shanghai by train. 他父亲坐火车去上海。

against prep.(在比赛或战斗中)对(某人或某物)

warm v. 使暖和;使温暖 warm up 热身;做准备活动


n. 练习

例如: are warming up The runners _______________ before the race. 赛跑选手正在做赛前热身。

coach n. 教练

careless pass

adj. 粗心的;疏忽的 v. 传递;传送

e.g. Last year we were careless when we passed the ball and we lost to the other team. So this year we train more carefully.

fan club 球迷(或影迷,歌迷)俱乐部

cheer…on 用欢呼声激励;为……加油

loudly adv. 响亮地;大声地 quiet adj. 寂静的;安静的

Work in pairs. Talk about the pictures. Use the words and expressions in the box to help you.

beat careless cheer…on coach fan club play against train



So we have time to 1. We arrive as early as we can ________________. warm up. 2. We’re training _________ than harder _______. usual The other team beat us last year. This year we want to do better.


Why The days are short and the weather is cold.

3. It’s _________ more ___________ to difficult practice in winter.
4. Our coach is pleased ________.

We are playing better as a team now.

Complete the passage with the words in the box.
against practice chance short coach usual

practice We all know (1) __________ makes perfect. But it is more difficult to practise in winter because the days are (2) _________ and it is cold. short

The team is training harder than (3) usual coach _________. Their (4) _________ is pleased with them. They are going to against play (5) _________ a team from another school next week, and they chance have a good (6) ___________ of winning.

Put the words in the box into pairs with opposite meanings. badly carefully carelessly difficult early easy late quickly slowly well badly — well carefully — carelessly early — late

difficult — easy quickly — slowly

1. win与beat 这两个词都有“获胜, 打败”的意思, 但其 后宾语不同。beat是“打败, 优于”的意思, 后面接人或队。如: We beat them. 我们打败了他们。 win 指“赢, 获胜”, 后面接比赛、名次。 如: We won the match/game/race/the first place.

2. I am in our school team and we are going to play against another school next week. 我是校队成员,我们(队)下周将要和 另一学校比赛。 against 为介词,表示“反对,与……对 抗” 。例如:

playing against 1) Germany are _______________ Brazil in the World Cup final tonight. 今晚德国将与巴西争夺世界杯冠军。 fight against 2) We will _

___________ the enemy. 我们将与敌人交战。 3) They are strongly ________ the idea. against 他们强烈反对这个主意。 4) Are you for or _______ my proposal? against 你们是同意还是反对我的计划?

3. That means we have a better chance of winning. 这就意味着我们获胜的机会更大。 have a chance of doing sth. 表示“有做 某事的机会” 。例如: 1) You will __________________________ have a better chance of passing the exams if you work harder. 如果你们再用功一点,通过考试的机会 就更大一点。

2) If we hurry up, there’s still a good chance of catching ________________________ the plane. 要是我们抓紧点,赶上飞机的机会还是 很大的。

4. It is good to have our fans around. They cheer us on loudly and we feel more confident to win the game. 有我们的球迷在周围真好,因为他们 为我们欢呼加油。 cheer sb. on 的意思是“为……欢呼 加油” 。例如:

1) The crowd _________ their favourite cheered on singers _____. 观众为他们最喜欢的歌手喝彩加油。

2) They gathered round the swimming pool and _______________. cheered her on 他们在游泳池周围,给她加油。

1. — What’s wrong with you today?

— I am quite upset.
— Cheer up! The more you smile, the

_______ you will feel. (2012广东湛江)
A. happy B. happier

C. happily

D. More happily

2. — Do you know sound travels very fast? — Yes. But light travels ________ sound. (2012湖北荆州) A. as fast as B. a little faster than C. much faster than D. slower than 3. — Your room is very dirty. You should keep it ________. (2012湖北襄阳) — OK. I’ll sweep it right away. A. clean B. dry C. quiet D. warm

4. — Would you mind staying in such a
noisy room?

— No, but my son needs a _________
place to study in. (2011宁波)

A. cleaner
C. safer

B. quieter
D. smaller

5. Some students are so _______ that they often make mistakes in their homework. (2011聊城) A. careful B. serious C. careless D. successful 6. My sister has practiced tennis for a long time. She plays tennis _____ you. (2011德阳) A. as good as B. so well as C. as well as

7. The smile on his teacher’s face

shows that she was ________ with
my work. (2007佛山)

A. angry

B. pleased

C sad

Complete the sentences so they are true for your school basketball team. 1. It is … and the basketball team … 2. The practice starts at … but they … 3. Last year …

4. This year … 5. The coach is pleased / is not pleased with them because … 6. So they now have a better/poor chance of …

1. It is Saturday and the school basketball team arrives to practice / train with the coach. 2. The practice starts at 9 o’clock but they arrived early to warm up. 3. Last year they were careless / lost all the matches.

4. This year they are playing well. 5. The coach is pleased because they are training hard. The coach is not pleased because they are not playing well. 6.

So they now have a better/worse chance of winning.

You can use at that time / yesterday/ last week / last month/ last year … to talk what people did in the past; and use now / today / this week / this month / this year … to talk about what they do now.

Add some more details about your school basketball team. Write a passage.

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