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seen 看见) this film 1. Have you ever ______( ______(电影)? 2. Three ________ quarters (四分之一) of the students in our class enjoy watching TV. 3. The population _________(人口) of China is over 1.3 billion. wakes(醒来) me up every day. 4. The alarm clock _____ wonderful 极好的) time in the park with 5. I had a __________( my classmates yesterday. 6. Who __________( discovered 发现) that old pot? 7. The people are waiting to cross _______(穿过) the street.

foxes 狐狸) in the zoo. 8. There are three ______( natural 自然的) 9. My brother is very interested in ______( science. 10.Hainan is an ______( island 岛) to go sightseeing. The temperature ___________(温度) is almost the same all year round. So you can go there ________ whenever (无论何时) you like. It is a good place to take a holiday 假期). _________( 11.—I have never been to Beijing. neither 也不). --Me _________( 12.I like spring _______(春天) because I like warm days.

去过 乘地铁 去滑冰 听说 事实上 全世界 一直 结束做某事 一个讲英语的国家 提高你的英语

have been to take the subway / by subway go skating hear of in fact around / all over the world all the time end up doing an English-speaking country improve your English

上课 考虑做某事 而不是 度假 做某事有问题 四分之三 唤醒,醒来 在白天 在夜晚 离...近 离...远 选择做某事

take lessons think about doing rather than take a holiday have problems doing three quarters wake up during the daytime at night be close to be far from choose to do

1.现在完成时的结构:have / has + 过去分词

否定结构:haven’t / hasn’t + 过去分词

2. 用法:过去的动作对现在造成的影响或结果。
Have you ever been to Singapore? I have traveled to another province of China?

3. 用法:表过去某一时间发生的动作或状态一 直延续到现在(强调现在),动作或状态一般 是延续性的,因此要用表延续性的动词或表状 态的动词。

用括号内动词的适当形式填空. has lived (live) here since July. 1.Mr Lin __________ Have you been 2.A: ______ _____(be) to the Great Wall? went (go) there last Spring. B: Yes, I ______ has seen 3. He ____________ (see) the film twice already. enjoyed (enjoy) themselves in the 4. The children _______ park last Sunday morning. 5. Mary _____________ (work) in the factory has worked since she left school three years ago. have been 6. They _________(be) in Hongkong for ten days. Have you ever _______(hear) heard 7. _____ of him before?

for+一段时间 since+过去的时间点/句子(一般过去时) 1. I have lived here ______ since I was born. 2. Bill has slept _______ three hours and a half. for 3. He has been away _______ since two days ago. for 4. We haven’t seen each other ______ a long time. since nine. 5. They’ve watched TV play ______ 6. It’s five years _______ since we met last time. 7. His parents

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