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fact or opinion从阅读到写作PPT

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Facts and opinions
--What is a Fact? --What is an Opinion? --Use facts to support opinions.

A Fact or An Opinion? Read the following sentences and Write F if it is a fact or O if it is an opinion.

1. It’s snowing outside. ( F ) 2. It’s a nice day. (O)

For sentence 1, you could look outside and actually see for yourself whether it is snowing or not.

Sentence 2 is based, not on fact, but on one person’s belief or feeling about what makes a day “nice”, you might think it is not a nice day outside because it is either warmer or colder than you think.

Read and Summarize what is fact a and what an opinion is. A fact is anything that can be proved.

An opinion is what someone believes is true but has not been proved.

Read a man’s story about what happened to the Amber Room quickly. Where was the Amber Room?

It was buried in the mine.
Is this a fact or an opinion? What people hear is a fact. What people see is a fact. What people believe is an opinion.

Which are facts and which are opinions? 1)My father?s picture was in the newspaper yesterday. F 2) Lily seems nervous about the game with O Westwood. 3) MS. Johnson is in charge of the school science exhibition. F 4) That cake was much too sweet. o 5) This picnic will be the best one we?ve had. O 6) In 1985, Christmas will fall on a Thursday. F 7) The Empire State Building is 1,250 feet tall. F 8) The Empire State Building is a beautiful building. O

中国人往往注意理性分析、逻辑思 维,往往注重结果,总要得出结论。西方 人写作则较多利用实证分析、实例分析 方法。他们注重对过程和事实的描述, 往往不得出结果,让读者自己分析、并 得出结论。“English writing is more direct. Things are clearly explained. Details or facts are required to support the topic.” (Susan Krantz 2001)


Read what an American official said after he visited Quzhou, Zhejiang and find out opinions and facts: “One One Foot Foot in in the the Future Future and and One One Foot in the Past”. This is myis foremost impression as I Foot in the Past”. This my foremost impression visit Quzhou. One(Opinion) cannot miss the old and the as I visit Quzhou. new existing side by side. As a foreigner it is difficult to say which is the ?Real China?. Is it the _______ large number of people riding their old bicycles ______________________________________ loaded down with goods or is it the black shiny ______________________________________ ______________________________________ luxury car being driven down the street? Is it the ______________________________________ school in rural areas with the leaking roof or is it ______________________________________ the modern schools being built in Quzhou? Is it ______________________________________ the four lane expressway or is it the single lane ______________________________________ walking path to a remote village? Everywhere I ________

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