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班級 姓名 得分


( ) 1. - Where is your pen pal from?

- _________

A. She's from Cuba. B. It's from Canada.

C. They're from Canada. D. We're from the U.S.A.

( ) 2. - Is this your book, Jane?

- Yes, it is _________ book.

A. his B. her C. hers D. my

( ) 3. - May I speak to Jim, please?

- Sorry, _________ now.

A. I'm not Jim B. this is me C. this isn't me D. he isn't here

( ) 4. - _________ does your friend Jianjian look like? - He is tall and has black hair.

A. How B. What C. Which D. Why

( ) 5. - What does your father do?

- _________

A. He's old. B. He's tall.

C. He likes me. D. He's a cook.

( ) 6. - _________ is this pair of pants?

- It's 80 yuan.

A. How many B. How long C. How much D. How often

( ) 7. - What about going for a picnic with us?

- I'm sorry I can't. My mother isn't _________. I have to cook.

A. out B. in C. at D. for

( ) 8. - _________ do you like this blue sweater?

- Not bad.

A. What B. How about C. How D. What about

( ) 9. - Would you like to have lunch with me?

- _________

A. Yes, I'd love to. B. No, you can go.

C. Yes, I have something to do. D. You're wrong.

( ) 10. - These clothes are very nice. Could I _________? - Sure.

A. try it on B. try them on C. try on it D. try on them

( ) 11. - Don't forget _________ your school bag home. - All right, see you then.

A. take B. to take C. bring D. to bring

( ) 12. - Do you have any time this afternoon?

- Yes. _________

A. What are you? B. What's going?

C. What's up? D. What's the matter?

( ) 13. - _________

- His favorite color is white.

A. What's your favorite pet? B. What's his favorite pet?

C. What do you like? D. What's your uncle's favorite color?

( ) 14. - What can I do for you, madam?

- Well, I'm __________ looking. Thanks.

A. just B. good C. so D. only

( ) 15. - Can I help you?

- _________

A. That's good. B. OK, I'll take it.

C. Yes, I'd like a coat. D. No, you can't.


從方框中選擇適當的句子補全對話。其中有兩項是多餘的。 Lucy: Hello!

Jack: Hello! Is that Lily?

Lucy: 16 Who is this?

Jack: This is Jack, Lily's classmate.

Lucy: This is Lucy, Lily's sister. Can I take a message? Jack: Thanks. 17

Lucy: Sure. Does she know your phone number? Jack: 18

Lucy: What's your phone number?

Jack: 19

Lucy: (1321)2588-7678. OK, 20

Jack: Thank you.

Lucy: That's OK. Bye.

Jack: Bye-bye.

A. Do you know her?

B. I'll tell her about it.

C. No, she doesn't.

D. I'm Jack.

E. My phone number is (1321)2588-7678.

F. Sorry, she isn't in now.

G. Could you ask her to call me back tomorrow morning?

16. _________ 17. _________ 18. _________ 19. _________ 20. _________ Ⅲ.完形填空。(15分)

On Sunday morning, it's fine. My friends Li Dong, Wang Lei, Robert

and I would like to

21 to the West Hill. We plan to have a 22 . Li Dong wants to buy a bag of salt and

23 vegetables. Wang Lei wants to buy four 24 milk and some hamburgers. I have no many cups. I want to buy some 25 in the shop. What about Robert? He's new here. He 26 from Canada. He has a big nose and two big blue eyes. His hair is light brown. He likes to go 27 on Saturday(星期六) with his mother. Now he isn't at home. So I call Robert with my cell phone, " 28 forget to take the guitar." Of course, he doesn't forget 29 his white dog. He likes the pet. We like 30 kites on the hill. I think it's fun.

( ) 21.A. go B. going C. to go

( ) 22.A. party B. picnic C. meeting

( ) 23.A. any B. some C. a little

( ) 24.A. bottle B. bottles C. bottles of

( ) 25.A. knives B. cakes C. cups

( ) 26.A. come B. comes C. are

( ) 27.A. shop B. shopping C. swim

( ) 28.A. Doesn't B. Don't C. Isn't

( ) 29.A. takes B. take C. to take

( ) 30.A. flies B. flying C. playing



Kangkang is a Chinese boy. He is a student. He is 14. Kangkang likes to make friends(交朋友). Now he receives(收到) a letter from Sam, his pen pal in England. The letter is in English. Sam is a student, too. He speaks English. He likes China. He wants to visit the Great Wall.

( ) 31. Kangkang is a _________.

A. teacher B. student C. doctor

( ) 32. The letter is in _________.

A. Chinese B. Japanese C. English

( ) 33. Sam lives in _________.

A. China B. the U.S.A. C. England

( ) 34. _________ wants to visit the Great Wall.

A. Sam B. Kangkang C. Kangkang's brother

( )35. Sam is Kangkang's _________.

A. classmate B. pen pal C. teacher


Mrs. White doesn't like fish at all, but Mr. White likes fish very much. He buys some fish and takes it home. Mrs. White sees the fish and she thinks, "Good! I'll ask my friends to have lunch and we can have the fish. They like fish very much."

Mr. White comes home in the evening. He can't find his fish. Mrs. White says, "Oh, your cat eats it."And she gives Mr. White some bread for supper. Mr. White is not happy at all. He takes the cat and Mrs. White goes to a shop. He says to her, "Now you see, my cat is one kilo and the fish is one kilo, too. The cat is here. But where is my fish?"

( ) 36. What does Mr. White like very much?

A. Bread. B. Chicken. C. Fish. D. His cat.

( ) 37. Does Mrs. White like fish very much?

A. Yes, she does. B. No, she doesn't.

C. Yes, she likes. D. No, she not likes.

( ) 38. Who does Mrs. White ask to have the fish?

A. Mr. White. B. The cat. C. Her friends. D. Her mother.

( ) 39. Does the cat eat the fish?

A. Yes, it does. B. Yes, he does.

C. No, the cat doesn't. D. No, it doesn't.

( ) 40. What does Mr. White have for supper?

A. Some bread. B. Some fish. C. Some jiaozi. D. Some eggs. C

On Sunday, Kangkang goes out for a picnic with his friends. Maria's pet dog goes, too. They take some food there. Jane likes singing very much. She wants Kangkang to sing a song with her, but he has no time. Kangkang has to cook. Wang Ping and Michael would like to help him. Steve carries water for them. And Maria flies a kite with her pet dog. They are all very happy!

( ) 41. Who does Kangkang goes out for a picnic with?

A. His classmates. B. His friends. C. His sister.

( ) 42. What does Jane want Kangkang to do?

A. Cook food. B. Fly a kite. C. Sing a song.

( ) 43. Wang Ping and Michael would like to _________.

A. cook B. carry water C. sing a song

( ) 44. _________ fly a kite.

A. Maria B. The pet dog C. A and B

( ) 45. They _________ on Sunday.

A. go fishing B. go for a picnic C. go shopping Ⅴ.辭彙。(10分)


46. - _________ _________(多少錢) are the apples? - They are 20 yuan.

47. - _________ you _________(有空的) tomorrow morning? - Yes, what's up?

48. I _________ _________(害怕) I can't get home in time.

49. - Hello!

- Hello! May I _________ _________(和……說話) Tom?

50. I _________ _________(不得不) look after my grandmother at home.


51. Don't forget _________(bring) your kite when you go for a picnic.

52. - Why not _________(take) it? It looks very nice.

- All right.

53. - Would you like _________(go) to the zoo?

- Yes, I want to see animals.

54. - What about (fly) kites this afternoon, Kangkang? - Good idea.

55. I'll tell _________(he) about it.



Look at my 56 tree, please. I am Mike. I'm from the U.S.A. I have a big happy family. My wife(妻子) 57 is a nurse. We have 58 kids. 59 is our son and Joy is our 60 . They study at No.1 High School. My father's name is Bill and my 61 name is Hellen. My

62 are old. John is my 63 . He is a doctor. Kate is my wife's 64 . She is a worker. My wife's 65 name is Emma. My wife's father's name is Peter. They're old, too. They stay at home.

56. ___________ 57. ___________ 58. ___________ 59. ___________ 60. ___________

61. ___________ 62. ___________ 63. ___________ 64. ___________ 65. ___________



姓名:Billy 年齡:12歲 國籍:美國 父親:醫生 母親:教師

愛好:養寵物狗 最喜歡的食物:漢堡包

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 七年級英語試題答題卷

班級 姓名 得分Ⅰ.單項選擇。(15分) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

11 12 13 14 15


16 17 18 19 20


21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30


31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40

41 42 43 44 45


46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55


56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 65



Ⅰ. 1-5 A D D B D

6-10 C B C A B

11-15 B C D A C

Ⅱ. 16-20 F G C E B

Ⅲ. 21-25 A B B C C

26-30 B B B C B

Ⅳ. 31-35 B C C A B

36-40 C B C D A

41-45 B C A C B

Ⅴ. (A)46. How much 47. Are; free 48. am afraid

49. speak to 50. have to

(B) 51. to bring 52. take 53. to go 54. flying 55. him Ⅵ. 56. family 57. Jean 58. two

59. Tom 60. Daughter 61. mother's

62. parents 63. brother 64. sister

65. mother's

這裏是我在做中小學英語教研員時出的一組題目,現在我沒有做教研員了,而是杭州市實驗外國語學校的一名老師,現發出此組題目,僅供參考。 七年級下學期單元檢測題(一) (Units 1—2 ) Class ____________ Name __________________ Marks ______________ 一、選擇填空題 從下麵每小題所給的A、B、C、D四個答案中選擇一個最佳答案,並把其代號填入左邊括弧內。(15分) ( )1. --- __________ you have a pen pal? Yes, I __________. A. Are;am

B. Can;can C .Do;do D. Do;have ( )2. --- Where ___________ your pen pals from? --- The United States. A. does B. do C. is D. are ( )3. Frank is my pen pal, he _____________ Sydney, Australia. A. lives B. from C. comes from D. be from ( )4. My pen pal is from Canada. She _____________ English very well. A. says B. speaks C. tells D. talks ( )5.--- _____________ your grandfather live? --- He lives next to the library. A. What does B.

How is C. Where does D. How old is ( )6. Bob likes _____________ to the movies _____________ his friends on weekends. A. to go; and B. goes; or C. going; with D. go; for ( )7.Coco lives in Tokyo and she speaks ____________. A. Chinese B. English C. Japanese D. French ( )8. Look! There________ a lot of people and cars on New Street. It’s a ______ street . A. are; busy B. is; easy C. are; dirty D. is; quiet ( )9. _____________ there a post office and some supermarkets near here? A. Have B. Do C. Are D. Is ( )10. Let him _________________ these things to his parents. A. takes B. taking C. take

D. to take ( )11. The pay phone is _________ Green Street and it’s across _________ the library. A. in, to B. on, from C. at, through D. by, of ( )12. They live in a small house ______________ interesting garden. A. with an B. have an C. has a D. with a ( )13. Can you write and tell me ________________? A. yourself B. to yourself C. about yourself D. of yourself ( )14.---Where is the bank? ---It’s down Grand Street ___________ the right. A. between B. on C. in D. at ( )15. Her grandmother often takes ______________ after dinner. A. walking B. to walk C. walks D. a walk 二、完形填空:(10分) Li Wei, look 16 this picture. This is a 17 of a classroom. In the picture you can see some desks 18 chairs. On the blackboard(黑板), you can see a cat. A map is 19 the door. The room is different (不同的) from 20 classroom. Under the 21 table there is a ball, 22 you can’t see it. The boy in the hat is my friend, Jim. He is a new student. He is 23 American(美國人) . He looks 24 Kate. But they are not 25 . ( )16. A. in B. on C. at D. to ( )17. A. map B. picture C. room D. door ( )18. A. or B. but C. with D. and ( )19. A. behind B. in C. at D. of ( )20. A. you B. our C. us D. we ( )21. A. teacher’s B. teachers’ C. of teacher D. teacher ( )22. A. so B. or C. and D. but ( )23. A. a B. an C.

the D. / ( )24. A. after B. at C. the same D. like ( )25. A. students B. boys C. twins(雙胞胎) D. girls 三、閱讀理解:(20分) ① Fred and Jane are brother and sister. They are American. They are in the same(相同的) school. Their school is not far (遠) from their home. Fred is in Mr. Black’s class. He is thirteen. He is one of the best student in his class. Mr. Black likes him very much. He does well in (善長於) Chinese, but Mr. Black is not. Jane is eleven. She is in Mrs. Black’s class. Mrs. Black teaches English. Jane is good at English, but she is not good at Chinese. ( )26. Fred and Jane are _______________. A. Chinese. B. English C. friends D. American ( )27. Jane is _______________________. A. good at Chinese B. in Mr. Black’s class C. not good at English D. Fred’s sister ( )28. ________________ is good at Chinese. A. Fred B. Jane C. Mr. Black D. Mrs. Black ( )29. Mrs. Black is ____________________. A. a Chinese teacher B. a teacher of English C. one of the best student D. Jane’s mother ( )30. Which is NOT right? A. Fred and Jane are in the same family B. Mr. and Mrs. Black are Fred and Jane’s parents C. Mr. Black doesn’t do well in Chinese D. Mrs. Black is Jane’s English teacher. ② My name is Tony and I live in Canada. My mother is from Korea (朝鮮) and my father is from France, so we speak three languages at home. I think languages are very interesting and I want to study Portuguese(葡萄牙語) and Chinese. But my favorite subject at school isn’t language. It’s math. I really like history, too. I like sports, especially (尤其) soccer and basketball, because they are relaxing. But I don’t have much time to play them. I go to music club after school on Mondays, I have guitar lessons on Wednesdays, and go to library on Fridays. But Saturdays and Sundays are great because I can play sports, sleep (睡覺), and watch

TV. ( )31. Tony’s mother lives in _______________________. A. Korea B. France C. Canada D. China ( )32. Tony can speak _________________ very well at home. A. Japanese B. Korean(朝鮮語) C. Chinese D. Portuguese ( )33. Tony’s favorite subject is ____________________. A. language B. history C. math D. Chinese ( )34. He can’t play soccer on _________________. A. Mondays and Fridays B. Tuesdays and Thursdays C. Saturdays and Sundays D. Wednesdays and Saturdays ( )35. Tony thinks sports are ______________________. A. interesting B. boring C. funny D. relaxing 四、根據課文所學內容填空。(10分) Dear friend, My name is Bob. I live in Toronto, Canada, and I 36 a pen pal in China. I think China is a very interesting 37 . I’m 14 years old and my birthday is in 38 . I can speak English and a little 39 . I have a brother , Paul and a sister Sarah. They have pen pals in the United Kingdom and 40 . I like 41 to the movies 42 my friends and 43 sports. My favorite 44 in school is P.E. It’s fun. But I don’t like math. It’s too 45 . Can you write to me soon?

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