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1. What’s this in English?


2. What are these/those?


They are?他们是

例:---What are these? --- They are sheep.

3. ---What’s your favorite food? --- My favorite food is dumplings.



--- What food do like best?--- I like fish best. --- What food do you prefer? --- I prefer noodles.

4. How many desks / chairs are there in the classroom? 教室里有多少张桌子/椅子?

说明:用how many 提问时,后面的名词要用复数形式。 例:---How many people are there in your family? --- They are four.


5. What color is it / are they?


6. I can play football well, but I can’t play the violin.



7. I am in front of Li Ming.


Li Ming is in the front of the class.


in front of 在?前面(范围外的前面) in the front of在?前面(范围内的前面)


8. How do you spell “color”?


9. I like / doing / to do?


说明:like doing sth. 和like to do sth.都表示“喜欢做某事”

10. I can / can’t do sth.?

我会 / 不会??

Mary can’t swim. 玛丽不会游泳。

Can you ride a bike? 你会骑自行车吗?

-Yes, I can. 是的,我会。(肯定回答)

-No, I can't. 不,我不会。(否定回答)

11. What’s the weather like in summer?? 夏天的天气怎么样?

12. --- Where are you from? --- I am from China. 你是哪儿人?我是中国人。


--- Where do you come from? --- I come from China.

13. I am in Class 1, Grade 1.


14. What’s your father?



What’s your father’s job?

What does your father do?

15. I have a brother and a sister.



16. There are 18 boys and 20 girls in our class. 我们班有十八个男孩和二十个女孩。

说明: “there be”句型结构表示 “某地存在有某种东西”。

其否定形式是在be动词后加not。在对there be 句型进行提问

时,只需将be动词提到there 之前即可。

1) There are some books on the desk.桌子上有一些书。(肯


2) There isn’t a dog under the tree, but there is a sheep



3) --- Are there any pictures on the wall? 墙上有图画吗?

--- No, there aren’t. / Yes, there are. 没有。/ 有。


注意:在there be句型中,动词be单复数形式要跟there

be之后的主语一致。并且要根据就近一致原则来变换be 的单复


1) There is a pen and two books on the desk.


2) There are two books and a pen on the desk.


17. What are you doing? 你在做什么?

I’m watching TV. 我正在看电视。

18. What’s he doing? 他在干嘛?

He’s reading. 他正在阅读。

19. ask sb. sth. 问某人某事

ask sb to do sth .要求某人做某事

20. give sb. sth. 给某人某物

They give me their money 给我他们的钱

21. get sth. from sb./sp. 从某人/某地得到某

They get their money from me 从我这儿拿到他们的钱

22. be very busy 非常忙

be busy doing sth 。 忙于做某事

23. I want to be a(an). ??我想成为一名??。

want sb. to do sth. 想要某人去做某事

want to do sth. 想要做某事

24. How’s the weather in ? /there?


It’s raining/snowing. 正下着雨/雪呢。

It’s cloudy/sunny/windy. 是多云的天气(阴天)/晴天/刮风的天气。

25. How’s it going?近来怎么样?

Great. /Not bad. /Pretty good. /Terrible! 很好。/还不坏。/相当好。/太糟(可怕)了!

26. What does your friend look like? 你的朋友长什么样?

She is of medium build, and she has long hair. 她是属于中等身材,并留着长头发。

27. Do you remember ?? 你记得??吗?

Remember to do sth . 记得要做某事。

Remember doing sth. 记得做过某事。

Forget to do sth . 忘记要做某事。

Forget doing sth. 忘记做过某事。

28 . I don’t think he’s so great. 我不认为他是那么的棒。

29. I’d like some noodles . 我想要点面条。

I’d like = I would like(sth/to do sth )我想要(某物/做某事) 相当于I want( sth/to do sth )

I feel like sth/doing sth. 想要做某事

30.What kind of noodles would you like? 你想要哪种面条? What size bowl of noodles would you like? 你想要多大碗的面条?

What kind of noodles do you have? 你这儿有哪种面条? What size do you have? 你这儿有多大份儿的?

31. watch sb. do sth. 看某人做某事(的全过程)

watch sb. doing sth. 看某人正在做某事

see sb. do sth. 看见某人做了某事

see sb. doing sth. 看见某人在做某事

32. What did you do? 你做了什么?

I played tennis. 我打过网球。

33. What about your friend? 你的朋友怎么样?

What about sth?某物怎么样?

What about doing sth?做某事怎么样?

34. How was your weekend? 你的周末怎样?

It was great/OK. 很棒/很不错。 It wasn’t very good. 不大好。

35. It was time to go home. 是时候回家了。

It is / was time to do sth. 是该做某事了。

It was time for home. 是时候回家了。

It is / was time for sth. 是该做某事了

36 . have great fun doing sth. 做某事很开心;高兴地做某事

37.help sb. do sth. 帮助某人做某事

help sb. with sth. 帮助某人某事

38. make sb. do sth. 促使某人做某事

39. decide to do sth. 决定做某事

40. show sb. sth. 给某人展示某物

show sth to sb. 给某人展示某物

show sb. sth. = show sth. to sb出示某物给某人看

give me the book=give the book to me 给我书,

pass me the cup=pass the cup to me 把杯子递给我,

sell me the house=sell the house to me把房子卖给我

buy me a book =buy a book for me 给我买书,

make me a cake=make a cake for me给我做蛋糕

41. enjoy doing sth. 喜欢做某事

42. how about= what about ??怎么样

How about (what about) doing sth??做?怎么样?

43. I do, too! 我也是;我也一样(用于肯定句)

I don't, either. 我也不;我也如此(不??)(用于否定句)

44. Thanks for doing sth. 非常感谢你做了某事。

45 . What else do you have to do? 你还要干别的什么事? Later I have to go to the Children’s Palace to learn the piano. 然后(稍后)我必须去少年宫学钢琴。

46. try to do sth 尽量做某事

try doing sth.试着做某

try one’s best to do sth.尽力做某事

47. How often do you exercise ? 你多久锻炼一次?

two or three times a week 一周两三次

48. Practice doing sth. 练习做某事,

49. mind doing sth. 介意做某事,

50. finish doing sth. 完成某事,

51. give up doing sth. 放弃做某事

52. keep doing sth. 坚持做某事.

53. can’t stand doing sth.忍不住做某事

54. have fun doing sth很高兴做某事

have a great time = have fun = enjoy oneself 过得愉快

55. It’s + adj. + (for sb.) + to do sth. 对某人来说做某事怎么样。 It’s important to eat a balanced diet. 平衡饮食很重要。

56. can’t wait to do sth. 等不及做某事

57. I walk to school = I go to school on foot 步行上学

58.Doing sth. takes sb. some time/ money.

=It takes sb. some time/money to do sth..

=sb. spends some time/money (on sth.).

=sb. spends some time/money (in) doing sth.. .

=sth. costs sb. some time/money. =sb. pay some money for sth..


59.worry about( sb./sth.)=be worried about(sb/sth.) 为某人(事)着急/担心

worry about doing sth. =be worried about doing sth. 为做某 (事)着急/担心

60.How do you get to school? 你怎么去学校?

61.How far is it from your home to school?从你家到学校多远?

62.How long does it take you to get from home to school?


It takes about 25 minutes to walk and 10 minutes by bus. 步行大约需要25分钟,乘公交车10分钟。

63. be (keep) quiet 保持安静(keep+形容词“保持某状态”) keep+(sb.)+doing 使(某人)不停地做某事”

keep sth. 保存某物,饲养某物

64. be good at sth/doing sth=do well in sth/doing sth 擅长于某事/(做)某事

65. stop doing sth. 停止做某事

stop to do sth 听下来去做(另一件事)

66. How much yogurt do we need? 需要多少酸奶? How many apples do we need? 需要多少苹果?

67. You are never too young to start doing things. 你多早开始做事都不为过。

68. What are you going to be when you grow up? 你长大了要干什么?

I'm going to be a computer programmer. 我要成为一名电脑程序设计师。

How are you going to do that? 你打算怎样去做呢? I'm going to take acting lessons.我要去上表演课。

When I grow up, I’m going to do what I want to do. 我长大后我要做我想做的事。

I’m going to study French at the same time.同时,我要学法语。

I’m going to get good grades.我要取得好成绩。

We’re going to build a bigger subway . 我们要建立一个更大的地铁。

69. ---Could I use (borrow) your computer? 我能借用一下你


---Sorry. I’m going to work on it now. 抱歉,我正准备用它呢。

70. I hate doing (to do) chores. 我讨厌做家务。

71 .there will be 将会有

There will be more people.将会有更多的人

Will there be less pollution?会有更少的污染吗? Yes,there will.\ No,there won’t. 是,会有。\ 不,不会有

72. What should I \he\she\they\you do? 我\他\她\他们\你该怎么办?

You could write him a letter. 你可以给他写一封

73.What were you doing when the UFO arrived? 当UFO到达时你在干什么?

While the boy was walking down the street, the UFO landed. 当这个男孩正在街上走着,UFO着陆了

74..He said he was hard-working. 他说他努力学习了

She said she was having a party for Lana 她说她为Lana举行了聚会.

75. be better at doing sth 在某方面做得更好

I’m better at reading than listening. 我的阅读比听力好。 I can do better in math 在数学方面我会做得更好。

76.If you go to the party, you’ll have a great time.


If you do,you’ll be late. 如果你这样做,你就会迟到.

77.How long have you been skating? 你滑冰多久了?

I’ve been skating since nine o’clock. 我从九点开始滑

I ’ve been skating for five hours. 我滑了5个小时

78. send sb. sth. = send sth. to sb. 把某物寄给(送给)某人。

79.mind doing sth. 介意做某事

Would you mind cleaning your room? 你介意打扫你的房间吗? I’ m sorry. I’ll do it right away. 对不起,我马上做.

mind not doing sth 介意不做某事

Would you mind not playing baseball here? 你介意不在这里打棒球吗?

80. Why don’t you do sth?

Why not do sth? 为什么不做某事?

81.easy to take care of 容易照顾 difficult to take care of 难照顾

easy to do sth 容易做某事 difficult to do sth 难做某事

82.take an interest in sth/doing sth

be interested in sth/doing sth 对某事感兴趣

83 .I have been to--- 我已经去过某地

I have gone to--- 已经去某地了

I have been in--- 已经在某地

84.have problem doing sth. 做某事有困难

have a hard time doing sth. 做某事有困难

85.the best time to do sth. 做某事的最佳时机

86.It’s a nice day, isn’t it? 真是个好天气,不是吗?

87.make a living doing sth 做某事而谋生

88.practice doing sth 练习做某事;

89. can't help doing sth 禁不住做某事;

90.waste time/money doing 浪费时间/金钱做?;

91. keep sb.doing 让?始终/一直做?

92.stop sb.(from)doing 阻止某人做某事

93.too+adj./adv. to do sth. 太?..而不能

He was too angry to say a word.

94. encourage sb to do sth鼓励某人做某事

95.It’s one’s turn to do sth. 轮到某人做某事 It your turn to clean the blackboard轮到你擦黑板了。

96.同意某人做某事agree sb. to do sth.

97.教某人做某事teach sb. to do sth.

98. 决定做某事decide to do sth.

99.计划做某事plan to do sth.

100. Three quarters of the population are Chinese. 四分之三的人口是中国人(谓语动词用复数形式)

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