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Unit 1 What’s the matter?

一、重点短语 1. have a fever 发烧 2. have a cough 咳嗽 3. have a toothache 牙疼 4. talk too much 说得太多 5. drink enough water 喝足够的水 6. have a cold 受凉;感冒 7. have a stomachache 胃疼 8. have a sore back 背疼 9. have a sore throat 喉咙痛 10. lie down and rest 躺下来休息 11. hot tea with honey 加蜂蜜的热茶 12. see a dentist 看牙医 13. get an X-ray 拍X 光片 14. take one’ s temperature 量体温

15. put some medicine on sth. 在……上面敷药

16. feel very hot 感到很热 17. sound like 听起来像 18. all weekend 整个周末 19. in the same way 以同样的方式 20. go to a doctor 看医生 21. go along 沿着……走

22. on the side of the road 在马路边 23. shout for help 大声呼救

24. without thinking twice 没有多想 25. get off 下车

26. have a heart problem 有心脏病 27. to one’ s surprise 使....... [京讶的 28. thanks to 多亏了 ;由于 29. in time 及时 30. save a life 挽救生命 31. get into trouble 造成麻烦 32. right away 立刻;马上 33. because of 由于

34. get out of 离开;从……出萍 35. hurt oneself 受伤

36.bandage on sth. 用绷带包扎 37. fall down 摔倒 38. feel sick 感到恶心 39. have a nosebleed 流鼻血 40. cut his knee 割伤他的膝盖 41. put her head back 把她的头向后仰42. have problems breathing 呼吸困难 43. mountain climbing 登山运动 44. be used to doing sth. 习惯做某事 45. run out (of) 用完;用尽 46. so that 以便

47. so. . . that 如此… …以至于…

48. be in control of 掌管;管理

49. in a difficult situation 在闲境屮

50. keep on doing sth. 继续或坚持做某事


1. What’ s the matter? 什么事?怎么啦?

What’ s the matter with you?你怎么了?

= What’s the trouble with you?

= What’ s wrong with you?

2. W hat should she do?


Should I take my temperature?


主语+ should/shouldn’t + 动词原形. ..

①You should lie down and rest.


② You shouldn’ t go out at night.

你晚上不应该出去。 51. make a decision 做出决定 52. take risks 冒险 53. give up 放弃

3. Do you think it comes from a newspaper or a book?


4. I think I sat in the same way for too long without moving.


5. She said that the man had a heart problem and should go to the hospital 她说这个人有心脏病应该送医院。

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