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1. When you at a restaurant, please order just enough food.(2013,22)

A. ate B. will eat

C. eat D. have eaten

2. I will call you as soon as I the ticket to the football match. (2009,30)

A.will get B.get

C.got D.am getting

3. His parents often encourage him ____ hard. (2008,26)

A work B working

C to work D works

4. Threes and flowers _______ every year to make our country more beautiful. (2007,30)

A. is planted B. was planted

C. are planted D. were planted

5. The mobile phone has influenced people’s life a lot since it A. invents B. invented

C. is invented D. was invented

6. A new club in our school at the beginning of this year and now it has many members. (2012.29)

A. starts B. is started

C. has started D. was started

7. The window ____ten minutes ago, and the room is bright now. (2006.27)

A. can be cleaned B. is cleaned

C. was cleaned D. will be cleaned

8. A talk on science _____ in our school next Monday. (2004.25)

A. will give B. will be given

C. has given D. has been given

no killing in nature. (2011,24)

A. is; will he B. will be; will be

C. is; is D. will be; is

10. There _____ a football match on TV this evening. (2004,24)

A. will have B. is going to be

C. has D. is going to have

11. —Sam, come downstairs, please. I need your help.

—Sorry,mum. I on the phone..(2012,26)

A. am talking B. talked

C. was talking D. have talked

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