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1 If you have something important, please ring me____.

A telephone B call C phone D up

2 Could I take a message _____ him?

A from B to C for D with

3 There is _____water in the glass, isn?t there?

A a few B few C little D a little

4 They are _____the cinema now.

A at B in C on D to

5 We can see it______.

A enough clear B enough clearly

C clear enough D clearly enough

6 There are many apples _______the tree.

A in B on C at D with

7 I enjoy ______ books.

A looking B to look C reading D to read

8 Thank you for_____ me.

A tell B telling C to tell D told

9 I?m afraid ___D___ the dog.

A of B to C for D at

10 --Thank you very much. --That?s my _______

A happy B glad C pleasure D nice

12 Could you ask her_____ me?

A to write B to write to C writing to me D write to

13 Hi, there?s a telephone call ________ you .

A to B for C on D with

14 Picking apples is not _______ easy work.

A on B a C / D one

15 Lucy?s phone number is 5-6-3-2-6-4,please.__on a piece of paper.

A write down them B write them down

C write it down D write down it

16 the days get _______ in summer

A longer B shorter C colder D cooler

17 she is from shanghai, ______?

A is she B isn?t she C does she D doesn?t she

18 It?s _______ to wear warm clothes in winter.

A well B bad C best D worse

19 we really enjoyed ______ with the farmers.

A to word B work C working D worded

20 please _____ your coat. It?s cold outside.

A .wear B wearing C putting on D put on

21 she often helps me _____ my English.

A study B studying C at D for

22 There are a lot of people in the park, ______?

A are there B aren?t there C are they D aren?t they

23 It?s not very hot in autumn, _______?

A is it B isn?t it C is not it D ate they

24 In china there are _______ seasons in a year.

A there B fonr C twelne D two

25_____ the weather like today?

A what?s B how?s C whose D which is

26.I would like you _________ with me.

A.play B.will play C.to play D.playing

27.There were _______friends of mine in the room. So I left.

A.few B.a few C.little D.a little

28.She?ll go with you if it _____ tomorrow.

A.doesn?t rain B.won?t rain C.isn?t rain D.will rain

29.He broke the window _____ time

A.the third B.third C.the three D.a third

30.This week we?re going to have ______to do.

A.many mork B.many works C.a lot of work D.a lot of works

31.Betty asked me to ______ my new pen here next time

A.take B.bring C.carry D.borrow

32.Nobody in our class ______ to go to the cinema

A.think B.thinks C.want D.wants

33.Mary is ______. She writes most ______ in our class.

A.careful, careful B.carefully,careful

C.carefully, carefull D.careful,carefully

34.I have to look after him, _________ I?

A.haven?t B.don?t C.needn?t D.mustn?t

35.It took ______ two hours _____ her homework yesterday.

A.she, to finish B.her, finishing C.her, finish D.her, tofinish

36.Help yourself to some fish!

A.Thank you B.That?s good C.Certainly D.All right.

37.Ask the old man, he ______ know something about it.

A.can B.may C.maybe D.needs

38.— ________. I?m late. —It doesn?t matter.

A. Hello B. Sorry C. Excuse me

39.Look! That girl ________ now.

A.is shoping B.are shopping C. is shopping

40.Peter is late ________.Please ________next time.

A.this time...on time B. this time...be on time

C.next time...on time

41.Mary ________ to school at 7:30 every morning.

A. goes B. went C. going

42.—Why not ________ English? —That?s a good idea.

A. speak B. to speak C. speaking

43.You?d better ________ your bedroom.

A. to clean B. cleaning up C. clean up

44.—Children enjoy ________ games. —I think so.

A. play B. plays C. playing

45.How many ________ are there in the hall?

A. students B. student C. teacher

46 There ________ two pens and a ruler on the desk.

A. are B. is C. have

47.Mr. Green can ________ Chinese very ________.

A. speak...good B. speak...well C. talk...well

48.His parents told him not ________.

A. be late B. to late C. to be late

49.You must ________ back tomorrow afternoon.

A. come B. going to come C. comes

50.My sister makes me ________ my room on Saturdays,

A. to clean B. clean C. cleaning

51.Thank you for ________ me.

A. helps B. to help me C. helping

52.It ________ me two hours ________ the computer.

A.use, mend B use, to mend C. takes, to mend

53.________ are you going to do this afternoon?

A. where B. what C. when

54. He knows little about Canada, ________ he?

A. doesn?t B. does C. don?t

55.Welcome back home. — ________.

A. Thank you B. Hello C. Excuse me

56. —Must I do it right now?

—No, you .

A. won?t B. mustn?t C. don?t have to D. don?t

57. Why not to the cinema with us?

A. to go B. going C. go D. goes

58. The baby stopped and the music.

A. crying, listened to B. to cry, listened to

C. crying, to listen to D. to cry, listen to

59. It us three hours to do the work yesterday.

A. takes B. take C. will take D. took

60. cold weather it is today!

A. How B. How a C. What a D. What

61. Eating is not good for your health.

A. too many B. too much C. very much D. enough

62. We are going out for a picnic if it tomorrow.

A. not rain B. isn?t rain C. rains D. doesn?t rain

63. I want to give him to eat.

A. something English B. some English thing

C. English something D. anything English

64. He writes .

A. good enough B.enough good C.enough well D. well enough

65. —I?m very glad Beijing can be the host (东道主) for the 2008 Olympic Games. — .

A. So am I . B. So I am C. So do I D. So I do

66. In the Iraq War(伊拉克战争) people lost their lives. We are against (反对) any war. We need peace(和平).

A. thousand of B. thousands of

C. about ten hundreds D. hundred of

67. I like ______ music, but I don?t like ______ music of the film.

A./, the B.the, / C.the, the D./, /

68. I don?t think ______ necessary to tell him about it right now.

A.this B. that C.it D.himt

69. Today isn?t so cold ___________ yesterday.

A.like B.for C.as D.so

70. It?s too small. Give me a one ,please.

A、bigger B、biger C、biggest D、bigest

71、My mother is in our family.

A、busier B、busiest C、the busiest D、the most busy

72、We?ll have a party the evening of New Year?s Day.

A、in B、on C、at D、to

73、Can I have a cake nuts inside?

A、has B、have C、in D、with

74、The opposite of “behind” is .

A、in front of B、in the front of C、front D、before

75、When did those men the station, do you know?

A、got to B、get C、reach to D、reach

76、I?d like you to the zoo with me.

A、going B、to go C、went D、go

77. Lily doesn?t look .What?s the matter her?

A. happy, with B. happily, with C. happy, of D. happily, of

78. Henry be at home because he phoned me from the farm just now.

A. mustn?t B. isn?t able to C. may not D. can?t

79. Mike learns a lot about Internet. And .

A. I don?t, either B. so do I C. so am I D. I am, too

80.Xiao Ming will come and play with me if he _____busy.

A.is B. won?t be C. isn?t D. will be

81.My husband is ill. He?s .

A. in hospital B. in the hospital C. on hospital D. at hospital

82.It took him over a month the novel.

A. to finish read B. to finish reading

C. finishing reading D. to finish reading

83. No hurry. There?s time left.

A. little B. few C. a little D. a few

84. Please take _______your hat after coming into the classroom.

A. out B. up C. off D. back

85. ________ elephant he is drawing!

A. What a nice B. How a nice C. What nice D. how nice

86. We all find ______ very difficult to learn English well.

A. this B. that C. it D. them

87. I don?t like this pen. Would you show me _______ one?

A. other B. the other C. another D. others

88. “Thank you,” the man said ______ a smile _______ his face.

A. on, on B. with, on C. at, in D. in, with

88. -- Do you like the story?

-- Yes. It?s _________. Who wrote it?

A. very an interesting story B. quite an interesting story

C. an interesting very story D. an interesting quite story

89. -- What is he doing here?

-- He is trying to _______ a song in English.

A. sing B. singing C. sings D. to sing

90. Would you please _______ so much noise?

A. don?t make B. not to make C. to not make D. not make

91.This question is than that one .

A. difficult B.much difficult

C .much more difficult D. most difficult

92.Of all the boys ,Li Lei jumps .

A. Longer B. Longest C. farther D. farthest

93.—Have a nice weekend!

— .

A.Me ,too B.The same to you C.I don?t think so D. No, thanks

94.If it this Sunday, we will go out for a trip.

A. rain B. will rain C. won?t rain D. doesn?t rain

95.—What are you drawing ,Han Mei?

—A cat .

— It?s cat!

A. quite nice a B. a nice quite C. quite nice D. quite a nice

96. He stopped to get the stick and went on_______.

A. to run B. running C. runs D. ran

97. The old man ran very___. Lin Tao ran much ___than the old man.

A. faster; slowly B. fast; slowly

C. slowly; faster D. more slowly; fast

98. In the sports meeting, Mike did____than John. He didn?t jump _______.

A. bad; enough high B. worse; high enough

C. worst; high enough D. worst; enough high

99. I heard her ______an English song in the next room at six o?clock.

A. singing B. sing C. is singing D. sang

100. This made it easier for people ______ computers.

A. use B. to use C. using D. used

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