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College Students Send Dirty Clothes Home for Washing

发布时间:2014-06-26 10:02:50  

In the network interview held by "NPC and CPPCC" news center on the evening of March 9th, the State Postal Bureau deputy director of market supervision Liu Liangyi revealed: as the express service is convenient nowadays, it becomes a new business for us that university students send the dirty clothes home for washing and then send it back.

The biggest benefit for express coming to people’s life is to bring convenience. However, it is a tragedy that students sent their dirty clothes becoming a new postal service.

Not swept a house, how can swept the world? If they don’t wash their own dirty clothes, how can they wash away the dust of their body and their dirty in mind? Self-dependence and arduous struggle are Chinese traditional virtue, which can not be abandoned in any time. However, we can’t see the traditional virtue shadow from those students who send their accumulated clothes home for washing and then send it back. What we see are only enjoyment and luxury, and the "beat generation".

The hope of the nation is in education, and the hope of education is in talents. The college students as the "God's favored one" are the men main people to construct the state. Can those students who sending dirty clothes home for washing bear this heavy task?

Students sent the dirty clothes home for washing is not only the tragedy of university students, but also the tragedy of the society. Lu Xun asked once "save the children". Now should we also shout "help the students"? What kind of students should college should cultivate? What kind of students should university teacher teach out? What kind of talent should parents expect their children to be? What kind of talent should the state and society need? These questions need the thinking of the whole social.

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