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Do you have any problems in your daily life? How do you solve them? Give some advice.

study too much have too much homework hang out with my friends too many after-school classes

fight with my best friend


Listen and circle the problems you hear. 1. I have to study too much so I don’t get enough sleep.

allow (not) tomuch do sth homework so I don’t 2. Isb. have too

have any free time to do things I like. 允许某人 (不 )做某事
3. My parents don’t allow (doing) sth允许 (做)allow 某事 me to hang out

with my friends.
have/get intotoo a fight with sb跟某人打架 fight是 4. I have many after-school classes. n.=fight(v.) with sb.

5. I got into a fight with my best friend.

Why don’t you...?

You should... I'm really tired because I Why don’t you go to studied until midnight last sleep earlier this evening? night. My parents don’t allow me to hang out with my friends. I have too many afterschool classes. Why not read some interesting books at home? Why not talk about it with your parents?

What’s wrong?

Why not...?


2b 2a
Peter’s friendPeter is giving advice. Fill in the Why doesn’t like him his friend’s blanks with could or should advice?Write the letters . .

用1.You___________ could 给出建议一般是指自己不太肯定,或者只 write him a letter.( d ) could 是很多建议中的某一个,仅供参考; 2. You___________ call him up. ( e ) should 而3. should 就是自己很肯定的或唯一的最好的一个 You __________ should talk to him so that you can 建议。 say you're sorry. ( a ) 4. You _______ could go to his house. ( c ) 5. You _______ could take him to the ball game. ( b)

guess v.想,认为 I guess so/not. Dave:You look sad,Kim.What’s wrong? v. 猜,推测 guess+n. guess the riddle Kim:Well,I found my sister looking through my things guess+that/wh从句 yesterday. She took some of my new magazines and CDs. what the old ladythem was back doing Dave:Hmm...that’sGuess not very nice.Did she give to


you? work out 1.动副短语:成功的发展, Kim:Yes,but I’m still angry with her.What should I do? 解决 2.计算出 3. 精心制定 Dave:Well,I guess you could tell her to say sorry.But why don’t you forget about it so that you can be friends again?Athough she’s wrong,it’s not a big deal. 大事情 Kim:You’re right.Thanks for your advice. Dave:No problem.Hope things work out.



cloud n. 云;云朵 elder adj. 年纪较长的 communication n. 交流;沟通

get on/along with sb 与某人相处融洽 problems He 1. Sad and well Thirteen has some _________. get on/along well with sth某事进展顺利 get on with his family. His parents can’t ____________ 那个小孩不合群。 a fight lot. It’s get theon only ______________ The_____ children doesn’t with others. communication they have 是做communication(un.) 的定语 they have. When they _____, it’s like a big communicate(v.) with 与 ..

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