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A Read Paul’s diary on page 39 again. The introduction section says that Paul is writing about an unusual thing that happened to him one day. What is the unusual thing?

B We are going to learn to write diaries in this lesson. Can you answer the following questions about diaries? 1 What is a diary?


What do people usually write in their diaries? What tense do people usually use when writing a diary?

C Before we write our own diaries, we are going to complete an entry from Judy’s diary. Look at the picture on the right and answer the two questions below. 1 Who came in the morning?


What did he give to Judy?

Now you are Judy. Every day you

write a diary. Yesterday was your birthday, and you saw a robbery.
A Work in pairs. Complete the sentences by using the pictures and the words in the boxes. Remember to put the verbs into the simple past tense.

Verbs be go (out)




Other words the afternoon delicious a present the morning a lot of a radio

B Work alone complete Judy’s diary entry for yesterday. Verbs climb take run

come be

start fall

Other words helicopter money surprised into

out of up to

What happened to you last Sunday? Use the questions to help you. Then write your own diary. Remember to use the simple past tense.

1 What was the date last Sunday? 4 In the afternoon 2 In the morning What did you do? When did you get up? Did anything exciting What did you do? happen? Did you go somewhere or did you stay 5 In the evening at home and watch some TV? How did you spend your What TV programmes were on? evening? 3 At noon Did you do some school Where did you have lunch? work? How was the food? What time did you go to Did you have lunch with your family? bed?

Date: __________ In the morning, _______________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ At noon, ____________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ In the afternoon, ______________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________ In the evening, _______________________________________

1 Workbook 8A, pages 29 and 30.

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