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七年级英语1-2单元 知识点回顾


1.be from= come form 来自...
2 .pen pal=pen friend 笔友

重 点 短 语

3.like and dislike 好恶;爱憎
4.live in…. 在...居住

5.speak English 讲英语
6.play sports 做体育运动

7.a little French 一些法语
8.go to the movies 去看电影

9.an action movie 一部动作片 10.on weekends 在周末

重 点 短 语

11.Excuse me 对不起,打扰
12.get to 到达、抵达

13.beginning of 在...开始的时候 14.at the end of 在...结束的时候 15.arrive at / 到达某地 16.post office 邮局 17.pay phone 投币式公用电话

18.next to 在...隔壁 19.across from 在...对面

重 点 短 语

20.in front of 在...前面
21.between…and… 在...和...之间 22.on a street

23.in the neighborhood 24.on the right/left


25.on one’s right/left

26.turn right/left 向右/左转 27.take a walk 散步

重 点 短 语

28.have fun 玩得开心 29.the way to …去...的路

30.take a taxi 打的/乘出租车
31.go down(along) …沿着...走 32.go through ...穿过... 33.have a good trip 旅途愉快

1、Where主 +be+主语+from? 主语+be +from+地点.

重 点 句 型

2、Where do/does+主语+live? 主语+live/lives in…

3、What language do/does +主语+speak? 主语+speak/speaks…. 4、主语+like/likes +doing…

5、Is there a bank near here? Yes, there is .It’s on Centre Street. No, there isn’t.

6、Where’s the supermarket? It’s next to the library.

重 点 句 型

7、Bridge Street is a good place to have fun.
8、I hope you have a good trip. 9、If you are hungry, you can buy food in the restaurant. 10、Talk a walk though the park.. 11、enjoy后接名词或动词-ing 形式. Do you enoy(=like) your work? Do you enjoy(=like) living in the city?

Ⅰ、单项选择 ( A )1、People_____ French and English in Canada.

A. speak

B. say C. tell D. talk

( C )2、Jack knows ____French. A. a lot B. many C. a little D. a ( B )3、Paris is____ interesting place. A. a B. an C. any D. some ( C )4、-- Where ___ he_____ from? -- Australia. A.is, come B.does, × C.does, come D. is, comes ( A )5、--Is there a post office near here? -.

A. Yes, there’s B. Yes, there isn’t C. Sorry, I don’t know D. No, there is

( B )6、There _____a food shop & two hotels over there. A. has B. is C. have D. are ( B )7、The pay phone is ___the post office___ the library. A. across from B. between…and C. next to D. in,of ( A )8、-- ___ is the bank? –It’s on Center Street. A. Where B. How C. When D. What ( C )9、-- _____.Is there a hotel in the neighborhood? A. Sorry B. Hi C. Excuse me D. All right ( D )10、-- I’m sorry I’m late. --- ______ A. That’s right B. All right C. Welcome here D. That’s all right .

( D )11、Go straight along Bank Street and take the first turning ____ right. A. in a B. in the C. on a D. on the ( C )12、We have a hou

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