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1. a couple of 两个,一对,几个 我买这些杂志有几个月了 I have had these magazines for a couple of months.

2. a bit 一点= a little 后接不可数名词 I am a bit /a little busy. 我有点忙。 a little = a bit of 后接不可数名词 There is a little /a bit of water in the bottle. not a bit =not at all 一点也不,根本不He is not a bit like his father.=He is not like his father at all.

not a little =very much 相当,十分He is not a little surprised.他很震惊。

3. check out 察看,观察 check out these soft toys .请查看这些毛绒玩具。

4. It’s certain that 毫无疑问


5. clear out 清除,腾空 It’s time to clear out my room.

6. no longer=not…any longer no more= not…any more 不再,不复

我不在相信你了。I won’t believe you anymore. = I no more believe you.

7. part with= give up (不情愿地)放弃、舍弃某物

It’s hard for me to part with my favorite toy.

8. as for =as to 至于,就某人而言


9. to be honest 说实在的 honest 诚实的 an honest boy dishonest 不诚实的 说实在的,我并没有亲自做_______________________

10. do with 处理,安置,常与what 连用 deal with 处理,应付,常与how 连用 我不知道怎么处理这些信件_____________________________________ 他告诉我怎样处理这些玩具______________________________________

11. among 三个或三个以上的人或物之中 between 两者人或物之中

12. search for 搜索,搜查 He started searching the Internet for interesting news.

13. opposite =across from 在…对面 There is a school opposite/across from the shop.

14. regard …as 把…视为 He regards me as his best friend.

15. consider 注视,仔细考虑 后接动名词


16. according to 依据,按照 一切按计划进行 Everything went ____ ___ ____.

17. so far 到目前为止


1. I don’t know ___to ___ all the food that’s left over.

A how, do with B what, deal with C how, do about D what, do with

2. She ___ the book __ two days ago.

A has borrowed, since B has kept, since C kept, for D borrowed, for

3. What’s that? It’s a church. It___ for nearly forty years.

A has been around B had been here C was around D have been around

4. ___ I know, in our class, only Tom has been to China.

A As far ,so for B As far as , so far C so far, as far as D So far, so far

5. The flowers are beautiful and many butterflies are flying ___ them.

A in B among C between D through

6. Mr. Black has ____ daughter.

A a 18-year-old B a 18- years- old C an 18-year-old D a 18 yeas old

7. Our English teacher is nice. We _____ friends for three years.

A were B become C have been D have made

8. The playground is too small. They are considering ____ a larger one.

A to build B building C to building D build

9. He went to Australia ____.

A since two weeks ago B two weeks ago C for two weeks D in two weeks

10. I hear Jack was badly hurt during the football match. —_____!

A Well done B Don’t mention it. C That’s a shame. D Congratulations

11. He used to __ up early, and now he gets used to __ up early.

A get, getting B get, get C getting, get D getting, getting

12. Is Mr. Smith still in Shanghai? Yes, he __ there for two months.

A has been B has gone C has been to D has gone to

13. We have lots of happy_________ (memory) of our stay in Yunnan.

14. You and I must be ______ (truth) with each other.

15. I bought three new ______ (scarf) yesterday.

作文:我们的家乡每天都在变化。想想你的家乡过去是什么样子,现在发生了哪些变化?这些变化中哪些好,哪些不好?请结合家乡的实际变化谈一谈,80字 Changes in my hometown

My hometown is in a mountain village. In the past, it usually took me more than two hours to walk back home because of the bad road. Villagers (村民)used to live a hard life. But the air there was clean and fresh because there were lots of trees. However, great changes have taken place. I am happy that the government has built up a wide road .We only need 20 minutes to go home by bus. Most villagers have lived in new buildings, and they are richer than before. Unluckily (不幸的) ,many trees have been cut down, and many wild animals disappeared. I really hope we can protect the tress and wild animals.

以“我的家乡”为题写一篇作文。提示 1 家乡的地理位置2 近十年来家乡的变化3. 对家乡的感情。

My Hometown

My hometown is a beautiful place. It stands beside a wide river and is rich in fish and rice. But ten years ago, it was a poor town. Many people had no work. They used to live a hard life. In the last ten years, great changes have taken place here. The streets have been widened(加宽)。 New roads have appeared. Factories(工厂), schools, hospitals, and cinemas have been built one after another. The life of the people is greatly improved. I love my hometown. I love its people. They are still working hard to make it richer and more beautiful.

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