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1. once upon a time= long ,long ago 从前

2. turn…into 变成 turn ice into water 把并变成水

turn on 打开 turn off 关闭 turn up 声音调大 turn down 声音调小 turn around 转身 turn over 翻转 翻身 turn out 证明是

3. make a plan 制定计划 plan to do sth 计划做某事

4. come out 出版,发行,花开放 His book is coming out next year.

5. as long as 只要 as soon as 一…就… as far as I know 据我所知

6. lead sb to… 引领,带领某人到… The bird is leading us to a beautiful house made of bread, cake and candy.

7. instead of 代替 He is working as a teacher instead of me .

Now I can walk to work instead of going by car.

8. get married 结婚=be married (延续) die= be dead (延续)

They are planning to get married in summer.他们打算夏天结婚。 李华去年和一医生结婚。

She got married last month= She has been married for a month.

9. be good at 擅长 be weak in = be bad at 在某方面不擅长

I was always weak in / bad at the science subject. 我不擅理科。

10. magic 魔法—magical 有魔力的—magician 魔术师

11. fit 合适,合身 Your jeans fit you well. 你的牛仔裤很合身。

Keep fit =keep healthy 保持健康

12. smile at sb 对某人微笑 She smiled at me .

13. remind sb of sb/sth 使某人想起某人或某物 The photo reminded me of my friend.

14. unless 除非,如果不,用来引导条件状语从句,相当于if 引导的条件状语从句的否定形式,即unless= if…not

I won’t leave her unless I know she is ok.

15. neither 意为(两者) 都不

Which do you like better? Neither. 你比较喜欢哪一个? 都不喜欢

I don’t like green, neither/ nor do I .我不喜欢绿色,我也是。 他们两个都不知道答案。 16. dress sb/ oneself 穿衣服 The girl dressed herself every day.

17. be made of 由…制成,看得出原材料 The desk is made of wood.

be made from 由…制成,看不出原材料The wine is made from grapes. be made by 被…制成 后接人 The card is made by me. 这张卡片是我做的。 be made in 在…制造 , 后接地名

The watch is made in China. 这款手表是中国制造的。

18. What is the population of the city? 这个城市的人口是多少?

The city has a population of seven millions. 这座城市有七百万人

19. protect 保护,防护—protection protect sb/sth from sth 保护某人、某物免受 The umbrella protects me from the sunshine.

20. include 包括,包含 Clothing included all kinds of clothes.

There are 30 students, including 15 girls. 30人,有15名女生。

21. achieve 达到,完成,—achievement achieve success 取得成功

22. in size 在大小上 My box is the same in size.

23. feel free to do sth 随便做某事

Please feel free to make suggestions. 请随便提建议,不要拘束。

24.run along 沿着… 延伸 The road runs along a valley山谷.

25. take in 吸入,吞入 It’s hard to take in the air.

26.in the face of 面对(问题,困难等)

Don’t give up in the face of failure. 面对失败不要放弃。 (适用于同一范围) (适用于不同范围)


修饰比较级的词语:a lot, a little, a bit, much,even,far,等修饰。

28. weigh –weight put on weight 增肥 lose weight 减肥

29. at birth 出生时 He weighs three kilos at birth.

give birth to 生孩子 She gave birth to a baby. 她生了一个孩子。

Live up to 活到 His grandma lives up to 85. 他的奶奶活到85岁了

Walk into 撞上 The old man walked into a fallen tree.

Fall over 跌倒,摔倒 The boy fell over many times when he began to learn to walk. 这个男孩开始学走路时跌倒过许多次。

die from 死于 wound 外伤 accident事故work drinking酗酒

die of 死于 hunger, cold, illness ,old age, sorrow,

30. You should be working ___ lying there in bed.

A because of B instead of C as for D as well as

31. Lisa is __ nervous___ she can’t talk in the front of the class.

A such, that B too, to C too, and D so, that

32. The ____ friends you have, the ____ you will be.

A more, happy B many, happy C more, happier D many, happier

33. The world’s population is growing___ and there is ____ land and water for growing rice.

A more, less B larger, fewer C larger, less D more, fewer

34. Mr. Wang is preparing dinner__ the guests. A to B at C for D of

35. Look! There are many tourists ___ the Great Wall.

A to visit B visit C visited D visiting

36. The 3-year-old boy ___ me and ____. A walked to, fell down

B walked into, fell over C walked, fell off D ran away, fell in

37. She is better at English than _____ in her class.

A any other student B other student C any other students D another student

38. I believe he will ___ his dream some day.

A come true B come C achieve D achievement

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