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庭院拍卖会_________________布绒玩具_______________查看,观察________________ 棋类游戏____________ 面包机__________________初级中学_______________________ 清理,丢掉________________不再;不复_______________________放弃、交出______________________至于;关于________________说实在的__________________依据;按照_____________________



scarf(复数)________ __________make(名词)________clear(复词)_________own(名词)________ certain(副词)__________ true(形容词词)_________(名词)___________honest(反义词)____________________

memory(复数)_____________certain(副词)___________ toy(复数)_________


( )1. —— I can sing the song in English. ——_________.

A. So I can B. So can I C. I can so D. Too can I

( )2. -- Why don’t you buy one of the scarves for your mum? --They are not _______.

A. beautiful enough B. enough beautiful C. too beautiful D. beautifully enough

( )3. _________,he is one of the best students in the class.

A. By the way B. To be honest C. Take it easy D. Don’t worry

( )4. I think a dog is a good pet for ________ child.

A. a 6-year-old B. an 6-year-old C. a 6-year old D. a 6 years-old

( )5. —Where is Bruce? Is he at home?—I think he _____ school.

A .has gone B. has been C. has gone to D. has been to

( )6.—I have never been to European countries. What about you? —_____.

A. So do I B. So have I C. Neither do I D. Neither have I

( )7. Yesterday he _____ to work, so he wasn’t late.

A. by taxi B. by a taxi C. take a taxi D. took a taxi

( )8.—How long have you studied English? —_____.

A. For 5 years B.5 years ago C. Since 5 years D.5 years before

( )9. Can you answer the telephone? I’m busy_______the Internet. ————Ok,I’ll get it.

A. search B. to search C. searching D. searched

( )10. The old man _____for 5 years.

A. died B. has died C. has been dead D. was dead

( )11.The American teacher regards us _____his friends.

A. as B. with C.to D. \

( )12. How long has his brother _____ the book?

A. kept B. bought C. lent D. borrowed

( )13. Please consider_________and joining us.

A. come B. coming C. to come D. came

( )14. —I’ve never been to a water park. — _______

A. Me, too B. Me, neither. C. Me also. D. Me both.

( )15.The old man lives____a small village.It’s_____two hills..

A.in;among B.at;among C.at;between D.in;between

( )16.Mary has____all her clothes to the poor.

A.given back B.given up C.given away D.give back

( ) 17.I have ________ the book for three days.

A.borrowed B.lent C.bought D.kept

( )18.He seemed____a bad cold. Let him have a rest at home.

A.had B.have C.to have D.having

( )19 Show me your homework,Tom? ——Sorry,teacher.I’ve____it at home.

A.missed B. forgotten C. lost D. left

( )20.--______have you been at this school?

--Since 1990.

A.How long B. How much C. How soon D. How often

( )21. We have been to Water City. ___________. .

A.Neither have I B.Nor have we C.So have they D.So do they

( )22. John _____Beijing. He is still there.

A. has been to B. has gone to C. go to D. goes to

( )23. --May I speak to John? --Sorry, he ______Japan. But he _____in two days.

A.has been to ;will come back B.has gone to; will be back

C.has been in; would come back D.has gone to ;won`t come back

( )24. The Smiths ______China for three years.

A.have come B.have been to C.have been in D.have come to

( )25.“When _____his grandpa__________. ” “ Three years ago.”

A. has; died B. is; dead C. did; die D. is; died

( )26.________ computer, I’m not telling you anything.

A. As for B. In front of B. Thanks to D. Across from


1. They have ever been to an English-speaking country. (改为一般疑问句)

__________they ever _____to an English-speaking country?

2. We need to have a good rest. (改为否定句)

We _______ ________ to have a good rest. (划线提问)

_____ _____ ______ she _____ in China? 划线提问)

_____ ______ _______ has his father _______ to America?

5.The old man died last year.(改为同义句)

The old man______ ________ ________ for a year.

6.My father has been a Party member(党员) for three years.(同义句)

My father _______ the Party three years_________.

7.It’s very dark here.We have to stop the work..(改为同义句)

It’s________ dark here.____________we have to stop the work..


________ _________ have you __________ that bike?

9.He can no longer walk. (同义句)

He can_______ walk ________ ___________.

10. There was a big old tree opposite the school.

There was a big old tree ________ __________ the school.


1. We can buy some food from the food__________ (make) .

2. I ’m__________ (certainly) she saw me yesterday.

3. The little boy doesn’t live here any___________ (long).

4. The students have decided _________ (have) a yard sale.

5. ______________(be) honest,she is an excellent student.

6. Tom could________________ (pass) the test.

7. To tell the ________ (truthful) ,you failed in the history test.

8. I ’m feeling ________ (well) today than yesterday.

9.She learned how ________ (ride) a bike.

10.He has had the toy bear since he__________(be) a child.

11.The students are very happy, ___________(especial) during the summer holiday.

12.Why not consider________________(visit) Beijing next time?

13.In ___________(I) opinion,we should go there at once.

14.I think my hometown is_____________(love) . X k B 1 . c o m

15.Many people only go home once or_______________(two) a year.

16.So far,I _______________(enjoy) my time in Lanzhou.

17.Now the buildings are____________(real) new.

18.She used____________(get) up early.But now she gets up late..

19.Jom ____________(live) in Shanghai for the last 4 years.

20.They have sent someone_____________(ask) for help.

21.Nobody likes _____________(honest) kids.

22. He is going to hold a big party on his _______(four) birthday.

23. He brought a lot of sweet __________(memory) to us.

24. Millions of Chinese leave the countryside ______________(search) for work in the cities.

25. I was really happy ____________(meet) you here.

26. The candy cost him 5 _________(cent) .

27. It’s a shame _____________(lie).

Changes in our hometown

In the past ten years, great changes have taken place in our hometown. In the past, there used to be old houses. The river was very dirty. The roads were narrow and the living conditions were hard. People went to work on foot or by bike.

But now, there are many tall buildings in my hometown. The river is clean and the water is clear. There are many ring roads and the living conditions are comfortable. People usually go to work by bus or by car.

I am glad to see these great changes in my hometown. I hope my hometown will get more and more beautiful in the future.

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