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U9 What does he look like

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Unit 9 What does he look like?
Section A 2a—2d

Words and expressions

curly adj. 卷曲的 straight adj. 直的 tall adj. 高的 medium adj. 中等的 height n. 身高;高度 (be) of medium height 中等身高 thin adj. 瘦的 heavy adj. 重的 build n. 身材 (be) of medium build 中等身材

Learn the new words and expressions

tonight adv.&n. (在)今晚; (在)今夜 little adj. 小的 a little 一点;少量 cinema n. 电影院 glasses (pl.)n. 眼镜 later adv. 以后

What does he look like? tall He is______. short

A: Who is the man in red? B: He is Yao Ming. A: Is he tall?


B: Yes, he is.
A: Is he tall or short? B: He is tall.

does she________? What_____ look like curly hair She has_______________.

What does she look like _____________________?
She________________________. has long straight black hair

长短 + 形状 + 颜色

A: Does she have long hair or short hair? B: She has long hair.

Xiao Xin

A: Is Xiao Xin thin or heavy?
B: He is not thin or heavy.

He is of medium build.

A: What does the little baby look like? B: He wears glasses. He wears a pair of glasses.

2a Listen and answer the questions.

1. Is David tall or short? ___________________ He is tall. 2. Does Sally have long or short hair? _____________________ She has long hair. 3. Is Peter short or tall? ___________________ He is short.


Listen again. Fill in the chart.
is David has


curly hair


of medium height long straight hair thin short

of medium build

short hair

Pair work
Student A looks at the chart in 2b. Student B asks student A questions about one of the people. (2c)
He’s of medium build. What does he look like?

1. Read the dialogue 2d on Page 50 aloud for a few minutes by yourself; 2. Role play in groups;

1.Are you going to the movie tonight?
(1) go to the movie = go to the cinema

(2) tonight 今晚,在今晚 I have to finish my homework tonight.

(3) be going to do sth. 现在进行时表示 “将要(打算)做某事” He is going to see his fiends tomorrow.

2. we’re meeting at seven, right? 我们七点见,对吗? 1)meet相当于汉语中的“集合;见面; 碰头;聚集”。如: Let’s meet at the station. 咱们在车站见面吧。

2) right表示“对吗;是吧”,用来对此前 陈述内容进行确认或核实。全句为Is it right?

3. I may be a little late.我可能会晚一点。 may 可能,也许(情态动词)

be late 迟到
Sorry, I am late.

be late for 做某事迟到
We can’t be late for class. a little = a bit 有点儿

It’s a little/bit hot today.今天有点热。

4. glasses n.(pl) 眼镜(常用复数) a pair of glasses一副眼镜 He wears glasses. He wears a pair of glasses. glass n. 玻璃(不可数) 玻璃杯(可数) 5. See you later.回头见/一会见。 later adv.以后 I call Jane again 30 minutes later.


New words:
tonight adv.&n. (在)今晚; (在)今夜 lit

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