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听力及答案 1. M: Your whole body is getting red. How much longer are we going to stay out here?

W: Ah, another hour at least. I just love this beach.

2. W: Why is the tall man running in the street?

M: He could be running for work. He might be late.

3. W: Mary, Can you choose your own clothes? M: Yes. But I can not go out on school nights.

4. M: The mountain seems higher. It’s difficult for me to climb up to the top.

W: The mountain may not be higher, but we're older. You celebrated your 50th birthday last month.

5. W: I don't think we should buy a new car.

M: But our car is too old to drive, and it only has three wheels. I can’t drive it to work. 听下面一段对话,回答第6-7小题。

M: Hello! Central Theatre.

W: Hello. I’d like to ask about tickets for the dance show. How many shows will be given here? M: Three. One on Friday, one on Saturday and one on Sunday. They're all evening shows and

they start at 7:30.

W: All at 7:30? Well, could I book three of the best seats for the Saturday evening show? My

name is Sara.

M: OK. Three seats at $50 each for the Saturday performance. Can I have your card number to

hold those?

W: OK. Wait for a moment. 听一篇短文,回答第8-10小题。请根据内容从A、B、C三个选项中选择正确的选项,完成信息记录表。

Hello, everyone! My name is Lucy. I am English. My parents work in China, so I come here too. I am twelve. Now I am in Class Seven, Grade Eight at No.5 Secondary School. I am a new student. My Chinese teacher is Miss Li. She is very nice to me. I have a sister. Her name is Mary. She is at a different school. I have many hobbies. I like walking. I like drawing. I also like swimming. I wear glasses, but my sister doesn’t. At the weekend, I often go to the cinema. I like eating fish, and I look very slim and tall.

听一篇短文.回答第11 - 15小题。

No school today!It was the first day of the summer holiday.I was so tired after the final exams yesterday that I slept late until 8 o’clock.When I got up,I made the bed and had

breakfast.I helped Mum wash the dishes.Later my friend Jane came for a visit but it was too hot to play outside.We stayed inside and planned our holiday.We decided that we would learn to swim this summer.Swimming lessons are given at the pool in our

neighbourhood.Tomorrow we’ll ride our bikes over there.

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1-5 B B C A A 6-10 A B A A B 11-15 A C C A C


15-20 D C B B D 21-25 C C D A D 26-30 B D D D D


31-35 A D C D C 36-40 C D C B A


41-45 D C B D A 46-50 C B C A B


1 manners 2 conditions 3 communication 4 business 5 mouses

6 refuse 7 against 8 received 9 knowledge 10 abroad


1 What can we use the computer(s) for (to do)? To search for information

2 We couldn’t stop taking many photos in the park yesterday.

3 How long have you had this book? For two years and a half.

4 The boy was patient enough to enjoy the places of natural beauty.

5 Tom hasn’t decided when to hand in the book report.


My hometown Suzhou is a city with a long history. It is famous for its gardens. It is made up of five areas.There are many rivers and bridges in Suzhou.

In the past, the roads were very narrow. People went on foot or by boat. But now it has changed a lot. We can see wide and clean roads. There are many tall buildings everywhere.(自由发挥)。

People here behave politely in public and they are friendly to others. Suzhou is beautiful in any season, it’s a good place to live.

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