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Unit 3 Could you please clean your room

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Unit 3 Could you please clean your room?

Section A
Period 1 (3a-3c)

Review: Do you often help your parents do housework? What do you often do to help your parents?

do the dishes

take out the rubbish

fold your clothes

sweep the floor

make your bed

clean the living room

New words
? throw 过去式 threw 扔、掷 ? all the time 频繁 反复 ? neither 也不 ? shirt 衬衫 ? as soon as 一---就--她不喜欢红色,我也不喜欢。 She doesn’t like red ,neither do I. 我不会游泳,我妹妹也不会。 I can’t swim ,neither can my sister.

Let’s learn 3a

Read the passage together

be angry with sb生某人的气

solve the problem 解决问题


Because she watches TV all the time and never helps out around the house. 2 Yes, they did. Nancy said sorry to her mother ,and she understood she should share the housework with her mother.

Useful phrases ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

last month 上个月 come home from school 放学回家 想要去散步 want a walk =want to walk 扔下书包 throw down my bag 一---就--as soon as =the minute that +句子 坐在电视前 sit down in front of the TV 走过来 come over 带某人去散步 take sb for a walk 先看一个节目 watch one show first 她生气的回答。 She replied angrily. 一直看电视 watch TV all the time

Useful phrases ? ? ? ? ? ? 工作一整天 整晚做家务 我和你一样累。 第二天 下班回到家 发现房子干净整洁
work all day do housework all evening I am as tired as you are. the next ay come home from work find the house clean and tidy

Pay attention to the change of the feeling The minute (that) 注意他们说话 语气 接句子

相当于 as soon as 接句子 和When 一样也引导 时间状语从句。 从句在主句前 用逗号隔开。
eg:他一看到我就跑了。 He ran away as soon as he saw me.

副词angrily修饰 动词reply

答复某人reply to sb

My mom said nothing and walked away. = My mom walked away without saying anything.

The next day, my mom came home from work to find the house clean and tidy.

In surprise 惊讶地,介词短语,在句末。

do sth in surprise 很惊讶地做某事

He looks at me in surprise.
令我惊讶的是 to my surprise

1 For a week , she did not do any housework and neither did I . 2 The minute I sat down in front of the TV, my mom come over. 3 I 'm just as tired as you are.


The passage and the useful phrases

What did you learn from the passage?

We should love our parents, and help to do housework.

To be polite to them.


1. Could you take the dog for a walk? (noun) I walked home from school. (verb)
2. Could I watch one show first? (noun) Could you please show me your ___________________________________ new book? (verb) ___________________________________

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