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1.适应;改编本 2.经典的 3.情节 4.教授 5.毛纺的 6.犹豫 7.不舒服的 8.带来麻烦的 9.结果;效果 10.贼 11.错误的 12.谈论

1.adaptation 2.classic 3.plot 4.professor 5.woollen 6.hesitate 7.uncomfortable 8.troublesome 9.outcome 10.thief 11.mistaken 12.remark

13.显露,背叛 14.较高的 15.不同寻常的 16.谴责 17.破旧的 18.妥协 19.可怕的 20.洗衣店 21.啜泣 22.使人反感的 23.俯视忽视

13.betray 14.upper 15.extraordinary 16.condemn 17.shabby 18.compromise 19.horrible 20.laundry 21.sob 22.disgusting 23.overlook

1 adapt (v) ____________ (n) adaptation woolen 2 wool (n) ___________(adj) mistaken 3 mistake (v) _____________(adj) properly 4 proper (adj.) ____________(adv) 5 amaze (v) amazement (n)amazed amazing (adj) fortunately (adv) fortunate (adj)____________ 6 fortune (n) _________ unfortunately ______________(op) 7 disapprove (v) disapproval(n) approval (op) effective 8 effect (n) ____________ (adj) musical (adj) musician 9. music (n)_______ ______ (n音乐家)

1.结识某人 make one’s acquaintance 2. 震惊 in amazement 3.一般来说 in general/ generally speaking in terms of/ as far as .be concerned 4.就…而言 5. 带…进来 show …in adapt to 6. 适应 in need of 7.需要 8.(声音/画面)渐淡 fade out 9.把..分类成 classify into/ divide/ separate into in amazement 9.惊奇地 in vain 10.枉然 make a compromise with 12.与…妥协 pass off as 13.冒充

14. 少量的 15. 抢劫某人某物 16. 打赌 17. 犹豫做某事 18. 毫不犹豫 19. 错误地 20.赞成 21.对…评论

a handful of rob sb. of sth. make a bet on hesitate to do without hesitation by mistake be in favour of make a remark on/ remark on

句型 1.I am crossing; crossing; 2.Every time I watched the photo, I would recall the wonderful time/days I spent in university. 六. 语法 1.Bcaused they were; 2.If we are; 3.Beaten by others; 4.heated

1. Last year, he was so_________ fortunate that he passed all the subjects but, unfortunately he has to give up studying _____________ because he has no money now. (fortune) 2. Make yourself comfortable ___________and I’ll be back at lunch time. We can enjoy lunch comfortably (comfort). ____________ 3. ___________ Surprised (surprise) and happy, Mike stood up and accepted the prize. 4. Daniel sent me an e-mail, hoping (hope) to get further information about my life in Dongguan.

Dressed 5. _______(dress) in a white uniform, Xie Lie looks more like a cook than a doctor. 6. What worries Eliza most was that her mother has been out of condition recently. Left 7. ______(leave) at home alone, John didn’t feel afraid at all. 8. Most people immigrate from Italy. That’s why the majority of them speaks English with a distinct Italian accent. 9. He bought a great number of interesting which books, most of ________are written in English.

in 10. Professor Higgins, an expert ____phonetics, convinced that the quality of a person’s English decides his position

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