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英 语









从A、B、C、D四个选项中,选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项,并在答题卷上将该项 涂黑。

1. - Excuse me, is this______ iPad mini?

- No, it isn't.______ is at home.

A. your; Mine B. your; My C. yours; My D. yours; Mine

2. - Mum, can I have another glass of orange juice?


A. Be yourself

C. You got it B. Help yourself D. You are welcome

3. He will come to understand your efforts sooner or later. It's just a matter of______.

A. value B. luck C. time D. fact

4. My brother would like to buy a good watch but______ was available from that shop.

A. nothing B. no one C. none D. neither

5. - Must I go to medical school and be a doctor like you, Dad?

- No, you______ .You are free to make your own decision.

A. can't

B. mustn't C. shouldn't D. needn't 1

6. - Why don't you do some shopping in the second-hand store?

-Well, the things there are______, but______.

A. cheaper; good enough

C. more expensive; worse B. cheaper; not as good D. more expensive; not as bad

7. Linda's dream in China is to go into the west and______ an early childhood school there.

A. clean up B. look up C. give up D. set up

8. ______ is no doubt______ Bob can win the first prize in the match.

A. There; that B. There; whether C. It; that

9. - I hear you______ in a sports center. What's it like?

- Well, it's very hard work and I'm always tired, but I don't mind.

A. will work

C. worked B. are working D. were working D. It; whether

10. - I think I've got a bad cold, Doctor. Shall I take some medicine?

- No need. Your body it self is able to______ the virus. Just drink more water and rest.

A. catch B. hide. C. lose D. fight

11. - What time will Mr. Brown be back to China?

- Sorry, I don't know______.

A. when did he go abroad B. why he is going abroad

D. how long he will stay abroad C. how soon will he be back

12. This pair of jeans______ hand, and it______ very comfortable.

A. is make with; is felt

C. is made by; feels B. are made from; is felt D. are made of; feels

13. We are said to be living in______ Information Age, ______ time of new discoveries and

great changes.

A. an; the B. /; the C. /, a D. the; a

14. In American, a friend inviting you to a restaurant doesn't mean that he or she will pay for the

meal ______ you are told ahead.

A. until B. unless C. although D. if

15. - Mrs Smith, please teach me how to draw on the computer today.

- Oh, no. ______. You have to get familiar with the keyboard today.

A. Each dog has its day

B. Never too late to learn 2

C. Early birds catch worms D. Learn to walk before you run



I used to live in my own room alone. But one day it all changed when my brother Mike cried and asked my parents not to do this, but it didn't work.

his unwashed clothes and toys everywhere! One evening, I was doing on my computer while Mike was listening to music. However, I left my seat to get some water. A big .He was using my computer to play games. I had him. He cried a lot as my mother came and beat him. My mother also asked him to leave my room at once.

Then I did my homework once again. At 10: 00 p.m.. I finished it. When I was going to turn off the computer, I saw the photo of .that he had put on my table. I looked at his . I went to see what he was doing, I found he was sleeping in my parents' bed. I kissed his face. He woke up, got up and said. "I'm sorry. I won't bring you any more trouble."

"That very night, Mike and I shared not only the room, but the bed.

16.A. clothes B. food C. room D. toys.

17. A. dirty B. empty C. quiet D. tidy

18.A. business B. homework C. reading D. shopping

19. A. danced B. fell

20.A. after B. by C. returned D. slept C. for D. without

21.Aagreed with B. heard from

C. looked after D. shouted at

22. A. brother B. cousin C. father D. grandfather

23. A. clever B. sad C. happy D. silly

24. A. bored B. excited C. proud D. sorry

25. A. his

B. hers C. ours D. theirs 3


阅读下列短文, 从每题所给的四个选项(A、B、C和D)中,选出最佳选项,并在答题卷上将该项涂黑。


Alice, Sonia and Bobby are looking at the employment section (招聘信息) in their local newspaper. They are looking at advertisements for different types of jobs.

"Why don't you apply for the job as a waiter, Bobby?" said Alice.

"Do you think I will have a chance?" Bobby replied.

"Of course you will." said Alice. "You're certainly honest and reliable. Everyone trusts you, and you're never late."

"I think Sonia should apply for the job as a nanny," Bobby said.

"Yes, Sonia," Alice said. "You always work so hard and you love children. You would be perfect!"

"I'd love to do it," Sonia said, "but the advertisement says they want someone who is experienced. I don't have any experience or qualifications. But what about you, Alice? 4

"Yes, Alice," Bobby said. "Which job would you like"?

"I think I should become a career advisor!" said Alice.

26. What does the underlined word "nanny" mean?

A. 服务员 B. 阿姨 C. 护士 D. 保姆

27. Who is supposed to be a good waiter?

A. Alice B. Sonia C. Bobby D. Serge.

28. Alice was the most active of the three in______.

A. giving suggestions

B. applying for jobs D. looking at the employment advertisements


This year 2, 300 teenagers from all over the world will spend about ten months in U.S. homes. They will attend U.S. schools, meet U.S. teenagers, and form impressions (印象) of the real American teenagers. American teenagers will go to other countries to learn new languages and have a new understanding of the rest of the world.

Here is a two-way student exchange in action. Fred, nineteen, spent last year in Germany with George's family. In return, George's son, Mike, spent a year in Fred's home in America. Fred, a lively young man, knew little German when he arrived, but after two months' study, the language began to come to him. School was completely different from what he had expected -much harder. Students rose respectfully (尊敬地) when the teacher entered the room. They took fourteen subjects instead of the six that are usual in the United States. There were almost no outside activities.

Family life, too, was different. The family's word was law, and all activities were around the family rather than the individual. Fred found the food too simple at first. Also, he missed having a car.

"Back home, you pick up some friends in a car and go out and have a good time. In Germany, you walk, but you soon learn to like it."

At the same time, in America, Mike, a friendly German boy, was also forming his idea. "I suppose I should criticize(批评)American schools." He says. "It is far too easy by our level. But I have to say that I like it very much. In Germany we do nothing but study. Here we take part in many outside activities. I think that maybe your schools are better in training for citizens. There ought to be some middle ground between the two."

5 C. making experiences

29. The whole exchange program is mainly to______.

A. help teenagers in other countries know the real America

B. send students in America to travel in Germany

C. let students learn something about other countries

D. have teenagers learn new languages

30. What did Fred and Mike agree on?

A. American food tasted better than German food.

B. German schools were harder than American schools.

C. Americans and Germans were both friendly.

D. There were more cars on the streets in America.

31. What is particular in American schools?

A. There is some middle ground between the two teaching buildings.

B. There are a lot of after-school activities.

C, Students usually take 14 subjects in all.

D. Students go outside to enjoy themselves in a car.

32. What did Mike think after experiencing the American school life?

A. A better education should include something good from both America and Germany.

B. German schools trained students to be better citizens.

C. American schools were not as good as German schools.

D. The easy life in the American school was more helpful to students.


Once there was a forest where all the animals lived happily together. One day a family went to spend the day in the forest, and the son left his socks there. After the family left, a bear came by, found the socks, and decided to try them on. They fit so well, and he liked them so much that he wouldn't take them off.

All the animals talked about the bear's new look. Soon, in that forest, there began appearing squirrels in shirts, rabbits in shoes, and even rats (老鼠) wearing hats! The forest doctor shook his head, telling animals, "This can't be good. Animals don't need clothes!" But no one listened to him. They said he was just out of fashion.

Several times the 6

squirrel caught his shirt on trees, stopping him in mid-jump and sending him falling to the ground from a tree. The rat couldn't go into his hole without taking off his hat first. Even the bear, because of his socks, slipped(滑到) from the river rock and almost killed himself.

When the animals came to see the doctor, he gave them all the same advice, "Take off those clothes before one day they're going to kill you." Those who listened to the doctor's advice stopped having accidents. And the animals realized that they didn't need clothes at all. Starting to wear them had been very dangerous, and they had only done it to make others admire them, and to get attention.

33. ______ found the socks and tried them on.

A. The son B. The bear C. The rabbit D. The rat

34. From the story we can know that______.

A. the family had a good time with the bear

B. the animals didn't like the bear's new look

C. the forest doctor told the animals not to wear clothes

D. the squirrel couldn't go into his hole with his hat on

35. The underlined sentence probably means that_______.

A. soon the animals had a fever because of the clothes

B. soon the animals enjoyed wearing clothes very much

C. soon the animals became healthier in the warm clothes

D. soon the animals had lots of accidents because of the clothes

36. The story is written to tell us______.

A. helping others is helping yourself

B. we should be careful in the forest

C. things that fit yourself are the best

D. animals must be looked after well


There is a famous English saying "You are what you eat", and it means what you put in your mouth will become part of you. Many experts(专家) have a good eating habit. For example, too much sweet food makes a person overweight. To avoid being fat, kids are told to keep off sweet food. However, a team of American scientists 7

have discovered something new about eating sweet food.

"When we say some people 'sweet', we mean they are kind and friendly to us. Perhaps this word can help us learn more about people's feelings and acts." said Brian Meier, a scientist from the study team. "Taste is something we experience every day. What we have done is to find whether we can know someone's character and behavior depending on their taste."

In one of their experiments, college students were asked questions about their character- whether, for example, they were soft-hearted or not. Then they were asked to make a list of their favorite food. According to their answers, the scientists found that the students who liked sweet food were nicer.

In their another experiment, the scientists found that people who preferred sweet food such as cookies and chocolate were more willing to help other people in need, and those who ate non-sweet food such as chips weren't. For example, people with a sweet tooth were more likely to volunteer to clean up their city, visit sick children in the hospital and so on.

The result of the experiments is that people's helpfulness or being nice has something to do with their taste for sweet food. So eating sweet food is a useful way to make people nice and helpful. Next time, try some ice-cream.

37. The underlined word "it" in the sentence "Many experts use it to tell people it's important to

have a good eating habit." refers to______.

A. the sweet food

C. the American team B. the English saying D. the eating habit

38. According to the result of the experiments, sweet food makes people______.

A. overweight B. excited C. relaxed D. friendly

39. The scientists found that the people who preferred______ were less helpful.

A. chips B. chocolate C. ice-cream D. cookies

40. It can be learnt from the passage that______.

A. scientists asked college students questions about their future

B. scientists told college students not to eat sweet food

C. people with a sweet tooth are more willing to help others

D. people's character has nothing to do with their taste





41. My favorite season is spring. In spring, turn green and flowers come out.

in a day. You should have your goals and work hard to achieve them.

, but it was a different size.

to forget than that achieved from the textbooks.

45. Mr. Brown was busy (设计)a special kind of entertainment for children under 10.

old days we had with you.

because we take good care of her.

48. - I lost everything in the fire last night. - Well, where there is life, there is hope.

-I have no idea, but I think you can afford it.

losing their lives.










最近,你班就“学生的良好学习习惯和生活习惯”话题展开了广泛讨论。请你根据下表所提示的信息,用英语写一篇题为“A good habit, a successful life”的短文。





参考词汇:预习preview v.

A good habit, a successful life

Recently our class have had a discussion on students' good habits. In order to make our life successful, first we should have good habits of learning. ________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________

In a word, good habits will give us a successful life.



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