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① Why do you want a new job when youve got such a good one already?(get为短暂性动词)你已经找到如此好的工作,为何还想再找新的?

②Sorry,I was out when you called me.(call为短暂性动词)对不起,你打电话时我刚好外出了。

③Strike while the iron is hot.(is为延续性动词,表示一种持续的状态)趁热打铁。

④ The students took notes as they listened.(listen为延续性动词)学生们边听课边做笔记。


1.从句动作在主句动作前发生,只用 when。

①When he had finished his homework,he took a short rest.(finished先发生)当他完成作业后,他休息了一会儿。

②When I got to the airport,the guests had left.(got to后发生)当我赶到飞机场时,客人们已经离开了。


①When /While /As we were dancing,a stranger came in.(dance为延续性动词)当我们跳舞时,一位陌生人走了进来。

②When /While /As she was making a phonecall,I was writing a letter.(make为延续性动词)当她在打电话时,我正在写信。

3.当主句、从句动作同时进行,从句动作的时间概念淡化,而主要表示主句动作发生的背景或条件时,只能用 as。这时,as常表示“随着??”;“一边??,一边??”之意。

① As the time went on,the weather got worse.(as表示“随着??”之意)

② The atmosphere gets thinner and thinner as the height increases.随着高度的增加,大气越来越稀薄。

③As years go by,China is getting stronger and richer.随着时间一年一年过去,中国变得越来越富强了。

④The little girls sang as they went.小姑娘们一边走,一边唱。

⑤The sad mother sat on the roadside,shouting as she was crying.伤心的妈妈坐在路边,边哭边叫。


①You shall borrow the book when I have finished reading it.在我读完这本书后,你可以借阅。

②When the manager comes here for a visit next week,Ill talk with him about this.下周,经理来这参观时,我会和他谈谈此事。


sb.had hardly(=scarcely) done sth.when...=Hardly / Scarcely had

sb.done sth.when...

①I had hardly /scarcely closed my eyes when someone knocked at the door.=Hardly / Scarcely had I closed my eyes when someone knocked at the door.我刚一闭上眼,就有人在敲门了。

②I had hardly /scarcely entered my room when the telephone rang.=Hardly /Scarcely had I entered my room when the telephone rang.我刚一走进房门,电话就响了

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