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( )1、Did you a letter to me last week?

A. write B. writes C. writing D.wrote

( )2、Which hat will you buy,this one that one?

A. and B. so C. but D.or

( )3、--- ----At six.

A. How B When C.What .D.Which

( )4、-- ?

---Eight yuan a kilo.

A How much do you want B. How many do you want

C. How much is the chicken D.Can I help you

( )5、How many would you like?

A.orange B. bottle of orange C. bottles of orange D.a bottle of orange

( )6、---Is peter at school?


A. Yes,she is B. No,he is C. Yes, he is D.No, she is

( )7、---Is there an apple on the table?

--- .

A. Yes, there is B. Yes, they are C.Yes, it is .D.No, there aren’t


1、The children likes games,(改为一般疑问句)

the children games?

2、My father is a doctor.(就划线部分填空)

your father ?

3、I am eleven years old.(改为特殊疑问句)

are you?

4、Jim gets up at 6:30 every day.(改为特殊疑问句)

Jim get up every day?

5、Jim does to shoolby bike.(改为特殊疑问句)

Jim to schol?

6、The man in a blue coat is my father.(改为特殊疑问句) man is your father?

7、There are seventy students in our class.(改为特殊疑问句) are there in your class?

8、Do they often wash clothes together?(做肯定回答) ,

9、Does Li Hui often water the flowers?(做否定回答)

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