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Unit12 教案What did you do last weekend

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Uni12 What did you do last weekend?


Teaching goals:

Ss master the words about the outside activities.

Ss can put the past tense into use to express their activities. Ss can talk about the things they did on their last weekend.

Teaching Important Points:

the outdoor activity words; the past tense of these verbs.

Teaching Difficult Points:

Ss can answer the questions by listening to different question marks. Teaching Aids:

book tape PPT chalk blackboard

Blackboard Design:

did my homework A: What did you do last weekend? went to the cinema B: I did my homework/…/….. went boating A: What did you do last wwekend? camped by the lake B: well,on Saturday morning, I… went to the beach

played badminton

Teaching Procedures:

Step1: Lead-in.

Two questions: What did you do last weekend?

How did you feel about it? Is it interesting or boring? Let ss become interested in the life in the weekend. Step2: Learn new words.

1.show some other weekend activities by PPT.

Teacher---lead to read

Students-----read in a row

Pay more attention to camp by the lake and go to the cinema. The right---the present tense left—the past tense

2. exercises about these words.

Finish 1a, Match the phrases with the pictures.

Pair check------class check

Step3: Do the listening1

1.Listen and write the day, morning, afternoon or night below

each picture.

2. Listen and repeat.

3. Role-play Girls: A Boys: B

A: What did you do last weekend?

B: Well, on Saturday morning, I played badminton…….

4. circle the marking of different times, know that when these

time words accur, we should use the simple past tense.

Step3: Do the listening2

1. Listen and underline the words you hear(class check answers) 2. Listen again, write C for Carol, J for Jack, B for Becky next to the statement in 2a.

3. Listen and repeat.

Step4: post-listening

1. Ask and answer(pair work)

A: Who visited her Grandma?

B: Becky did.

A: What did jack study for?

B: He studied for the English test.

A: where did Carol go?

B: She went to a farm.

Ask some questions who, what or where, another student answers. Step5:Homework

Predict the grammar focus and finish exercises.


在2c 的对话语言的输出时,教师应就who, what 和 where 的三个问句做出范例,让学生能够明确这一步的目的与重点,之后再让学生根据要求进行对话输出,这样一方面是对所学知识的运用,一方面是对grammar focus 重点知识点的铺垫,效果应该会更好一点。


Teaching goals:

Ss can describe their school weekend life.

Ss can master the usage of what, who, where.

Ss can make up their own dialogue by practicing with deskmate. Teaching Important Points:

Ss can use the past tense to expess their school weekend life. Ss can finish the exercises in 3a by using the past tense.

Teaching Difficult Points:

Ss can make up their own dialogue.

Teaching Aids:

book tape PPT chalk blackboard

Teaching Procedures:

Step1: role-play the conversation.

1. Listen to the tape and repeat.

2. circle the past tense of the verbs and write its simple tense.

3. group work

Make a survey. Ask your parnters what did they do last weekend. Then give a report.

In my group, Carol……..Peter……Sam…….

Ask three groups to present their results.

Step2: Grammar Focus

circle what who where and so on, and circle did my home work, went boating, a farm, with her clasmates, to know how to answer different questions.

Step3: Do exercises

3a: Fill in the blanks with who, what, where, when and how.

then check the answer together.by PPT

read and role-play.

3b: Complete the passage with the correct form of the words in

the box.

Step5: Homework:

Remember the grammar focus.


在 Grammar focus 的学习上面,应该再给学生补充两个常用的特殊疑问词,when 和how, 例如:How was your weekend? It was great. I had so much fun. When did you play badminton? I played badminton on Saturday. 让学生能够将what, who, when, where, how 这几个词一起进行总结,从而在3a中更好地加以练习。


Teaching goals:

Ss can know sth. about outdoor activities

Ss can describe what did they on weekends.

Train ss’ listening skills.

Teaching Important Points:

Fill in the chart by listening to the tape.

Teaching Difficult Points:

The listening material in 1c.

Teaching Aids:

book tape PPT chalk blackboard

Teaching Procedures:

Step1: warming-up

1. learn new phrases by the PPt.

2. Match the activities with the pictures. (group check)

Sang and played the guitar went to the library

Studied for a test flew a kite had dinner with friends

Swam in a swimming pool

3.Do you think the ativities in 1a are fun? Draw a happy face or

an unhappy face under each picture.

Step2: Do the listening

1. Listen , fill in the chart.

Check the answers by PPT

2. Listen and repeat.

Step3: pair work

Make a conversation with a partner. Talk about what Sally and

Jim did last weekend.

A: Who went to the library? B: Sally did.

A: Where did Sally go? B: She went to the library…… Choose three groups from the six groups one by one. Step4: Make up your own conversation.

A: Did you do anything interesting last weekend?

B: Not really, but I visited my sister.

Step5: Homework

Predict the passage in 2b.


1. 在新的短语的学习时,本节课侧重于不规则动词的过去式形态,所以,在1a 中可以让学生写出课本中所呈现动词的原形,让学生在原形与过去式之间建立联系,并把这些动词整理补充到Unit11单元中的grammar focus中,便于之后的重点记忆。


Teaching goals:

Ss can understand the meaning of whole passage.

Ss can retell the stories based on 2c.

Train ss’ sense of wild animal protection.

Teaching Important points:

Understand the passage by answering the six questions in 2b. Teaching Diffficult Points:dus

Retell the trip story based on the right order in 2c.

Teaching Aids:

book tape PPT chalk blackboard

Teaching Procedures:

Step1: Pre- reading

Let’s go to see some kinds of animals that people are afraid of. List some picturews by PPt.

Then make students make a list, and share with group members.

Step2: Skimming

Read about Lisa’s weekend, and find the main idea. Give ss five minutes and ask a few ss to answer it. Step3: Scanning

1. read again, and answer these five questions. 1.Where did Lisa and her family go last weekend?

2. How did Lisa feel when she saw the snake?

3. What did Lisa and her sister do?

4. What did their parents do? Why did they do that?

5. What lesson did Lisa learn from the weekend?

2. read again, and put the phrases in order according to the passage. (group work)

____ snake went into the forest

____ put up our tests and cooked food

____ learned a useful lesson

____ saw a snake and shouted to parents for help

____ snakes can’t hear but can feel things moving

____ my dad jumped up and down in his tent

____ took a bus to a small village in India

____ told stories under the moon, then went to sleep

3. read again, and master important language points. Step4: After-reading

1. Retell the passage based on the order of these phrases.

2. Summary: What have you learned today?

3. Finish 3a according to these pictures.


1. 在2b的回答问题的处理上,应该要分一个层次,前四个问题都


2. 在2c的复述文章的时候,难度也比较大,在此可以把文章打到PPt中,挖空空出来,来让学生根据文章内容和按顺序排好的短语,以时间顺序来在小组内进行复述,挑选出两组学生来进行展示与补充。

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