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仁爱七下Unit 8,Topic 2自编题

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实验中学 七下 英语Unit 8, Topic 2自编试题(第11次考试)

一. 听句子,选择正确答语。每个句子读2遍。(5分)

( )1. A. He wants to go to New York City. B. He did his homework. C. He goes to Tokyo. ( )2. A. I like it. B. That sounds interesting! C. Have fun. ( )3. A. In two days. B. On your holiday. C. In spring. ( )4. A. They would be careful. B. Have a good time. C. Good luck! ( )5. A. Thank you! B. Yes, I’d like to. C. That’s all right. 二. 听短文,回答下列问题。短文读三遍。(5分)

6. When did Jane go to Yunnan? ---She went to Yunnan . 7. How did Jane go to Yunnan? --- .

8. How long did Jane stayed there?---For 9. What did Jane do in Kunming? ---She lots of in Kunming. 10. How was Jane’s trip?---It . 三. 听对话,选择正确答案。每段对话读两遍。(5分)


( )11. Did Meimei come home early last night?

A. Yes, she did. B. No, she didn’t. C. We don’t know. ( )12. Why did Meimei come home late?---Because ________.

A. she did her homework. B. she watched TV. C. she went to Kangkang’s birthday party. 听第二段对话,回答13-15题。 ( )13. What’s Jim doing?

A. He’s doing his homework. B. He’s reading. C. He’s cleaning. ( )14. Where’s Jack?

A. In the classroom. B. On the playground. C. In the teacher’s office. ( )15. Who’s going home?

A. Michael. B. Jack. C. Jim. 四. 听短文,判断正(T)误(F)。短文读两遍。(5分)

( )16. Last Friday, the Smiths went to the park.

( )17. They had lunch in a boat.

姓名:______________ ( )18. Mr. Smith didn’t ride a bike.

( )19. The children first rode their bikes, then flew their kites. ( )20. At about 4:30, they did some shopping and went home. 五. 单项选择。(15分)

( )1.—What’s your plan for summer holidays, Michael?—I wish _____ Australia and take lots of pictures.

A. to travel around B. traveling around C. to travel for D. traveling for ( )2. Could you play the guitar when you were 8 years old?—_____

A. Yes, I could. B. No, I can’t. C. Yes, I can. D. No, I won’t.

( )3.—When you go on a visit to Beijing, you shouldn’t miss the Great Wall. It’s beautiful.—_____

A. It sounds very interesting! B. Why not? C. Thank you all the same. D. I won’t do that again. ( )4.—It’s the best time _____ in summer.—You’re right. But don’t go _____ alone.

A. to swim; swim B. swimming; swimming C. swimming; to swim D. to swim; swimming ( )5.—How are you doing?—_____

A. I’m doing my homework. B. I’m going by bus. C. I’m fine, thanks. D. OK. Let me see.

( )6. There will be the 18th sports meeting of No. 2 High School next month. The students are busy _____ it.

A. to prepare for B. preparing for C. to preparing for D. prepare ( )7.—What time did you _____ Beijing?—At about 4:00 p. m. yesterday.

A. arrive in B. arrive C. arrive at D. arrived

( )8. —Listen! Who _____ in the music room?—It must be Jane. She usually _____ at this time every day.

A. sings; sings B. is singing; is singing C. sings; is singing D. is singing; sings ( )9.—Please give my love to your parents, Kangkang.—_____, Michael!

A. Thank you very much B. No problem C. It’s wonderful D. You’re so cool

( )10.—Meimei, could you tell me _____ about Beijing?—Of course.

A. anything B. everyone C. something D. everything

( )11. —I’m going to Kunming for my holiday this month.—_____

A. Please go! B. You can’t go! C. Best wishes to you! D. Have a great time! ( )12. We’d better _____ the street when the traffic lights are red.

A. cross B. not across C. not cross D. across ( )13. Maria enjoys _____ music. And she can sing a lot of songs.

A. listening B. to listen to C. to listening D. listening to ( )14. Judy, don’t put your keys here. _____, please.

A. Put them away B. Put up them C. Put them up D. Put away them

( )15. Kangkang’s home is not _____ the school. He usually goes to school on foot.

A. far from B. away from C. far away D. far

A. a bike B. an MP4 C. an apartment D. a bedroom ( )17. If Kangkang wants to learn English on Saturday, it’ll cost him _____ a day.

A. ¥50 B. ¥100 C. ¥150 D. ¥200 ( )18. If you want to rent a bike, you should call _____.

A. Mr. Li B. Lisa C. Lin Tao D. We don’t know ( )19. Lin Tao _____ a green MP4.

A. has B. found C. lost D. is looking for ( )20. Which of the following is NOT true?(哪一说法不对?)

A. The apartment for sale has only one bedroom. B. It will cost you ten yuan to rent a bike a day. C. Lin Tao lives in Room 518, Building B. D. You can call Lisa at 53545156 on Sunday.


Li Qiang and Li Gang are brothers. But their living habits (习惯) are different. Now let’s go to Li Qiang’s room. Li Qiang cleans his bedroom every day and puts his things away. Look! There is a computer on the desk. There are two balls under the bed. A guitar and a kite are on the wall. Some books are on the shelf. So he must be a careful (细心的) boy. Now let’s go to Li Gang’s room. The room is not clean. Can we see his clothes on the desk? Oh, yes. We can see a football and a knife on the desk, too. Li Gang never does any cleaning on weekends. So his room is .

What do you think of Li Qiang and Li Gang? Li Qiang is a good boy. Li Gang must learn from his brother. ( )21. How often does Li Qiang clean his bedroom?

A. Every day. B. Every week. C. Twice a week. D. Every month. ( )22. There is a guitar ______.

A. on the desk B. on the wall C. on the shelf D. under the bed ( )23. What can we see on Li Gang’s desk?

A. His clothes and a computer. B. A kite, a football and a knife.

C. His clothes, a football and a knife. D. Some books, a football and a computer. ( )24. What does “ mean in Chinese?

A. 杂乱无章. B. 整洁. C. 漂亮. D. 拥挤. ( )25. Which of the following sentences is NOT true? (哪一说法不对?)

A. Li Qiang and Li Gang are brothers. B. Li Gang does not clean his bedroom on weekends. C. Li Gang is a careful boy. D. Li Qiang does some cleaning every day.


Mr Smith is from Canada. He likes traveling very much. Last year he traveled to China. He stayed in China for a week and went to a lot of beautiful places. He thought China was a great country. He climbed the Great Wall on his first day. He was very (顶部) of the Great Wall. He also went to Tian’anmen Square and other places of interest. He stayed in Beijing for three days. Then he went to Xi’an. He visited a lot of places, had some special food and saw some performances (演出)in Xi’an. He had a good time in Xi’an. He also wanted to go to Shanghai but he must go back for work. He hoped to come to China 48. Tom can’t find his wallet. Now he it. 49. My brother is too young. I must (照看他)at home. 50. There is a tall tree (在前部) our school.

The USA is a very big country. If you want to go there, you should choose(选择) the places to see and the best to go. You also need to take a and it may help again.

( )26. Which cities did Mr Smith visit in China?

A. Beijing and Shanghai B. Shanghai and Xi’an C. Xi’an and Hangzhou D. Beijing and Xi’an ( )27. Mr Smith stayed in China for ______

A. a week B. three days C. four days D. two weeks ( )28. 划线单词excited的意思是______

A. 难过的 B. 兴奋的 C. 疲倦的 D. 害怕的 ( )29. What didn’t Mr Smith do in Xi’an?

A. He had some special food B. He visited a lot of places C. He saw some preformances D. He bought some art works ( )30. 哪一说法正确?

A. Mr Smith is from New York. B. Mr Smith had to go back because he didn’t have much money C. Mr Smith didn’t visit Tian’anmen Square D. Mr Smith wanted to take a trip to China again. 七.完形填空。(10分) 读Jack写给Li Lei的电子邮件,再做题。

How are you? I’m happy to get your ’d like to tell you something about my school life. In the USA, school at 8:00 a. m. I usually get up at 6:50 and then have breakfast. I

the school bus to school at 7:25. does school begin in China? How do you come to school? My favorite subject is science it’s easy and interesting. Which subject do you like ? School at 3:30 p. m. After school, it’s time activities. I like a few kinds of activities playing ball games, singing, flying kites and so on. But I don’t like dance Can you tell me something about your school life? Write back to me by e-mail soon. ( )31. A. letter B. card C. e-mail D. present ( )32. A. begins B. is beginning C. opens D. is opening ( )33. A. am taking B. take C. took D. takes ( )34. A. Who B. Where C. How D. What time ( )35. A. so B. because C. and D. but ( )36. A. better B. good C. well D. best ( )37. A. is over B. over C. is ending D. end ( )38. A. to B. for C. with D. at

( )39. A. of course B. as well C. such as D. such ( )40. A. at all B. very well C. a little D. so good 八.汉译英,,每空一词。(10分)

41. The weather in Wuhan (和---不同) that in Shenzhen. 42. We should (远离) the Net bar(网吧).

43. The students (正做准备)the final exam(期末考试). 44. They plan (团聚) with their parents this summer. 45. In Hainan the weather is hot 一年到头) 46. I think the young child should (戴一副太阳镜) 47. The writer lives in (一个带大院子的农舍).

you when you are traveling.

New York and Washing, D.C. are good places to in May or October. It’s not too then. In winter, it is there. The best plan is to arrive in New York in . The to get cool and the trees start to yellow. It’s good idea to bring your if you may want to take photos of the autumn leaves. So you can visit the USA . 十. 根据音标,首字母填词。(10分)

61. Tom wants to visit Honghu this summer. He wants to travel the city and take some photos. 62. Today is New Year’s Day. I got many from my friends and students. 63. Li Mei plans to go back to her , because she misses her parents very much.

64. There is a big [?sju:p??mɑ:kit] but the ['tr?f?k]is very heavy. 65. We shouldn’t go to [?de?

['ma?nt?n] .

66. Jane often a map when she goes on holidays. 67. What’s the matter ? ---Jack fell down and hurt . 68. Mr. Li is to his students and they like him a lot. 69. The sun is brightly. You shouldn’t read in the sun

70. Fall is the season in a year. Many people like it very much

十一.书面表达。 (15分) 假如你和家人上周去了桂林旅游,请根据下面表格的内容写一篇短文,介绍

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