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七下Unit 8,Topic 3自编题

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实验中学 七下 英语Unit 8, Topic 3自编试题(最后一考)

一. 听短文,回答下列问题。短文读三遍。(5分)

1. Who does Michael live in Honghu with? --- He lives in Honghu with 2. When was his unforgettable day? --- .

3. What did his father buy for his mother?---He some beautiful 4. What did Michael do for his mother? ---He made a card 5. Did Michael’s family have a good time on that day?--- . 二. 听句子,选择正确答语。每个句子读2遍。(5分)

( ( )6. A. I)7. A. Because it’s warm.’m going to school. B. Very well. B. Because I like swimming. C. By bike.

C. Because we can skate. ( ( )8. A. Me, too. ( 三 . )9. A. It听对话,选择正确答案。每段对话读两遍。)10. A. Thank you very much. ’s 20℃. B. The same to you. C. That’s right. B. YouB. It’s snowy. ’re welcome. (5分) C. ItC. They’s a fine day. ’re glad. ( )11. Why does Lin Tao like National Day?

( )12. What’s the woman’s favorite Chinese festival?A. Because it’s the birthday of the PRC. B. Because it’s interesting. C. Because it’s a great country. ( )13. What does the boy give Miss Li on Teachers’ Day?A. Lantern Festival. B. Spring Festival.

C. Mid-autumn Festival.

( )14. When is Judy’s birthday?A. Some flowers. B. Some cards.

C. Some pictures. ( )15. What festival are they talking about?

A. May 1st. B. June 1st. C. July 1st.

姓名:______________ A. Teachers’ Day. B. Children’s Day. C. Lantern Festival. 四. 听短文,选择正确答案。短文读两遍。(5分)

( )16. Who does Stacey Burt usually have Christmas Day with?

( )17. Who cooks a turkey?

A. Her parents. B. Her father. C. Her grandparents. ( )18. How is the turkey?

A. Burt’s grandparents. B. Burt’s father. C. Burt’s sister. A. It’s delicious, but it’s too small. B. It’s delicious, but it’s too big. C. We don’t know. ( )19. What do they do after lunch?

( )20. What A. Go to church. B. Play computer games. C. Open their Christmas presents. 五. 单项选择。A. A picture. will Burt’s parents buy for her this year?(15 分 )

B. A book.

C. A computer. ( )1. ( )2. When National Day comes, we have a _____ holiday.

A. Thank you. —Merry Christmas! B. The same to you. —_____

C. Me, too. D. No problem. ( )3. They had a meeting yesterday and decided _____ West Hill.

A. seven-day B. seven-days C. seven days D. seven day ( )4. Many students show their love for teachers _____ giving cards and flowers on TeachersA. climbing B. to climb C. climb D. climbed

( )5. Children often go to the movies _____ the afternoon of June 1st.

A. to B. by C. at D. with ’ Day.

( )6. In Spain, people eat grapes _____ good luck in the new year.

A. in B. at C. on D. / ( )7. YouA. for B. from C. of D. with ( )8.A. play tricks on ’d better not _____old people at mid-night. It may be dangerous.

—The sun is shining _____ and it B. play a trick to ’s very hot. C. perform tricks on D. perform a trick to ( )9. I wish to go to TianA. bright B. heavily C. brightly —Let’s go and have a drink.

D. heavy A. going up ’anmen Square and watch the national flag _____.

B. goes up C. go up D. to go up

( )10. ( )11.A. Good idea! —I plan to go to New Zealand for my holiday. B. Have a good trip! C. Don—_____ ’t go there.

D. You, too. ( )12.A. arrive in —What time did you _____ Beijing? B. arrive —At about 4:00 p. m. yesterday.

( )13. Oh, I came but forgot to bring food. ------Never mind(A. should —Kangkang, you _____ stay in the sun too long. C. arrive at B. shouldn’t C. had better —Oh, Mom. I wonD. arrived

D. must

’t do that again.

( )14. Who taught A. us 没关系). You can have ________.

B. ours C. you D. yours ( )15. A. we —_____ B. our _____ English last year?--- Is it Miss Yang?

C. us D. ours A. How is the weather? —I’m fine. Thank you.

B. What do you think of it? C. What about you? D. How are you doing?

( )17. Kangkang is 14 years old. He wants to go to Zhongshan Park with his parents on Sunday, July 28th.

A. On May 31st. B. On July 20th. C. On September 1st. D. On October 1st.

( )18. The wordA. 45 It’ll cost his family _______ yuan. B. 65 C. 78 ( )19. How can we get to Zhongshan Park?

A. 自由 “free”here means _______ in Chinese.

D. 115 B. 空闲 C. 免费 D. 忙碌 A. We should take Subway Line 2 to get there. ( )20. Which of the following is NOT true? C. We should go to 18 Xinhua Road. B. We can take the No. 103 bus to get there. D. We don’t know the way. A. Li Tao, eleven years old, can(哪一说法不对)

B. Around the park there are green trees and beautiful flowers. ’t go to Zhongshan Park alone. C. The Bus No. 188 can take us to Zhongshan Park.

D. We can go to Zhongshan Park at 9:30 p. m. on June 22nd.

prepare a nice dinner for him, but the boy says, Wang Xiaojun is 12 years old. He lives in the (B)

countryside in Hubei. Today is his birthday. His parents and my parents are going to Shenzhen tomorrow. I don’t want to let them go“I won’t have the dinner because after the d. ”

inner, today is over, his parents went to Shenzhen to work. They stayed and worked there for three years. Tomorrow they have to go Wang Xiaojun has the birthday with his parents for the first time in the past three years. Three years ago, back to Shenzhen.

staying at home without (with their grandparents. Some of them don没有) their parents. Stay-at-home children have a lot of problems. Most of them stay In the countryside of China, there are many children ’t study well because their parents can( )21. When was Wang Xiaojun born?

The Chinese goverment (政府) now is trying to solve (解决) their problems. ’t help them with their study.

( )22. Wang Xiaojun wonA. In 2000. B. In 2001. C. In 2002. D. In 2003. A. there isn’t have the birthday dinner because _______.

C. his parents are going to Shenzhen tomorrow ’t a birthday cake B. the food is not delicious

D. he doesn’t like the dinner

( )23. Wang Xiaojun didn( )24. TheA. two “ stay-at-home child B. three ’t have the birthday with his parents in the past _______ years.

C. four D. five ( )25.Which of the following is NOT true?A. 住家儿童 B. 顽皮孩子”means _______ in Chinese.

C. 留守儿童 D. 离家儿童 A. There are a lot of children like Wang Xiaojun in China. (哪一说法不对)

B. The Chinese government is trying to solve these problems. C. Wang XiaojunD. Stay-at-home children don’s parents go to Shenzhen to make money. ’t have any problems.

special day for old people?

There are many holidays and festivals. Dads have Father (C)

’s Day. Children have Children’s Day. Is there a September 9th. This year it is on October 13th. On this day, people show love for their grandparents.

People do many different kinds of things on this day. They enjoy flowers, eat special cakes and drink wine(Itbring them good luck and help old people live long lives. Double Ninth Festival is also a good time for a family ’s very interesting. The best way to celebrate it is climbing hills or mountains. People think climbing 酒will ). get-together. And young people give their presents and best wishes to the old. ( )26. _____ is a special day for old people.

( )27. What does Double Ninth Festival mean in Chinese?

A. Father’s Day B. Spring Festival C. Mid-autumn Festival D. Double Ninth Festival ( )28. ______is the best way to celebrate it.

A. 重阳节. B. 寒食节. C. 端午节. D. 七夕节. ( )29. Why do people like climbing hills on Double Ninth Festival?---Because they______

A. Drinking wine B. Eating special cakes C. Climbing hills or mountains D. Enjoying flowers A. enjoy climbing hills or mountains. B. think climbing can bring them good luck. ( )30. Which of the following is NOT true about Double Ninth Festival? C. think climbing can help old people live long lives. D. B and C.

A. ItC. People show their love for their grandparents on this day. ’s on October 13th this year. B. It’s on September 9th every year. (哪一说法不对)

七.完形填空。D. It’s a good time to get together on Double Ninth Festival. (10分)

Sunday in May. ItPeople celebrate Mother’s Day in the USA. It’countries. It is on children. On Motherthe cards ’s a day to thank children “Thanks, Mom”,“To my dearest mother”,their her ’s Day”for this holiday come? It was from Miss Anna M. Jarris. She “for letters mother in Virginia(Sunday in May, 1913 in the USA. she asked died(死弗吉尼亚) ). Her mother loved her very much. And she loved her mother very much, too. But she a was day young. for all After mothers. that, Then she wrote the first letters Motherto some ’s Day important people. on the second In her ( ( ( )31. A. else B. other C. others D. the other ( ( )32. A. second )33. A. mothers B. two C. the second D. twice )34. A. to B. mother B. for C. father D. fathers ( )35. A. say B. write C. from C. talk D. with ( )36. A. sound B. area C. service D. idea D. speak ( ( )37. A. is born B. were born C. born D. was born ( )38. A. because B. before C. when D. after 八.汉译英 )39. A. to decide )40. A. come B. decided ,,每空一词。B. came (10分 )

C. decide C. comes D. deciding

D. coming

41. We shouldn’t 熬夜)late. It’s bad for our study. (up) 42. The girls 用---装饰) colorful lights yesterday. (with) 43. The boys some pictures on the wall last night. (put)

44. Yesterday Jim the oval . (color) 45. Someone is (正敲门) the door. Is that Mary? (on) 46. (在半夜) , the doctors drove to the hospital.

47. The Lantern Festival means (---的结束) the Spring Festival. 48. Excuse me, could you tell me ? (去图书馆的路) 49. (向左拐在第二个十字路口).

50. (过桥)It’s about one hundred meters along on the right.

Do you like traveling by plane? I many people will say yes. But I like it at all. First, an airport(飞机场)is usually far the city. It’ll take me a few to arrive at the airport or go back to the city. Second, planes are often . Third, I can’t open the windows on a plane and the food there is not nice.

I like traveling train. Trains are safe and fast now. High-speed trains can travel at a speed of 250 an hour. And railway stations are usually in the center of the city. If I a train, I can take the next one right away. On the train, I can walk around and the windows. I can enjoy the scenery(风景)on the way. It’s interesting.


61. New Year’s Day is coming. Her mother is making delicious . 62. Don’t here. The baby is sleeping in the room. 63. We must the school rules as students.

64. Please be ['ke?fl] . You may get a ['t?k?t] for speeding. 65. We plan a

?l][gre?ps] on the farm.

66. Honghu is about 400 km from Wuhan.

67. We shouldn’t go to places when we travel in the country. 68. Ann didn’t get hurt in an accident. She is a girl. 69. Tom often to church with his family on Sundays.

70. He his wallet and found there was little money in it.

十一.书面表达。 (15分) 请以Last Weekend 为题,写一篇50—60个单词的短文。

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